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The Best Car Scissor Jacks of 2023: Top 7 Models Reviewed

Choosing the best car scissor jack is like a war plan. Which brand should you trust, and what features should you look for – there’re tons of things like these to consider.

To drop your stress down, We’ve shortlisted the top 7 scissor jacks trusted by thousands of automobile engineers and individual car owners. Wondering why?

These scissor jacks offer a wide lifting range to suit the most common vehicle repairing tasks. Also, they can handle the adequate load capacity you’ll need. Most importantly, the scissor jacks have all safety features to avoid mischief during lifting.

Not only because of performance and durability but also for pricing, these are the best deal-breakers. Read along to find out which one is the right for your need.

"This scissor jack is a great deal for those looking for a heavy-duty jack capable of lifting up to 3000 lbs. It has a lift range of 4.13-inch to 15.13-inch, making it a spot solution for diverse works. Additionally, it’s made out of alloy steel, which makes it durable and withstand heavy use."

2. Good Choice for Quick Lifting: LEADBRAND Car Scissor Jack

"It has many great specifications, such as a ratchet handle. The features ensure you lift faster with less effort. Also, because of the steel construction, it commits to lasting years. The LEADBRAND has a weight capacity of 3000 lbs."

3. For Versatile Use: Fasmov Lifting Scissor Jack

"The Fasmov Store lifting scissor jack is a multipurpose tool for use in various applications. It’s built with a collapsible design for easy storage. The jack can lift up to 3000 lbs and has a lift range of 3.5-inch to 13.8-inch. Additionally, it’s made of metal and steel, which can resist harsh uses."

4. Offers Smart Mechanism: Amvia Scissor Jack

"If you are looking for a reliable and smart jack that can handle a hefty weight capacity and lift range, then the Amvia scissor jack is perfect. The jack is designed with a ratchet system for easy lifting. Because of the robust design, this tool can handle a weight capacity of 3300 lbs."

5. Best For Stability: Pro-Lift T-9456 Scissor Jack

"This jack has a wider base design to give you a safer lifting experience. It prevents the tool from wobbling too much when lifting heavy objects. The range is also impressive, from 4.13-inch to 15.13-inch, so you're sure to find the perfect height for your job."

6. Best Electric Jack: ROGTZ Electric Scissor Jack

"Try out this electric jack by ROGTZ if you want to experience the utmost flexibility while working. For commercial jobs or vehicle lifting, this jack can add great value. With its 6600 lbs. of weight capacity, you can cover most garage jobs without worry."

7. Best Value for Money: CPROSP Scissor Small Car Jack

"For budget pickers, this CPROSP is a deal-breaker! Whether you’re considering it 3307 lbs. of weight capacity or the wide lifting range, there’s no competitor at this price. And the best part is it weighs less than the rest of the scissor jacks. So, you’ll find it easy to carry also."

7 Best Car Scissor Jacks: Comprehensive Reviews

We’ve broken down all the major features of each scissor jack below to help you understand what value you get and the compromises. Let's jump into the next section to learn about the findings.

1. Best Overall: BIG RED T10152 Torin Scissor Jack

Key Specifications:
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Weight capacity: 3000 lbs./1.5 tons
  • Lift range: 4.13-inch to 15.13-inch
  • Color: Red
  • Weight: 7.7 lbs.
  • Jack Type: Manual

When it comes to lifting heavy loads, nothing beats the power of this Big Red steel scissor jack.

The Big Red T-10152 jack is a smart choice for anyone looking for a powerful and versatile scissor jack. With a height range of 4.13-inch to 15.13-inch, this jack can easily handle typical vehicle lifting.

Additionally, it has a lifting capacity of 1.5 tons or 3,000 lbs. It can tackle lifting needs for most vehicles.

It’s equipped with an extra wide base that makes it incredibly stable. This stabilizing jack is perfect for car owners, contractors, and home improvement enthusiasts who need a durable and reliable tool to handle heavy duty work.

Another exclusive feature of this jack is the 1-piece crank handle, which’s taller than other models. It ensures you get a fast response time and speed when lifting any sort of load. The handle is also designed to provide a comfortable grip.

Torin ensured a lightweight design when building the car jack. It weighs only 7.7 lbs. There's no extra stress you'll experience when maneuvering.

If you're looking for a powerful but easy-to-use scissor jack, the Big Red T10152 is definitely worth considering!

Good Sides:
  • Collapsible design to fit in small spaces
  • Suits most common low profile vehicle lifting needs
  • Quick response mechanism for faster raising
  • Designed with a wider base to avoid accidents
  • Can deal with heavy-duty lifting jobs
  • The wider foot size takes more space when storing
  • Lowering objects requires a bit of effort

2. Runner Up: LEADBRAND Low-Profile Car Scissor Jack

LEADBRAND 1.5 Tons Car Scissor Jack
Key Specifications:
  • Jack Type: Ratchet
  • Material: Steel construction
  • Weight capacity: 3000 lbs./1.5 tons
  • Lift range: 4.09-inch to 15.15-inch
  • Color: Black 
  • Weight: 5.68 lbs.

The two things that make this LEADERBRAND scissor jack our second favorite are its lightweight nature and cost-efficient price tag. Besides, some more features make it a good deal-breaker for any car owner.

For vehicle lifting needs, this scissor jack delivers out-of-expectation values. The jack has a lifting capacity of 3000 lbs. of weight. You can handle even home projects with this scissor jack.

Without the weight capacity, the lift range is also pretty adequate in this car jack. The jack allows you to lift objects from 4.09-inch to 15.15-inch. It’s perfect for most common cars as well as some exceptions such as Toyota Prius, Accord, Altima, etc.

As mentioned in the beginning, this low profile car jack is built with a mindset to give car enthusiasts and other users utmost flexibility. And its 5.68 lbs. of weight is the proof of that.

Even though the size of the unit is tiny, only 16.14 x 3.54 x 4.09 inches, it takes less space to store, easier to carry.

Unlike other models, this one comes with a ratcheting handle. You don’t need to use push motion to lift anymore. Just rotate the ratchet handle clockwise to lift up and counterclockwise to put down your car. So, it requires less effort to operate.

LEADERBRAND made this ratchet jack with steel to ensure the frame lasts longer than average scissor jacks. It’s corrosion-free too.

It comes with a solid base plate that ensures a secure footing so that it doesn’t wobble when lifting or lowering the weight.

The shafts are also made of durable steel. Overall, the craftsmanship symbolizes top-notch quality. 

What We Liked?
  • Solid and wider base provides securing footing
  • Lightweight built makes it easy to carry
  • Ratcheting system for effortless lifting
  • Delivers a versatile lifting range that matches most profiles
  • Corrosion-free built to resist harsh environment
What We Didn't Like?
  • Shorter jack stand design may not fit all needs
  • Not good for heavy-duty lifting jobs

3. Best For Versatile Use: Fasmov 1.5 Ton Lifting Scissor Jack

Fasmov 1.5 Ton Lifting Scissor Jack
Key Specifications:
  • Material: Metal, steel
  • Weight capacity: 3000 lbs./1.5 tons
  • Lift range: 3.5-inch to 13.8-inch
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 1.88 lbs.
  • Jack Type: Collapsible

If you’re looking for the most lightweight scissor jack on the list, this Fasmov model is the right one. The scissor jack weighs only 1.88 lbs.! It's super convenient to maneuver.

Like the Big Red one we mentioned above, this car jack also comes with a compact collapsible design, making it easy to store even in the smallest places. 

And this design also feels handy when lifting. You can fold the frame to make it easier to access underneath the vehicle. When dealing with low profile vehicles, this trait helps a lot.

If breaking down the performance, it has a load capacity of 1.5 tons. When it comes to lifting range, the scissor jack has a minimum lift point of 3.5-inch, which's good for most low profile-raising jobs.

The max lift height limit is 13.8-inch. Yes, that’s a little compromise you’ve to accept with this car jack. But considering the price, the deal is worth it.

We didn't like the mix of metal and steel craftsmanship. As metal tends to be less strong than steel, we're not confident whether it’ll last long enough, like other scissor jacks mentioned on the list. Maybe that’s how Fasmov cut down the cost of it. 

However, many existing users confirmed its performance is pretty good compared to other car jacks. You can lift cabs, trailers, station wagons, SUVs, and other low profile cars with this scissor jack easily.

Rather than that, there’s an extra wide base design that ensures the jack doesn’t tremble too much when lifting weight. It’s the best scissor jack for car for its efficient price tag and versatile usability.

What Makes It Special?
  • Can handle typical weight lifting needs
  • Can access underneath most low profile cars
  • Quite appreciated for its lightweight design
  • Foldable body design makes it easy to store
  • Delivers quicker lifting response than typical scissor jacks
What Are Not The Ideal Things?
  • Color will peel off over time
  • Not as sturdy as full other full steel construction jacks

4. Best For Smart Mechanism: Amvia 1.5 Ton Scissor Jack for Car

AMVIA 1.5 Ton Portable Scissor Jack for Car
Key Specifications:
  • Weight capacity: 3300 lbs./1.5 tons
  • Lift range: 4.13-inch to 15.15-inch
  • Jack Type: Ratchet
  • Material: Steel construction
  • Weight: 5.34 lbs.
  • Color: Black 

An adequate load capacity in a car jack for emergency vehicle repair needs is a must. And if something makes lifting effortless, we prefer going with the option. The following scissor jack meets both benchmarks.

Although this Amvia scissor car jack falls in the 1.5-ton criteria, it can handle slightly more. It can easily lift up to 3300 lbs. of weight with strong arms. Whether you plan to lift a car or do household projects, it can tackle almost everything.

As the name suggests, the Amvia scissor jack is integrated with a smart ratcheting system. You just need to rotate the ratchet-like handle when raising or lowering weight, unlike regular scissor jacks.

It requires 90% less effort and gives you a hassle-free working experience. Also, the unique mechanism allows you to lift faster than traditional scissor jacks.

When it comes to lifting range, you get a minimum height starting point of 4.13-inch and a maximum height limit of 15.15-inch.

The lifting range is perfect for different genres of vehicles such as wagon, SUV, Sedan, MPV, hatchback, crossover, coupe, wagon, and the list goes on.

We're also satisfied with the heavy-duty steel construction of this scissor jack. It doesn’t only feel sturdy, but it also commits to delivering years of repairing service. 

And the best part is even though it comes with robust craftsmanship, it doesn’t weigh too much. The scissor jack weighs only 5.34 lbs.

Both price and the lifting range are almost similar to the LEADERBRAND scissor jack model mentioned above. But what makes it even a better deal is you’ll get 2 car air fresheners with this repairing gear.

What Are The Good Sides?
  • Allows faster and effortless lifting
  • Can handle more load than other scissor jacks
  • Stable jack’s base design prevents jacks from wobbling
  • Suitable for versatile car profiles
  • Comes with free air fresheners inside the package
What Are The Bad Sides?
  • Can only balance well on solid ground
  • Comparably narrow height lifting range than other jacks

5. Best for Wide Base: Pro Lift T-9456 Scissor Jack

Pro-LifT T-9456 3000 lbs Scissor Jack
Key Specifications:
  • Weight capacity: 3000 lbs./1.5 tons
  • Lift range: 4.13-inch to 15.13-inch
  • Jack Type: Manual
  • Material: Steel construction
  • Color: Grey
  • Weight: 8.69 lbs.

It's time to introduce you to a scissor jack from one of our favorite brands, SFA. The manufacturer has a diverse series of automobile repairing tools. And Pro Lift is one of them.

Getting this scissor jack means you will receive a value of 50 years of engineering experience. This T-9456 meets all standards, from lifting capacity to sturdiness to becoming the best scissor jack for cars. And therefore, you need to spend a little more than other jacks.

The key aspect of this scissor jack that makes it stand out from the rest is its wider base design. It can tolerate lifting heavy objects without trembling.

Besides, the design ensures your safety while lifting. Pro Lift made this jack to meet all the safety standards by ANSI or PALD.

The load capacity of the scissor jack is limited to 3000 lbs. When it comes to lifting range, it has a minimum lift height of 4.13-inch. And the maximum lifting height limit is 15.13-inch. The coverage is fair enough to handle common tasks like flat tire repairing.

Since the brand hasn’t launched new models in this segment, you may not witness modern features in this steel scissor. For example, it comes in with a two-piece crank handle, and there’s no ratchet handle.

To ensure long lasting service, Pro Lift built this scissor jack with steel. It’s corrosion-free also.

You’ll see all the competitive features in this scissor jack. But the one major drawback is its weight. Because of its 8.69 lbs. of weight, it feels heavier than other carjacks.

We should also mention that this steel scissor jack is made in China like other Pro Lift jacks. However, it’s quite a performer for heavy-duty uses.

What Makes It Excellent?
  • Wider platform design prevents shaking during lifting
  • Robust steel construction ensures longer lasting
  • Serves required lifting range for common tasks
  • Can load hefty jobs easily
  • Provides safety from rust and corrosion
  • Two-piece handle design delivers flexibility while working
What Could Be Better?
  • Comes at a higher price compared to other jacks
  • Also, it weighs heavier than average scissor jacks

6. Best Electric: ROGTZ 12 Volt Electric Scissor Car Jack

ROGTZ 12 Volt Electric Scissor Car Jack
Key Specifications:
  • Jack Type: Electric
  • Weight capacity: 6600 lbs./3.3 tons
  • Lift range: 4.13-inch to 15.13-inch
  • Material: Steel construction
  • Color: Yellow
  • Weight: 19.8 lbs.

If you want a full solution for emergency car repairing, this ROGTZ electric scissor jack is the perfect bet. It's not only the jack you'll get; there're also an impact wrench and flat tire inflator pump to tackle your repairing tasks.

ROGTZ made this electric scissor jack for smart people who don’t like the manual vehicle or object lifting hassle. You just connect the jack underneath your car, and tap on the raising button. It'll lift the vehicle up automatically.

The scissor jack kit comes with a bigger price tag but considering its value, We suggest it's worth the investment. 

Unlike manual jacks, it has a lift capacity of 6600 lbs. or 3.3 tons, making it the best electric scissors car jack available.

Even the jack comes with a unique triangular design. Because of the wider base support, you get a stable performance like a car hydraulic scissor jack or jack stands while lifting.

The car jack can handle most common vehicle lifting with its broader lifting range, starting from 5.5-inch to 16.5-inch.

But what makes your lifting task even more satisfying is the quicker lifting mechanism. It only takes 60-120 seconds to lift any object to the maximum height limit.

It has two specifically designed heads to match SUV and Sedan cars. You can remove them if you have different models.

Since it’s an electric jack, our first concern was about the power source. Fortunately, ROGTZ gave clear attention to this aspect. You can power up the lifting gear with a car battery and an outlet, making it suitable for roadside emergencies.

The heavy duty steel scissor jack is made to last longer. All components are rust and wear-resistant. 

What Makes It Stand Out?
  • Comes with an impact wrench and tire inflator pump
  • Press-n-lift mechanism makes lifting effortless
  • Lifting limit is higher than the average scissor jack
  • Provides more load capacity to handle heavy duty tasks
  • Can lift and lower weight faster
  • Features flashlights for low light use 
What Are The FLaws?
  • Costs you more than other scissor jacks
  • Inflator pump takes more time than usual 

7. Best Value for Money: CPROSP Scissor Lift Car Jack

PROSP 2 Ton Scissor Car Jack
Key Specifications:
  • Material: Steel construction
  • Jack Type: Ratchet
  • Weight capacity: 3307 lbs./1.5 tons
  • Lift range: 4.1-inch to 15-inch
  • Weight: 5.2 lbs.
  • Color: Black

We’ll wrap up this best scissor car jack review article with CPROSP scissor jack. The brand is comparably new on the ground. But what made their gears already favorite to people is their usability.

The car jack was designed with a mindset to make it comfortable for both males and females while using. Because of the ratchet mechanism, you can easily and quickly lift your car.

You can lift up to 3307 lbs. It provides better load capacity if comparing other floor jacks in a budget price range. The jack has a minimum lifting height of 4.1-inch. And the maximum height limit is 15-inch.

With that height range, you can tackle a wide range of vehicles lifting, including small cars, SUVs, B. Pickups, small trucks, and so on.

There’re two unusual features of this car jack that also give it additional advantages. Firstly, you can expand the base as your weight requirement to mitigate the wobbling issue during lifting.

Secondly, it has a 360-degree rotational card slot. Because of this design, you get good flexibility and easy alignment while doing hand jobs.

It’s also easy to store because of the foldable design and consumes less space. The lightweight design also makes it easy to carry.

Thanks to its sturdy steel construction, which keeps it safe from corrosion and promises to deliver years of service. Considering the overall values and the low price tag, it’s the best deal you can get.

Good Sides:
  • 360-degree rotational card slot for easy alignment
  • Allows broad range of lifting actions
  • Effortless usability makes it suitable for women too
  • Ratchet system makes lifting quicker
  • Can load weight of most common vehicles
  • Wider platform for avoiding stability issues
  • Doesn’t work good on uneven surfaces
  • Slips out when dealing with heavy lifting 

Factors To Consider While Buying Scissor Jack for Car

When buying a car scissor jack, you’ll need to consider a few factors. These include—

Weight of the Car

Before moving forward, first identify what’s your car weight. You should buy a car jack with more weight capacity than your vehicle. For example, if your car weighs 1 ton or 2000 lbs. buy a jack that can tackle at least 1.5 tons of weight.

Type of Scissor Jack

There’re different categories of scissor jacks available nowadays, such as traditional/lever systems, ratchet systems, and electric scissor jacks. Which one should choose depends on your budget and preference.

Traditional scissor jacks require more effort or hand jobs when lifting or lowering cars. On the other hand, ratchet system scissor jacks are easier to use.

And if you don't want any hassle of lifting and to have a good budget, go for an electric scissor jack. They come with a press n play lifting system, which doesn’t require minimum strength during work.

Lift Capacity of Scissor Jack

It actually refers to how much weight a jack can carry. As mentioned above, depending on your car's weight, you should determine the weight capacity of a scissor jack.

A good scissor jack should have a load capacity of a minimum of 1.5 tons to 3 tons. The range is good enough to tackle typical vehicle lifting and construction project tasks. 

Lift Height of Scissor Jack

It's a crucial factor to consider. Your car scissor jack should fit properly with the vehicle's minimum height.

For instance, if your car chassis height is 4.5-inch, your jack should have a lower starting height point. It’ll allow the jack to fit underneath the car easily while lifting. Average scissor jacks come with a lift height range of 3.5-inch to 16.5-inch.

Jack’s Weight

Although we consider the weight of the jack least than the above features, some people give this aspect serious attention, especially those who use jacks for commercial purposes. 

If you have a similar case, check out the weight. Average scissor jacks weigh up to 8 lbs. Some electric scissor jacks may weigh more, though, depending on the motor size. Consider it as your preference. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are scissor jacks good?

Yes, you can pick scissor jacks confidently. Scissor jacks are a handy choice for vehicle lifting as they weigh less than bottle jacks or high profile jacks. Besides, most scissor jacks come with adequate lift capacity and height range that suit typical vehicle profiles.

How do I choose a scissor jack?

Determine your car weight before choosing a scissor weight and front and rear panel height. Depending on that, consider a scissor jack that can match both aspects. You can pick ratchet, manual and electric scissor jacks.

What size scissor jack do I need for my car?

You should pick a scissor jack that easily fits underneath your car chassis. As you'll use it for typical car repairing jobs such as tire changing, consider either side's height of your vehicle. Then pick a jack with a minimum height point similar to your vehicle height or shorter.

Can I use two scissor jacks?

Yes, you can use two scissor jacks. Moreover, having two jacks can be helpful if your car or lifting objects have a heavy weight. It'll also give more stability when lifting vehicles because the weight will distribute on two jacks.

Our Verdict

Thanks for reading till here. If you ask for our favorite recommendation among the seven picks, we will suggest buying the Amvia scissor jack

The jack comes in with an adequate load capacity. And the lifting height range is also good enough to tackle common vehicle lifting tasks. Overall, it’s the best car scissor jack within the budget range.

And if you don't have any issues with the budget, go for the ROGTZ electric scissor jack. It’ll give you the utmost flexibility and comfort. Make sure to get back to us with your feedback.

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