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5 Best Budget Floor Jacks In 2023 – Top Models Reviewed

Has anyone ever told you that your car was low? Have you ever looked at your car and seen it sag a bit in the middle? If so, then a floor jack may be just what you need.

But, finding the best budget floor jack can be a difficult task. No worries, we have done the challenging job for you and snatched out some of the best cheap floor jacks for people like you who are on a tight budget.

So, let's not wait and get to know about them instantly.

1. Best Overall: Pro-LifT 1.5 Ton Orange Hydraulic Trolley Jack

"When looking for an all-rounder floor jack, the Pro-Lift 1.5 ton hydraulic is the best rated floor jack option you can have. It comes with almost everything for smooth mobility, safety and convenience for lifting vehicles."

2. Best for Safety: BIG RED 3 Ton Torin Hydraulic Floor Jack

"This floor jack by BIG RED is equipped with everything from smooth performance to long-term strength. Further, we love its safety valves for preventing the jack's overloading and other excellent features. What else do we need?"

3. Best Low Profile: Pro-Lift F-767 2 Ton Grey Floor Jack

"If you are looking for a low-profile floor jack and cannot compromise on its quality, you need this Pro-Lift F-767. Its design, construction, and lifting range are more than enough."

4. Best for Versatility: BIG RED 2 Ton Torin Hydraulic Floor Jack

"If you're going to be doing a lot of lifting, but know that you might need more than one jack for your wheelbarrow, then the Big Red 2 Ton Torin Hydraulic Floor Jack is for you. You can use this jack for lifiting motorcycles, cars, trucks, , ATVs and even tractors."

5. Best Combo: JEGS 2 Ton Hydraulic Utility Floor Jack

"The JEGS 2 Ton Hydraulic Utility Floor Jack is the best combination set for your vehicle—it's easy to use and durable, making it a great addition to any car or truck! The set includes a floor jack and jack stands."

In Depth Reviews of 5 Best Affordable/Budget Floor Jacks

You really want a cheap floor jack, but you're worried it'll be cheap in performance. We get it, and that's why we tested, verified and then made this list of the five best affordable floor jacks.

1. Best Overall: Pro-LifT 1.5 Ton Orange Hydraulic Trolley Jack

Key Specification:
  • Dimensions: 17 inches x 9 inches x 7 inches
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Lifting Height: Maximum 12 inches
  • Load capacity: 1.5 tons
  • Weight: 15 pounds

Thanks to the 3,000 lbs. weight lifting capacity, it has the ability to lift from 5.25 inches to 12 inches. The jack has welded steel frame construction, making it durable and sturdy, and the best thing? It is rustproof.

One thing that makes this jack unique is the large swivel saddle which makes your life easy with easy positioning and is safe for everyday use. Besides, it has well-built and sturdy carrying handles that make ferrying your jack without effort.

You don't have to worry about the mobility as it features solid front wheels with rear swivel casters. You, thus, will feel much easier while moving it from place to place.

The plastic blow mould storage case is fantastic. With this storage case, you can store your jack anywhere, and it is safe to carry the jacks in the case.

Besides, this trolley jack has an overload valve bypass system to restrict jack damage and inconvenience to the user. Transport is also super easy with a lightweight, designed carrying handle.

Good Sides:

  • Comes with a swivel saddle for easy positioning.
  • Solid front wheels with rear swivel casters for smooth mobility
  • Easy to store with its plastic blow mold storage case.
  • Safe transportation with lightweight designed carrying handles
  • Valve bypass System to prevent jack damage and personal injury.


  • It has a small height so it won't be suitable for every car.
  • Hydraulic Oil Leaking slowdowns the working of the jack. But you can fill it anytime by yourself. Here is our step by step guide on filling a hydraulic floor jack properly.

2. Best for Safely Use: BIG RED T83006 3 Ton Torin Floor Jack

Key Specification:
  • Dimensions: 25.98 x 10.83 x 7.68 inches 
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Lifting Height: Maximum 20.88 inches
  • Load capacity: 3 tons
  • Weight: 36 pounds

First of all, it has a capacity of 3-ton (6,000 lbs.), with a minimum lifting height of 5-7/8 inches and a maximum height of 20-7/8 inches. It is perfect for trucks, cars, and SUVs.

Two big steel wheels and two 360-degree swivel casters provide outstanding maneuverability. When you have a 3-ton hydraulic floor jack, you don't have to worry about how big your car is. Furthermore, its extra-long neck saves you time while lifting large automobiles.

It is manufactured with heavy-duty steel, which gives it strength and longevity. Plus, it has a high-quality glide action pressure pump that saves your efforts by minimal muscle work.

Besides, a built-in oil bypass and overload valve system protects the hydraulic jack from travelling beyond its limit. With the single-piston quick lift feature, you can move the jack to your desired height.

It has also made pumping super easy for you with the two-piece handle along with rubber hand grip. The built-in carrying handle also makes the floor jack move and lift easily.

Good Sides:

  • You can position it easily by its steel and 360-degree swivel casters
  • Made of heavy-duty steel to ensure durability and stability
  • Protects the jack by the built-in oil bypass and overload valve system
  • Long neck helps to raise vehicles in no time
  • Delivers the ease of moving through the built-in carrying handle


  • Heavier than other similar models, inconvenient for customers.

3. Best Low Profile: Pro-Lift F-767 2 Ton Grey Floor Jack

Key Specification:
  • Dimensions: 17.91 x 5.32 x 8.47 inches
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Lifting Height: Maximum 14 inches
  • Load capacity: 2 tons
  • Weight: 30 pounds

If you are looking for a good quality jack for low-profile Car, you have come to the right place. 

Pro-Lift F-767 2 Ton Grey has a 2-ton 4000 pounds capacity and is best suited for low ground clearance vehicles. And it has lifting ranges from 3-3/8 inches to 15 inches.

It is lightweight and requires little physical work to operate, so you won't have to worry about mobility. In addition, you might worry if you over-pump and damage the floor, Jack?

This won't be the case here, as it has a phenomenal patented bypass device that guards against over-pumping.

Furthermore, it has automatic built-in safety valves that protect against the floor Jack's overloading. This is one of the top-notch low profile floor jacks which ensures durability and stability as it is made up of heavy-duty steel.

What's more? Its swivel casters are perfect for smooth maneuverability, making it an incredible jack. With this, carrying bulky vehicles won't be a problem.

Good Sides:

  • You can quickly move and lift heavy objects, thanks to the low-profile design
  • The built-in safety valve for the peace of mind while lifting
  • Extremely durable and long-lasting owing to its heavy-duty steel construction
  • This lift can handle almost any load because of its 2-ton lift capacity
  • It prevents you from over pumping while lifting heavy vehicles by the patented bypass device


  • It cannot be used for heavier vehicles with higher ground clearance as it has a maximum lift of 15 inches.
  • Due to the lightweight structure, it is not suitable for everyday use.

4. Best for Versatility: BIG RED 2 Ton Torin Hydraulic Floor Jack

Key Specification:
  • Dimensions: 7 x 10.25 x 23.5 inches
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Lifting Height: Maximum 14 inches
  • Load capacity: 2.5 tons
  • Weight: 31.2 pounds

When we speak of versatility, BIG RED 2 Ton Torin Hydraulic Floor Jack is the one that crosses our mind at first.

It is built up of heavy-duty steel, making it the most durable and stable floor jack with an industrial luster. Thanks to the safety-overload system, you won't be able to use it beyond its capacity, which is a peace of mind.

The exceptional saddle surface area provides extra support and better contact with the load, also has a decent load capacity of 2-ton (4,000 lbs.), lifts heavy vehicles, and has a minimum lifting range from a height of 5.6 inches and a maximum height of 13 inches.

Equipped with the fantastic integrated carrying handle, which allows the jack to be lifted quickly for lasting portability, and guess what, this jack supplies two large steel casters and two swivel casters that can rotate 360-degree for excellent maneuverability.

What makes it utterly distinctive from other floor jacks is its multi-position ratchet bar with a sawtooth design. The bar adjusts the height according to the user's needs and is such a helpful feature. It also features an astounding pyramid foot base that provides extra strength and stable support.

Good Sides:

  • Ensures long term durability through heavy-duty steel
  • Prevents the overloading of the jack by the safety-overload system
  • Large saddle surface area for the extra support with the load
  • An integrated carrying handle allows you to lift the jack quickly for ease of portability
  • You can easily adjust this jack using the multi-position ratchet
  • Comes 3 different colors option that ensures versatility


  • The case that the jack comes in is not very durable
  • It has Limited use due to its small size and low load capacity

5. Best Combo Set: JEGS 2 Ton Hydraulic Utility Floor Jack

Key Specification:
  • Dimensions: 8.9 x 8.2 x 29.8 inches 
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Lifting Height: Maximum 13 inches
  • Load capacity: 2 tons
  • Weight: 32 pounds

In the end, we bring to you the JEGS 2-Ton Hydraulic Utility Floor Jack. The combo set is the best part that impressed us and will surely blow your mind away.

Firstly, the 2-tons lifting capabilities are lovely and can lift heavy objects easily, ranging from 5 ⅛ inches to 13 inches. The lifting job will be much more accessible for you as it integrates a handy release valve knob that allows for a regulated load reduction.

The fantastic rotating saddles allow for total adjustments in every direction. It rotates 360 degrees from any direction and has great looks and long life with a yellow steel frame and JEGS logo.

Four swivel ball-bearing casters are the best feature of this jack, as they help in the portability of the jack. One thing that makes it stand out is the solid heavy-duty rustproof steel that gives it strength and protects against rusting.

We are impressed with the built-in carrying handle, which makes it easier  to use the floor jack. Nevertheless, it has a 1-3/4 inches handle length and a 1-3/4 inches lifting pad for added convenience.

Good Sides:

  • A rotatable saddle that rotates 360 degrees for moving the jack in different directions easily
  • Four swivel ball-bearing casters for the excellent mobility
  • Handle Length 1-3/4 inches, easily movable from one position to the other
  • Heavy Gauge Steel Chassis for stability
  • A built-in carrying handle with 1-3/4 inches long for easy lifting


  • Leaking of hydraulic fluid disrupts the working of the jack
  • Difficult to use for heavy vehicles


How difficult is it to service and maintain Pro-LifT 1.5 Jack?

It is effortless to maintain Pro-LifT 1.5 Ton Orange Hydraulic Trolley Jack as it does not need servicing frequently. It is very convenient and hustle-free when it needs servicing and maintenance, so you should not worry about it.

What's the max lifting height without using extra-long saddle neck in BIG RED Torin Jack?

It has a very decent maximum lifting height if you don't want to use the extra-long saddle. Without the adaptor, the maximum lift height is nearly 17.2 inches (437 mm).

Does JEGS Floor Jack work with the tranny jack adapter?

Its reach might not be high enough. But you don't have to worry about it as you would be able to find a transmission jack for about the same price as the adapter, which will work perfectly fine and the same as the jack adapter.

Final Verdict

We hope this article helped provide some information when making your choice. Plus, we listed out the pros and cons of each product. Depending on what you feel is best suited to your needs, you can purchase anyone.

Though you might still be puzzled and confused about which floor jack to choose, here is our suggestion for your ease!

For an overall experience, your pick should be Pro-LifT 1.5 Ton Orange Hydraulic Trolley Jack; it is durable, stable, and rustproof. But if you are on a tight budget and want an affordable and decent jack, you should opt for JEGS 2-ton Hydraulic Utility Floor Jack.

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