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Aluminum Vs Steel Floor Jack: Which One To Choose?

Floor jacks are the best choice when working on a high-profile car and doing any heavy lifting. The lifting capacity of floor jacks has made them popular among car mechanics and car enthusiasts.

However, the two materials used for building floor jacks, aluminum, and steel, have some differences. The contrast between the material also reflect in the floor jacks. So, you need to know about aluminum vs steel floor jack and choose accordingly.

Fortunately for you, after reading this article, you will become an expert on steel jack vs. aluminum jack.

There are many dissimilarities between the aluminum floor jack and the steel floor jack. To make the right choice, you must learn all the differences.

We will break down the differences between them to know which one you should choose between aluminum vs steel jack.


Aluminum as a metal is lighter than steel as steel is denser. Steel is three times heavier than aluminum. As a result, the floor jack made of steel is heavier than the one made of aluminum.


Both the aluminum floor jack and the steel floor jack have wheels for maneuvering. However, since the aluminum floor jack is lighter than its steel counterpart, it is easier to move back and forth, whereas it is harder to do the same task with a steel floor jack.


As a steel floor jack is much heavier than an aluminum floor jack, it is not easy to carry anywhere. On the other hand, an aluminum floor jack can easily be moved anywhere.


Both aluminum and steel floor jack are quite durable. Aluminum floor jacks last for a considerable time, even after extreme beating.

But, if you compare these two, the steel jack is much more durable than the aluminum one and can hold out to almost anything.

Difference In Cost

One pound of aluminum costs more than one pound of steel. This ultimately means that aluminum floor jacks are more expensive than steel ones.

However, shaping steel costs more than shaping aluminum. So, there is a possibility that they both will cost the same at some point. But generally, you will have to spend more on aluminum floor jacks than ones made of steel.


Aluminum has much more flexibility and elasticity than steel. This same thing can be seen in aluminum floor jacks and steel floor jacks, where you will find that the aluminum one is easier to handle than the steel one.


When aluminum comes in contact with any moisture, it becomes more inert chemically, which means aluminum is not susceptible to rust, so floor jacks made of that material are not subjected to rust.

On the other hand, steel is made up of iron, and iron rusts pretty easily. So, it results in steel floor jacks rusting pretty quickly if not cared for properly.

Purpose of Use

If you have any DIY projects that need floor jacks, an aluminum floor jack will be your best choice. But for any heavy-duty work, steel floor jacks are the way to go.

Benefits of Using Aluminum Floor Jack

There are several benefits of using an aluminum floor jack. Any of those could turn out to be a deciding factor for you.

So, read below and find out what advantages you will get from using an aluminum floor jack.

using aluminum floor jack

1. Lighter

Aluminum floor jacks are very lightweight. Since aluminum is very light as a metal, the floor jacks made from the material are also lighter and easier to use.

2. Portable

Aluminum floor jacks are very low weight, making them effortless to carry, move, and transport.

3. No Rust

The inert quality of aluminum stops the aluminum floor jack from rusting.

Drawbacks of Aluminum Floor Jack

However, aluminum hydraulic jacks come with some disadvantages too. Read below and find out if any of them is a deal-breaker for you.

1. Costly

Aluminum costs more than steel. As a result, you will find that aluminum floor jacks are quite expensive.

2. Less Durable

Compared with the steel floor jacks, aluminum floor jacks are less durable. The reason is that aluminum is lighter and has less density than steel.

Top 3 Aluminum Floor Jacks In 2023

Best Value

BIG RED T815016L
1.5 Ton Jack

  • Brand: BIG RED
  • Vehicle Type: ‎Car
  • Min-Lifting Range: ‎3.5"
  • Max-Lifting Range: 14"
  • Weight:‎ ‎ ‎‎33.7 pounds
  • Dimension: ‎‎7 x 11.25 x 23.5 inches
  • Color: Blue
  • Dual pump lifting piston
    low profile, lightweight and durable

Best Overall

Arcan A20018 3 Ton Floor Jack

  • Brand: ‎ARCAN
  • Vehicle Type: ‎Car, Small Truck, SUVS
  • Min-Lifting Range: ‎‎11.62"
  • Max-Lifting Range: ‎‎18"
  • Weight:‎ ‎ ‎‎56 pounds
  • Dimension: ‎‎30 x 13.5 x 8 inches
  • Color: ‎Green
  • Dual pump quick lifting, reinforced lifting arm, easy maneuverability

Honorable Mention

NOS NSJ0301 3 Ton Service Jack

  • Brand: Sunex Tools
  • Vehicle Type: ‎Car, Small Truck, SUVS
  • Min-Lifting Range: ‎ ‎3.75"
  • Max-Lifting Range: ‎18.13"
  • Weight:‎ ‎ ‎ ‎0.5 ounces
  • Dimension: ‎28.7 x 13 x 6.6 inches
  • Color: ‎Red
  • Overloading safety valve, ultra-lightweight, 2 pieces handle

Benefits of Using Steel Floor Jack

Steel floor jacks come with many benefits. You might find something that will be a plus point for you.

To help you decide, below are all the benefits of using a steel floor jack.

Using Steel Floor Jack

1. Durable

Steel is heavier and denser than other metals. As a result, floor jacks made from steel are long-lasting and remain sturdy even after using it constantly over a long time.

2. Cheaper

Steel as a metal is cheaper than others. One pound of steel costs less than one pound of aluminum. This means the floor jacks made from steel are also cost-effective.

3. Stronger

Due to it being heavyweight, steel floor jacks are much stronger than other jacks. They can do more heavy lifting than the aluminum floor jacks.

Drawbacks of Steel Floor Jack

Along with all the benefits, steel floor jacks have some downsides too. So, read below and find out if any drawbacks will become an obstacle for you.

1. Heavy

Steel is a heavy metal. So, generally, the floor jack made from this is weighty too.

2. Difficult Transportation & Maneuvering

Due to its weight, it becomes very difficult to move or haul a steel jack around.

Top 3 Steel Floor Jacks In 2023

Best Value

Pro-LifT F-757G
2 Ton Floor Jack

  • Brand: Pro-LifT
  • Vehicle Type: ‎Car
  • Min-Lifting Range: ‎3.5 to 14 inches
  • Weight:‎‎ 30 Pounds
  • Dimension: ‎‎20 x 9 x 5”
  • Colors: Green, Grey, Orange
  • Overload valve bypass system, Heavy-duty steel, Provide Long-term durability

Best Overall

Blackhawk B6350
 3.5 Ton Floor Jack

  • Brand: Blackhawk
  • Service Type: ‎Garage and outdoor activities
  • Lifting Capacity: 5.5 to 22 inches
  • Weight:‎ ‎ ‎‎‎85 Pounds
  • Dimension: ‎‎‎28.5 x 13.75 x 6.5 inches
  • Colors: ‎Red
  • Fast Lifting Technology, Heavy Duty Construction, Long lasting, Safety Valve and Bypass system

Honorable Mention

4 Ton Floor Jack

  • Brand: BIG RED
  • Vehicle Type: ‎Car, Trucks, SUVS
  • Lifting Range: ‎4 to 20 inches
  • Weight:‎ 100.8 Pounds
  • Dimension: ‎‎‎7.9 x 15.8 x 31.2 inches
  • Color: ‎Red
  • Dual pump lifting piston, Durable, Heavy-duty, Low profile & Swivel casters ASME safety standard

So, Steel Vs Aluminum Floor Jack: Which One is  Topper?

Both of them are great as car jacks. But if you are on a budget, the best choice would be to get the steel floor jack as it is cheaper than the aluminum ones.

However, if you’re willing to splurge, look for floor jacks made from both aluminum and steel because blending these two metals results in highly powerful and high-quality floor jack.

aluminum or steel floor jack
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You now know all there is to know about aluminum vs steel floor jack; their differences, benefits, and drawbacks. So, now is the time for you to decide which floor jack you need according to your need and get that now.

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