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Are Duralast Jack Stands Safe?

You might already know how to jack up a car, but keeping it lifted for longer periods of time so that you can work safely under your vehicle is a concern.

There are many different brands of jack stands that will help your car stay raised but choosing a good pair can be challenging to ensure safety.

Apart from car batteries and other parts, Autozone has developed jack stands under Duralast, which are quite affordable. Regardless of the price, are Duralast jack stands safe?

We have gone through many reviews and user experiences to answer this question. So, keep on reading to find out!

From various community forums, some of the most common complaints regarding Duralast jack stands are:

1. Not Enough Lift

With Duralast jack stands, there is very little room to work with despite the ground clearance they were designed for.

You would need to place the jack stands properly on a high plank to get the proper lift.

And even after jacking up the car, the stands don’t stay too steady on the ground while holding the weight of the vehicle.

Not getting the proper lifting height when working under a car is extremely hazardous.

2. Car Drops Suddenly

Duralast jack stands have been found to be highly unstable and have caused serious accidents where the stands slipped and made the car drop.

3. Cheap, Like Its Price

A pair of Duralast stands cost as low as $40. This is extremely cheap when it comes to jack stands. And almost all users have confirmed that you get what you pay for - the quality and durability are nowhere near good.

Is Your Duralast Stand Safe to Use?

Is Your Duralast Stand Safe to Use

Based on multiple user reviews, Duralast jack stands do not provide a high enough lift as they claim to do so. Many car mechanics have confirmed that the Duralast jack itself makes lifting the car a rather difficult task.

For tasks such as changing oil, or any sort of work with the suspension and brakes, you would need a good amount of space for movement under the car.

But since Duralast jack stands have shown to not provide enough room under the car, safety becomes a major issue.

Other users have mentioned in group discussions that with Duralast stands, the vehicle dropped right on a man while he was working under his car. The man was severely injured, and you can imagine how shocking the accident was.

So, it is safe (pun intended) to say that your Duralast jack stands are, in fact, NOT safe to use. Even if it means throwing in some extra cash, it is highly recommended you stop using Duralast.

Instead, get a good-quality pair of stands that will ensure no occupational hazards.


Cars are heavy, and working under such weighty things needs ultimate care and safety. Even if you are an experienced car mechanic, it is necessary to use the best tools and equipment out there to shield yourself from any harm.

From tragic accidents where workers got crushed under their car because of faulty stands, you should no longer wonder, are Duralast jack stands safe?

As so many online groups keep stressing about the bad experiences they had with this brand, the answer is no. You should steer clear from purchasing Duralast jack stands because they are not safe at all. 

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