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Arcan Vs Pittsburgh Floor Jack Comparison – Which is Better Brand?

Floor jacks have been a jack of many trades for a while now. Are you a DIY enthusiast planning to do some lifting and shifting and want to invest in a good floor jack? Or a solo traveler who wants to lift their vehicle to change tires?

Whatever you might be, floor jacks are efficient but expensive; all the more reasons why you should do your homework before you max out your credit card on a good old floor jack.

Here is an Arcan Vs Pittsburgh Floor Jack comparative analysis to help you.

Before diving into the explanation, we will take a look at an overview with the basic differences between Arcan and Pittsburgh floor jack.

If this seems too much technical to you, don’t worry as we will be breaking it down further down.

Topic of Differences

Arcan Floor Jack

Pittsburgh Floor Jack

Weight-bearing capacity:

3 tons

3 tons or sometimes more



Alloy Steel




Net weight:

‎56 lbs

68.9 lbs

Minimum height:

3.75 inches

5 inches

Maximum lift:

18 inches

18.25 inches

Now that we know the differences in features between Pittsburgh vs Arcan floor jacks, we will talk about their pros and cons.

Benefits of Arcan Floor jacks

Benefits and Drawbacks of Arcan Floor jack

You are probably wondering, are Arcan floor jacks any good? Fear not, as its benefits will ensure the optimum working condition for you.

1. Lightweight

This floor jack is made from the same material that airplanes are built from, and that is aluminum. This renders it to be much lighter, making it easy to carry around.

If you want to take your floor jack on the go, you might want to choose Arcan because of its transportability.

2. Removable Piston

Arcan floor jack allows you to remove the piston from the base, making it significantly easier to store them in a narrow space in your workshop.

You can even put them in the back of your car.

3. Low Maintenance

Arcan floor jack is stainless, making it resistant to rust. So, you no longer need to worry about storing it in the perfect place or cleaning it every week.

For the most part, it can take care of itself.

4. Powerful Working Efficiency

Arcan floor jack is capable of lifting an amazing amount of weight even though it is lightweight itself.

There are few variations, but the highest it can lift is 3 tons which is a pretty great deal.

5. Versatility

The best part about these floor jacks is that it is not exclusive to a certain vehicle. Whether you have a tiny sedan or a gigantic SUV, this floor jack can work it all.

Drawbacks of Arcan Floor Jacks

Nothing is an unmixed blessing. Even this bad boy has a drawback, and that is its pricing. Being made from high-quality aluminum, it can cost up to 330 US dollars (without a discount).

Benefits of Pittsburgh Floor Jacks

Benefits and Drawbacks of Pittsburgh Floor jack

Pittsburgh has been one of the most sought-after brands of hardware for years. The floor jacks come with several amazing benefits to increase your productivity in the garage or the field. Some of which are:

1. It Is Strong

Pittsburgh floor jack is made from steel, granting it incredible durability and strength. This floor jack can be used for lifting big vehicles with ease.

Pittsburgh floor jacks are a great option for using in a stationary setting and in situations that require enormous working power.

2. Lifting Power

Not only it can withstand a greater amount of weight, but it can also lift any object regardless of size and dimension.

Having been made from industrial-grade steel, this is one of the sturdiest choices out there.

3. Budget-Friendly

Pittsburgh floor jack is a great option for those on a budget. It can cost around 230 US dollars which is a hundred dollars cheaper than its Arcan counterpart.

Even though it is more affordable, its performance is not compromised in any way. The great cost to effectiveness ratio makes this floor jack a smart option.

4. Metal Wheels

Even though you cannot carry it around on your back like an infant, you can still glide this floor jack around like a shopping cart.

Pittsburgh floor jack comes with metal wheels that ease movement inside your workplace.

5. Excellent Configuration

This floor jack consists of a universal release system alongside a dual parallel pump system, making them even more efficient and potent in terms of long-term functioning and less frequent servicing demands.

Disadvantages of Pittsburgh Floor Jacks

Pittsburgh floor jack comes with its fair share of disadvantages. Despite its excellent features, here are a few things that you should keep in mind while making a purchase:

1. Heavyweight

The very thing that made it perform so well became a drawback. This floor jack is heavy due to its steel-built body.

Hence, you cannot move around with it and most likely can’t use it for roadside purposes for its reduced transportability.

2. High Maintenance

The steel that it is made from is not stainless, making it susceptible to rust. You should not leave your Pittsburgh floor jack in a humid or unsupervised area lest it should gather rust.

Practice frequent cleaning and dusting to increase the longevity of your floor jack.

So, Arcan Vs Pittsburgh: Which One Is the Topper?

Arcan or Pittsburgh which one is topper

Honestly, there is no definitive answer. Any of them can be the topper or the flopper based on what kind of situation they will be used in.

Arcan floor jack is amazing for fixing stuff as you go, while Pittsburgh is great for DIYing in your workstation.

Should you choose to purchase one, figure out your demands and shortcomings. Compare situations and decide which floor jack will be the most appropriate for you.

Wrapping Up!

A good tool is a great investment. A workman’s craft is most influenced by the instruments he has. Therefore, don’t shy away when it comes to spending money or energy to get your hands on the best one.

Since you know the differences between Arcan Vs Pittsburgh Floor Jack, you’ll be able to easily find your perfect suit and pump it up for the next decade.

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