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Are Bottle Jacks Safe?

Many people have doubts when using bottle jacks for their cars. Mostly because there is certain confusion regarding the usage of this lifting tool; that being said, are bottle jacks safe to use on regular needs for lifting objects?

Bottle jacks are completely safe to use as long as you are using them for their intended purpose and nothing else. But if you don’t understand its principle, you might create a dangerous situation for yourself and blame the bottle jack afterward.

Don’t worry, though, because, in this article, we will take an in-depth look into what bottle jacks are, how safe it is and how you should use them to ensure you and your vehicle will be safe when using this tool.

Now, we can’t explain how safe bottle jacks are without properly understanding the definition of bottle jacks.

Bottle jacks are hydraulic jacks that look similar to a bottle and utilize fluid like oil to lift heavy objects like cars and trucks.

You can also lift other heavy objects, but they are mostly used to life cars to change tires. 

What is a bottle jack

Many confuse this definition and think that bottle jacks are also capable of holding up the heavy objects that it lifts.

This is not true because a bottle jack doesn’t have the durability or mechanical structure to hold on to a heavy object for more than a few minutes.

Therefore, if you try to use bottle jacks to hold on to your lifted heavy objects (preferably cars), then without any doubt, you will be facing a hazardous situation soon.

So, Are Bottle Jacks Any Good?

Are Bottle Jacks Any Good

Of course, bottle jacks are good! They are extremely good for lifting heavy objects without any problems.

However, they are bad at holding the lifted objects for extended periods. But that isn’t their purpose in the first place. That’s why, if you use bottle jacks for lifting your car or vehicles only, then you won’t face any danger.

Also, keep in mind that bottle jacks have a weight limit ranked on them. If you are taking weight more than your bottle jack can handle, you might run into some complications.

So, read the user manual properly before selecting a bottle jack for yourself unless you want to end up with a bottle jack that can’t even lift your car.

How to Hold a Heavy Object Lifted by Bottle Jacks

How to Hold a Heavy Object Lifted by Bottle Jacks

So, now you might be wondering, “how will I hold my car or truck once I lift it with a bottle jack?”

Well, the answer is very simple; you just need to use a few axles stands or any other form of jack stands.

With jack stands, you don’t have to worry about how long you keep the vehicle lifted because they are completely safe to use. They are actually made to hold the height of heavy objects like cars and trucks.

Final Thoughts

Bottle jacks become completely safe to use if you understand how to use them. Hopefully, if you have come this far in the article, we are confident that you know exactly how to do it and that you have found your answer to the question are bottle jacks safe or not.

So, use the knowledge gained from this article and use your bottle jacks for lifting the vehicle only and have a safe experience working on your cars!

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