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The 7 Best Floor Jacks Under $100 – Top Models Reviewed

Floor jacks are quite an evident performance tool. Whether it’s about repairing vehicles or lifting heavy objects on construction sites, your jobs become effortless with a service jack.

But most floor jacks are costly too, especially the hydraulic ones. A jack can cost you anywhere between $50 to $450 from some leading automobile repairing tool brands like Torin and Pro-Lift. Some premium floor jacks can range up to $800 also.

However, this guide includes the top 7 picks to help you find the best floor jack under $100, prioritizing common weight lifting needs.

Before getting your vehicle jack, you should know the features you need. Having an adequate load capacity and lifting range can tackle most common jobs. The necessary safety valve system and high-end built material ensure a risk-free performance.

Can’t wait to get a feature-rich yet low budget floor jack? Read along; you’ll find the right jack for you by the end.

1. Best Overall: BIG RED T83006 3 Ton Torin Hydraulic Floor Jack

"The Torin T83006 hydraulic floor jack is a beast of an industrial jack. It has the ability to handle any job with ease, whether you need it for personal or commercial purposes. It's very sturdy and will stand up to heavy usage for a long time. It's also highly affordable, making it the best overall option available."

2. Most Popular: BIG RED T82012 Torin Hydraulic Floor Jack

"It pairs high strength and durability with excellent value for money and is trusted by thousands of professionals. The welded steel housing with an integral handle, making it extremely strong yet lightweight. As well as being a great value, this jack has a host of useful features that make it a great option for any job site."

3. Top Rated: Pro-Lift F-767 2 Ton Floor Jack

"If you’re looking to get the job done right, you won’t find a better floor jack under $100 than the F-767 2-ton floor jack from Pro-Lift. This heavy-duty jack is perfect for getting heavy objects and one of the top rated floor jacks under 100 USD"

4. Best for Car: Pro-Lift F-2315PE Hydraulic Car Jack

"Having a lightweight design and adequate lift range makes this jack suitable for most car owners. It’s a complete solution for emergency vehicle repairing. If you are looking for the ultimate jack in portability, durability, and affordability, then the Pro-Lift F-2315PE hydraulic car jack should be your first consideration."

5. Best Single-Piston: TCE TCET825051 Hydraulic Jack

"Check out this TCE low-profile floor jack if you want an alternative to a scissor jack. It costs you just like a scissor car jack yet delivers heavy-duty load support. With its single-piston feature and hydraulic support, you can get a quicker lifting experience."

6. Best Combo: BIG RED T82001 Torin Hydraulic Floor Jack

"The floor jack comes in with 2 spare jack stands to enable support for your lifted objects. So, there's no need to break your bank on extra jack stands. It also comes with larger and solid wheels to ensure a good balance when working."

7. Best for Versatile: Torin AT825010B 2.5 Ton Hydraulic Jack

"Changing tires on a racing track requires faster lifting. With that in mind, Torin made this trolley jack with a single-piston feature that ensures quicker lifting of sports cars and other vehicles."

In-Depth Reviews of 7 Best Floor Jacks Under $100

The guide covers all the advantages and downsides of the seven best floor jacks available. Let’s begin the read with the Big Red.

1. Best Overall: BIG RED T83006 Torin Hydraulic Floor Jack

Product Specifications:
  • Jack Type: Hydraulic
  • Weight Capacity: 3-ton/6000 lbs.
  • Lift Range: 5.88-inch to 20.88-inch
  • Weight: 36 lbs.
  • Built Material: Steel construction
  • Color: Red
  • Piston Technology: Single-Piston

Looking for a quality hydraulic jack to handle all of your weight lifting needs? Look no further than the Big Red T83006! This jack is built to last and can handle heavy loads with ease.

Torin built this floor jack mainly for industrial applications. Therefore, this jack has a heavyweight capacity. Its 6500 lbs capacity offers the heavy-lifting enthusiast a dependable, reliable, and efficient means of loading and unloading most vehicles.

The minimum lift height jack point is 5.88-inch which matches the typical low profile jobs.

And the max height limit is 20.88-inch, making it a great jack for the most cumbersome loads with ease.

A floor jack should have the built quality to tackle commercial or day-to-day works. And that's where the jack doesn’t disappoint you. The credit goes to its robust steel construction that shows commitment to the last decades.

There are 4 steel casters in the rear and front panel, just like regular floor jacks. But what makes it stand out is the 360-degree rotatable front casters. It makes it easier to maneuver around your workspace while carrying hefty loads.

Among them all, the coolest feature is its single-piston lifting mechanism. Wondering why!

The hydraulic support system allows you to reach the desired height quicker than average floor jacks. And there’s a safety bypass valve that gives your jack overload protection while using the service jack. 

The portable car jack also comes with a longer saddle neck to save you time while lifting tall profile vehicles. Torin added a 24.5-inch handle to this hydraulic floor jack. The handle's top is rubberized to avoid fatigue issues.

What makes it stand out?
  • Durable built quality ensures long-lasting performance
  • One of the best floor jacks for heavy lifting jobs
  • Offers required lift height range for most commercial jobs
  • Rotatable casters make it easier to maneuver
  • Safety bypass system for overload protection
What could be better?
  • Required to replace the stock bolts of the casters
  • The shorter handle may not be convenient for everyone

2. Most Popular: BIG RED T82012 Torin Hydraulic Floor Jack

Product Specifications:
  • Jack Type: Hydraulic
  • Lift Capacity: 2-ton/4000 lbs.
  • Lift Range: 5.25-inch to 13.38-inch
  • Weight: 21.2 lbs.
  • Built Material: Steel
  • Color: Red
  • Piston Technology: Single-Piston

If you want the best floor jack under 100 in the 2 ton floor jack segment, this Big Red hydraulic jack surely deserves your attention. Thousands of automobile mechanics and individuals trust it for reliable performance.

The floor jack is made of solid steel for maximum strength and durability. This jack is perfect for car repair, home improvement, and other small projects.

Furthermore, the Big Red floor jack is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a heavy-duty floor jack for both commercial and residential lifting jobs. With this performance tool, you can lift vehicles that weigh up to 4000 lbs. It’s perfect for lifting SUVs, sedans, pickups, etc.

Just like Torin's other floor jacks, this one also comes in with a safety valve feature in order to prevent overloading issues.

Another plus is the jack is comparably lighter than average hydraulic jacks. It weighs around 21 lbs only. There’s a plastic molded carrying case for safe storage.

As you're spending half of the previously mentioned Torin lift jack, be sure there're some compromises too. Firstly, if talking about the lifting height, the range starts from 5.25-inch to a max height of 13-inch, which's good but not enough to reach objects higher.

We saw some users complain about its oil leaking issue after a couple of months. But that was just a defect in a few manufacturing units. They also got the replacement. Except that, comparing the values, you get with what you spend. It's a win-win deal. 

What makes it special?
  • Gives overload protection to users and the machine
  • Lightweight design makes it easy while carrying
  • Unique saddle design holds lifted objects firmly
  • Can tackle versatile day-to-day lifting jobs
  • Heavy-duty steel construction for long term service
What makes it special?
  • Doesn’t come with a quick lifting support
  • Smaller height lift range than other floor jacks

3. Top Rated: Pro-Lift F-767 Extra Low Profile Floor Jack

Product Specifications:
  • Jack Type: Low profile jack
  • Lift Capacity: 2-ton/4000 lbs.
  • Lift Range: 3.38-inch to 15-inch
  • Weight: 31 lbs.
  • Built Material: Steel
  • Color: Grey

If you've bought any jack before, you've probably heard the brand name already.

It’s a flagship series introduced by the mother company, SFA (Shinn Fu Company of America, Inc), a leader in the automobile repairing tool industry for more than 40 years. Getting this tool means you get nothing but a quality floor jack.

For low ground clearance vehicles, you need an extra low profile floor jack. And that’s where this Pro Lift floor jack is inevitable.

It has a minimum height lifting point of 3.38-inch – a perfect height for accessing underneath most typical low-profile cars – however, the max height lifting limits to 15-inch.

The jack is one of the best floor jacks considering the load capacity. With its 4000 lbs of weight lifting capacity, you can confidently accomplish various applications.

Pro Lift built this low profile floor jack with heavy-duty steel. What’s even better is the extra layer of galvanizing coating that safeguards against corrosion and rust for a longer period.

For safety measures, the floor jack comes with two features. The floor jack has a patented bypassing system for preventing over-pumping the machine. And the safety valve ensures you don't overload the jack.

As there’re no built-in jack stands coming with the floor jack, We suggest using a separate one. Also, make sure to use wheel chocks for additional safety.

Alongside this, We liked the wide saddle (2-inch) design. It ensures your lifted vehicle or other objects don't wobble too much. There's also no portable case that comes with the jack for storage.

Pro Lift is a premium brand, and that's why their maximum automobile repairing tools cost more than average. This one is also not different. But the value you get is actually worth the pricing.

Why is it exceptional?
  • Easily accesses underneath low profile vehicles
  • Lightweight design for easy carrying
  • Ensures overload protection and also prevents overpumping
  • High-end steel built to tackle harsh uses
  • Wider saddle design to avoid wobbling when lifted objects
Drawbacks we found:
  • Doesn’t come with a jack stand
  • No portable case is included in the package 

4. Best for Car: Pro-Lift F-2315PE Hydraulic Floor Jack

Product Specifications:
  • Jack Type: Hydraulic floor jack
  • Lift Capacity: 1.5-ton/3000 lbs.
  • Lift Range: 5.31-inch to 11.76-inch
  • Weight: 15.4 lbs.
  • Built Material: Steel
  • Color: Black and orange

If you want a floor jack specifically designed for vehicle lifting, try this Pro-Lift F-2315PE hydraulic jack. 

For vehicle lifting, your floor jack should have a sturdy construction. And Pro Lift built this tool with this concern in mind. The whole body and components are constructed with steel to ensure they serve you for years. Additionally, the wielded body ensures you don’t notice oil leaking whatsoever.

The hydraulic trolley jack is also perfect for people looking for a low budget solution. So, it’s comparably cheaper than their other lifting jacks.

To deliver maximum flexibility when maneuvering, the manufacturer designed this jack with swivel casters. Besides, the lightweight craftsmanship makes it easier to carry. There’s a carrying handle attached also. And this one is also offered with a plastic molded case.

We also liked the ergonomic lift handle design covered with a rubber pad on the top to keep your palm from fatigue. 

Well, there’re some downsides too. For instance, it can handle a maximum weight capacity of 3000 lbs, which isn't suitable for some SUVs or jeep wranglers.

Another thing We should mention is that it's mainly made for individual car owners, not for commercial uses. The floor jack can lift a vehicle from 5.31-inch to up to 11.76-inch. The smaller height lifting range may not suit all vehicles’ chassis height. So, make sure to measure your car chassis height before purchasing. 

Lastly, just like other Pro Lift hydraulic floor jacks, it comes with a safety system that prevents overloading and over-pumping.

Factor's we liked:
  • Welded design to avoid oil leaking
  • Up to the mark built-quality
  • Very lightweight design makes it easy to carry
  • Prevents over-pumping and over lifting
  • Suitable for low profile cars
Factor's we didn't like:
  • Not suitable for most heavyweight vehicles like jeeps
  • Storage case quality is compromised

5. Best Single Piston: Torin TCET825051 Hydraulic Floor Jack

Product Specifications:
  • Jack Type: Hydraulic
  • Lift Capacity: 2.5-ton/5,000 lbs. 
  • Lift Range: 3.38-inch to 14.94-inch 
  • Weight: 28.3 lbs.
  • Built Material: Alloy Steel
  • Color: Blue and yellow

TCE is actually another successful series launched by Torin. And just like Big Red, this one also got immersive appraisal from thousands of automobile owners. Let’s find out why!

The TCET825051features a single-piston mechanism that ensures you get a faster lifting result. This feature adds a great advantage not only for individual car owners but also for the workshop. 

Another reason we're recommending this floor jack is its powerful hydraulic system. It can lift 5000 lbs. of weight easily. 

And the cherry on the cake is its longer handle design, which ensures you input less effort. Besides, the rubber pad saves your hand palm from common injuries that every automobile mechanic deals with. There’s an additional carrying handle on the top for also.

Because of the ultra-low body, it can smoothly go underneath any low profile car too. The floor jack has a minimum height lifting point of 3.38-inch. However, in the case of maximum height, it disappoints. It can raise only up to 14.94-inch height.

Torin always cares about its customers' safety by providing 100% safety assurance. And they did the same here as well. You can rely on the bypassing safety system to avoid incidents during over-loading.

The ball-bearing casters also seem helpful when shifting the gear in different positions. Also, you can move them in 360-degree to get more flexibility.

So, whether you want a jack for jeep wranglers, SUVs, trucks, or other family vehicles, this one gets your back always. If its 28.3 lbs. of weight doesn’t bother you, feel confident to give it a try.

What's make it stand out?
  • Single piston system for quick lifting
  • Deliver adequate load capacity for various applications
  • Swivel wheels allow easy positioning
  • Ergonomic design of the handle to provide utmost comfort
  • Can be used for most low profile ground clearance
What could be better?
  • Leaks oil after using for a couple of months
  • No saddle pad for chassis safety

6. Best Combo: BIG RED T82001 Torin Hydraulic Floor Jack

Product Specifications:
  • Lift Capacity: 2-ton/4000 lbs.
  • Lift Range: 5.25-inch to 13.38-inch
  • Weight: 20 lbs.
  • Built Material: Alloy steel
  • Color: Red
  • Jack Type: Hydraulic

When it comes to lifting vehicles or other objects, having a jack stand is also important to support your lifted object. Since most jack doesn't come with one, you've to pay for a jack stand separately.

But that won't be an issue with this combo jack. The BIG RED T82001 is offered with 2 spare jack stands, making it the best floor jack under 100 dollars budget.

The tool has a lifting range from a minimum of 5.25-inch to a maximum of 13.38-inch. Due to the small limit, We won't suggest buying it if you need a jack for commercial purposes. However, it can deliver a satisfactory result for typical spare tire repairing. You can use a simple trick to get a higher lifting range if necessary. 

After lifting the car from the floor, shift the weight on the jack stands. Create a strong base with bricks under the jack and place it on the base. Then again, use the jack to lift the car. Basically, the jack is still lifting within the range, but you can get a higher range because of the brick base!

The jack stands have a height starting point of 10.82-inch, and the maximum limit is 16.56-inch. So, the above trick will work fine.

If considering weight capacity, it can handle up to 4000 lbs or 2 tons of load easily. With the combination of its sturdy steel construction and hydraulic system, it can handle heavy-duty jobs.

Big Red gave its best to deliver maximum portability with this floor jack. There’s a handle for carrying purposes. And as it's lightweight, you don't have stress while maneuvering. The compact floor jack is equipped with a comfortable handle too.

Lastly, this Big Red lightweight jack also ensures your safety during lifting with the support of its bypassing load system. For anyone looking for a low budget deal with ultimate performance, investing in this budget floor jack will be a wise decision.

Why you should choose it?
  • Comes with two support jack stands
  • Light profile construction makes it easy to carry
  • Larger and solid wheels to ensure a good balance
  • Offers adequate load capacity for different jobs
  • Durable built provides long-term service 
Flaws side we found:
  • Minimum height point is higher than usual
  • Can’t lift heavier vehicles like truck

7. Best Versatile: Torin Blackjack AT825010B Hydraulic Floor Jack

Product Specifications:
  • Lift Capacity: 2.5-ton/5000 lbs.
  • Lift Range: 3.5-inch to 14.13-inch
  • Weight: 31.4 lbs.
  • Built Material: Alloy steel
  • Color: Black
  • Jack Type: Single piston hydraulic 

It's time to introduce you to another successful series from the Torin family. They launched the Blackjack series mainly for sports car lifting jobs. However, because of their extreme performance, many low-profile car owners also prefer to use this floor jack.

Changing tires on a racing track requires faster lifting. With that in mind, Torin made this trolley jack with a single-piston feature that ensures quicker lifting of sports cars and other vehicles.

The trolley jack can smoothly lift 5000 lbs. or 2.5 tons of weight. To avoid hand fatigue, the whole handle is covered with foam. The manufacturer also added foam on the saddle to protect your car chassis from dent or scratch.

It has a minimum lift point of 3.5-inch. Having this low-lifting point gives you the ultimate flexibility for ground clearance or access underneath most low-profile vehicles. The maximum height lifting point is 14.13-inch. We're actually not surprised with the smaller lifting range. As we mentioned earlier, it's made for sports cars. 

You can get the extended version of this trolley jack model, but that’ll cost you double. So, we don’t think it’s a bad deal. 

Low-profile car jacks often slip and cause serious incidents when doing the fast lifting. To avoid those issues, Torin made the platform of this floor jack extra wider than their other floor jacks. The wheels are bigger. As a result, it doesn't wobble too much during lifting cars. 

The major drawback of this tool is its hefty nature. It weighs 31.4 lbs., which's comparably heavier than other listed tools in this review. But as there’re two 360-degree rotational casters in this Blackjack model, hopefully, maneuvering won’t be a problem.

What we liked?
  • Quick pumping system to lift objects faster
  • Equipped with large swivel casters
  • Extreme load capacity makes it fit for most jobs
  • Heavy-duty construction to enhance durability
  • Moveable wheels for easy positioning
  • Controlled pumping system to avoid excess load
What we didn't like?
  • Costs more than other floor jacks
  • Handle quality is not up to the mark

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a 2 ton floor jack enough?

Floor jacks with a 2-ton load capacity are actually good enough for individual vehicle owners. You can also use them for DIY projects and various lifting applications.

How do I know what size floor jack to buy?

If you want the floor jack for vehicle lifting, measure your car's chassis height first. Also, find out how much weight it has. Your floor jack should have a minimum height point that’s accessible underneath the chassis.

And when considering the load capacity of the floor jack, make sure to look for something that has more load capacity than your car weight, at least additional 500 lbs. For detailed guide follow this article.

How much does a floor jack go for?

The price of a floor jack varies depending on the brand, load capacity, height range, and other important features. Depending on these factors, a good floor jack can cost between $50 to $800 in general. However, you can get a floor with fine specs within $100. Check the above listed 7 best floor jacks under 100 for choosing yours.

Will a 3 ton floor jack lift a truck?

Common mini trucks weigh around 1500 lbs to up to 6000 lbs. So, a 3 ton floor jack will do the job fine. Some medium to large truck weighs up to 26000 lbs. also. In that case, you need to spend a lot to buy a floor jack with heavy lifting capacity.

What’s the best aluminum floor jack under 100?

Unfortunately, there’s no well-performing aluminum floor jack under 100. It’s because aluminum construction costs more. Even the cheap floor jacks that are available out there either have low weight capacity or a small lift range. But if you increase your budget $300 to $500, there are some top-notch aluminum floor jacks on the market.

What’s the best budget floor jack?

Torin TCET825051 hydraulic low profile floor jack is the best budget floor jack because of its adequate lift capacity. It’s also a good suit for low ground clearance vehicles.

Editor’s Verdict

Hopefully, this detailed guide helped you find all your answers regarding floor jacks. If summing up the above discussion, the BIG RED T83006 3-ton Torin hydraulic floor jack is the best floor jack under $100 budget.

Whether you’re looking for something to tackle individual or industrial lifting jobs, it has the required load capacity to serve your needs. The durability standard of this trolley jack is also top-notch. You can also choose the Pro-Lift F-2315PE hydraulic floor jack because of its quick lifting support.

So, which’s the one that got your attention? Let us know in the comment. Cheers!


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