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The 10 Best Jacks for Jeep Wrangler – Reviews and Buying Guide

A jack that's right for your next-door buddy doesn't mean it'll fit your jeep wrangler. Before picking up one, you should consider the weight capacity and lifting height range of a jack.

However, choosing the best jack for jeep wrangler can be frustrating since hundreds of quality car jacks are available from numerous brands. The more challenging thing is to learn what to look for before buying one.

Another important factor is to understand whether or not it can survive the load, which mostly depends on its construction material.

To make your research stress-free, we've curated this top 10 jack for jeep wrangler reviews from some of the market-leading automobile accessories manufacturers.

So, what're you waiting for! Read along to learn more. 

1. Best Overall: Hi-Lift HL485 Jack

"The HL485 jack is the best overall jack available on the market today. This jack is mainly designed for off-road vehicles and can handle even heavy-duty jobs. It also has a high lift capacity and wide lift range, making it ideal for lifting gear your jeep wrangler."

2. Runner Up: Hi-Lift HL484 Jack

"If you're looking for a jack that can handle just about anything, the HL484 is a perfect choice. This jack has a load capacity of up to 7,000 lbs, which’s more than enough to lift most Jeeps. It also has the maximum lifting height range to raise your vehicle at any required level."

3. Best for Fast Lifting: Blackhawk B6350 Jack

"With the powerful hydraulic system, you can lift your jeep quickly. It's quite vital when dealing with emergencies. It also ensures safety. The Blackhawk jack has a swivel saddle feature which allows you to rotate the saddle to ensure your footing is stable and secure."

4. Best for Winch Connectivity: Hi-Lift HL604 Jack

"You'll need a higher lifting jack for a taller jeep wrangler chassis. And this Hi-Lift jack can solve your need; besides, the jack is equally great for its high load capacity of winching. You can easily lift trucks, SUVs, and other large vehicles with this jack."

5. Best for Off-Road: BIG RED TR6501B Jack

"The TR6501B 48-inch jack is one of the best jacks for lifted jeeps. It’s made from high-grade steel and has a lifting capacity of 6000 lbs. This jack is perfect for use in tough terrain, and its lift range of 5.12-inch to 40-inch makes it ideal for a variety of applications."

6. Best Trail Jack: Smittybilt 2722 Universal Jack

"This jack is a great choice for those looking for a heavy-duty jack that can handle a variety of tasks. This jack features a solid cast steel construction that makes it strong and durable. The lift range starts at 4-inch, and it can lift objects up to 7000 lbs. Perfect for use on all sorts of vehicles."

7. Best Versatile Jack: Hi-Lift XT485 X-Treme Jack

"The Hi-Lift X-Treme jack is a versatile and durable jack that you can use for diverse applications. It’s made out of cast components and weighs 28.16 lbs. So, it’s super lightweight and easy to move around. This jack is perfect for use in construction sites, warehouses, and other places where heavy lifting is necessary."

8. Offers Maximum Capacities: Big Red Torin Hydraulic Jack

"Indeed, this hydraulic jack is a powerhouse. It has a lifting capacity of 40,000 lbs., making it perfect for larger projects. Additionally, the speed control trigger makes it easy to adjust the speed of the jack, so you can get the job done quickly and efficiently. Finally, at only 33 lbs, this floor jack is easy to move and store."

9. Best Multi-Purpose: YIYITOOLS Heavy-Duty Farm Jack

"The YIYITOOLS can deliver great advantages to the people who want a jack for DIY projects and vehicles. Because of the wider lifting range, it's suitable for use in different jobs. This high-strength stamped steel jack is built with a fast-lifting system that makes it one of the most efficient multi-purpose jacks."

10. Best for Durability: Powerbuilt Alltrade 640912 Bottle Jack

"The Powerbuilt Alltrade bottle jack is a durable and powerful bottle jack that can lift up to 6000 lbs. This jack has a height lock system that prevents it from being too high or too low, and it weighs 22.4 lbs. This jack can lift objects up to 21 inches off the ground, perfect for use in warehouses or other commercial settings."

10 Best Jacks for Jeep Wrangler: In-Depth Reviews

All 10 jacks in this review are perfect for lifting jeep wrangler, removing and replacing tires, as well as adding or removing accessories. Each one is built with tough construction and features a variety of advantages to make sure you get the job done right.

1. Best Overall: Hi-Lift HL485 Jack for Jeep Wrangler

Key Specification:
  • Lifting Capacity: 7000 lbs.
  • Built Material: All-cast steel
  • Uses: Winching, clamping, lifting 
  • Lift Range: 4.5-inch to 38-inch
  • Weight: 29 lbs.

100 years of glory, a high-grade line of reliable jacks, and one of the most popular brands in the automobile gear manufacturers in the industry – that's actually what Hi Lift is all about. And if you're looking for an all-rounder jack considering the price and load capacity, there's no better pick than this HL485 jack.

This Hi Lift jack is the perfect choice for any four-wheel drive or SUV. Not only does it have a tipping load capacity of 7000 lbs., but you can use it for lifting other heavier-weight vehicles and ATVs as well.

Behind its super strength of lifting, the key is robust construction. The brand is the pioneer in building all-cast lifting gear, and this Hi Lift jack model is also not different. The premium-built quality ensures you get a long-term service with ultimate strength.

The 48-inch jack has a minimum lift height of 4.5-inch and a maximum of 38-inch, which matches the height of pretty much every jeep wrangler lifting need.

Unlike other average jacks, this one is actually a combo of clamping, lifting, and winching. When it comes to winching, it can catch a reach of 5000 lbs. And for clamping, you can load up to 750 lbs. of weight.

Thanks to Hi Lift for giving good attention to its weight distribution. It weighs only 28 lbs., making it one of the lightest and most convenient jacks on this list.

It's a red color jack for jeep wranglers. To enhance the color durability more, Hi-Lift used a powder coated finish. However, it'll flake off over the period of use. If comparing all the aspects of this jack with other series by the brand, it's the best hi-lift jack for jeep wrangler.

What makes it stand out?

  • Well-built design and sturdy body
  • Versatile lift range to support any off-road need
  • It can be used for winching and clamping
  • Adequate height range for all kinds of jeep wrangler
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Lightweight nature with proper weight distribution

What is not ideal?

  • Color starts flaking off after using it for a month

2. Runner Up: Hi-Lift HL484 Cast and Steel Jack

Key Specification:
  • Lifting capacity: 7000 lbs.
  • Built Material: Cast and steel components
  • Uses: Winching, clamping, lifting
  • Lift range: 4.5-inch to 37.24-inch
  • Weight: 28 lbs.

Our second recommendation for the best jeep jack also comes from the Hi Lift family. Just like the previous one, this HL484 jack has all the good to have features but at a higher price.

Well, you can't complain about the price because of its advanced built quality. The Hi Lift jack has four separate components made with high-strength and durable steel that ensures you get a life-long service.

The jack is designed for serious off-roaders who demand the best. There's a top winch connector clamp so that if your jeep wrangler gets stuck in a muddy track, you can use it with all jeep winches. The jack stand has a powder coat finish to help protect it from the elements. 

You can winch up to 5000 lbs. of weight with this jack. And when it comes to clamping, it has a 750 lbs. load capacity.

If talking about the tested capacity of this jack, it can take a load up to 7000 lbs. However, the rated load capacity is 4660 lbs.

The 48-inch jack has a minimum lifting height of 4.5-inch. And the maximum height size is up to 37.24-inch, making it suitable for most jeep models.

Another good aspect of this jack stand is it only has a width of 5-inch. So, you can easily store it on the back bonnet of your jeep wrangler. 

Also, unlike its successor, it has less weight (27.66 lbs.) It's still not comfortable to maneuver but better than the one we mentioned earlier.

Most of the Hi Lift jacks come with a two-piece handle; it also has the same. It allows you to unlock the upper part of the handle. This actually helps when you're lifting in a tight area and can't move the long handle.

What are the up-sides?

  • Can tackle most jobs with ease
  • Incredibly strong construction ensures durability
  • Detachable handle for tight area operation
  • Safety shear bolts to avoid mischief
  • Features a convenient size for storing

What are the down-sides?

  • The bottom plate becomes loose over time
  • Gets rust in high moisture environment

3. Best for Fast Lifting: Blackhawk B6350 3.5 Ton Floor Jack

Key Specification:
  • Built Material: Allow steel
  • Uses: Only lifting
  • Lift Range: 5-inch to 22-inch
  • Lifting Capacity: 7000 lbs./3.5 tons
  • Weight: 85 lbs.

Blackhawk is one of the product divisions of SAF (the largest distribution company of automobile tools in the United States and Canada). Each of their floor jacks ensures supreme quality to last a lifetime.

If you're looking for a hydraulic floor jack that has a good lifting range and also ensures safety, this Blackhawk is the best floor jack for jeep wrangler out there. 

There's a swivel saddle feature - a pivoting head that allows it to be quickly attached to the vehicle's chassis. This makes it easy to get the floor jack in the correct position, even in tight spaces.

Plus, it's made with durable steel construction that can handle even the toughest challenges. The floor jack can safely lift up to 3.5 tons or 7000 lbs. of weight. 

Getting this gear means you're getting precise load control. It's built with rugged, universal joints that provide stability and accuracy when lifting or lowering your vehicle.

The feature that most influenced its high load capacity is the bypass design. This trait protects the floor jack from unexpected harm when dealing with overpumping.

Before buying this model, you need to note this. You shouldn't use this hydraulic floor jack as a support or to hold the weight after lifting. It's best to use a separate jack stand for that purpose.

Another drawback of this floor jack is it weighs around 85 lbs. That means though it shows it has a durable and sturdy body, it's not convenient to maneuver. 

The lifting range of this floor jack is between 5.5-inch to 22-inch. Yes, it offers a bit less height lifting capacity. It's also not a suitable jack for low-profile vehicles but will work fine for typical jeep wranglers.

What are the good sides?

  • Durable construction delivers years of service
  • Allows easy and quick positioning
  • Built-in swivel saddle to safely lift jeeps
  • It comes with a precise load controlling feature
  • The robust floor jack design allows heavy lifting

What are the down-sides?

  • Only works for vehicles with tall chassis
  • The very heavyweight design makes it tough to maneuver

4. Best for Winch Connectivity:  Hi-Lift HL604 Cast and Steel Jack for Jeep

Key Specification:
  • Uses: Winching, lifting, clamping
  • Built Material: Solid cast steel jack
  • Lifting Capacity: 7000 lbs./3.5 tons
  • Lift Range: 4.5-inch to 48.25-inch
  • Weight: 30.12 lbs.

For a taller jeep wrangler chassis, you'll need a higher lifting jack. And this Hi Lift jack can solve your need – besides, the jack is equally great for its high load capacity of winching. With this lift jack, you can winch up to 5000 lbs. or 2.5 tons of weight.

Unlike the previous model of Hi Lift, this one has a height lifting range from 4.5-inch to 48.25-inch, which makes it the best high lift jack for jeep wrangler.

The tested load capacity is limited to 7000 lbs like other models that we mentioned above.
Also, you can use this jack as a clamper. When clamping, it can tackle up to 750 lbs. weight capacity.

Please note that it doesn't work as a regular hydraulic lifting tool. When it crosses 12-inch lift height, the lift capacity falls to 2660 lbs from its rated load limit of 4660 lbs. This is a major drawback of this lift jack.

It weighs 30.12 lbs, which's heavier than their typical hand jack model. But that won't be an issue for offroad drivers since they always keep gears on the jeep.

The 3-in-1 jack has a solid construction of cast steel frame and steel components. And the best part of this tool is its affordability. Thanks to Hi Lift for keeping their price range down while not compromising the quality.

If you want a reliable and heavy duty jack that will serve during all your offroad trips, there's no alternative to this high lift jack.

What are the good sides?

  • All-in-one tool for winching, clamping, and lifting
  • Features a higher lift range than others
  • A good value for money
  • Cast jack craftsmanship to last long
  • Two-piece handle design to work in tighter places

What are the down-sides?

  • After a certain height, rated load capacity falls
  • A bit heavier than previous models

5. Best for Off-Road:  BIG RED TR6501B 3 Ton 48 Inch Jack

Key Specification:
  • Built Material: High-grade steel
  • Weight: 33.35 lbs.
  • Lift Range: 5.12-inch to 40-inch
  • Lifting Capacity: 6000 lbs./3 tons
  • Uses: Winching, lifting, pulling, spreading

Big Red is a sub-brand of Torin. This company has a glorious history of manufacturing automobile repairing tools at a reasonable price range. The following bottle jack is another successful line from the brand.

Having this heavy duty jack means you get a complete solution for lifting, pulling, and winching. You may not get a similar load capacity as a hydraulic bottle jack. The average weight of a jeep wrangler is below 5000 lbs where the farm jack can load up to 6000 lbs of weight.

Big Red made this high lift jack for wranglers with a mindset to solve the weight lifting needs of farm and ranch owners as well. So, you'll witness some multipurpose aspects of this tool.

It features a powerful ratcheting mechanism to ensure a smooth, consistent operation no matter what the application is.

Another appreciation goes to its heavy-duty construction, unlike those typical bottle jacks. It's ideal for the most challenging environments.

Also, thanks to its rust resistant powder coating that ensures the colors remain the same after years of use and also enhances its longevity.

The farm jack has a lifting range of 5.12-inch to 40-inch. So, whether you're using this farm jack to lift a fallen tree or pull your car out of a ditch, this jack is sure to get the job done.

Unlike other high lift jacks, it has a thick and wide base that ensures it doesn't wobble when you're lifting heavier weight. 

To save your hands from fatigue, this Big Red jack is equipped with a rubberized handle. Besides, it's constructed with a fast lift arm design to quickly get your vehicle out of any mess.

What are the advantages?

  • Quality steel construction with powder coating 
  • Able to do versatile lifting jobs
  • Lightweight built makes it convenient when using
  • The rubberized handle causes less stress while lifting
  • Makes lifting faster and effortless
  • It has a wider and stronger base design 

What are the disadvantages?

  • Requires regular maintenance to avoid jamming

6. Best Trail: Smittybilt 2722 54-Inch Universal Jack

Key Specification:
  • Built Material: Solid cast steel
  • Lift Range: Starts from 4-inch
  • Lifting Capacity: 7000 lbs./3.5 tons
  • Uses: Only for lifting
  • Weight: 30 lbs.

Any brand that's passionate about off-road sports can deliver the maximum value through its product. On that note, Smittybilt deserves to be on this list of the best high lift jack reviews. All their automobile extension and utility tools are designed by veterans who understand your pain points.

The Smittybilt 2722 has a universal fit, so its usability is not only limited to lifting jeep wranglers, but you can also use it for SUVs and different trucks, as claimed by the brand. However, it'll work well if you've got a low-profile vehicle.

It has a weight capacity of 7000 lbs and the rated load capacity is 4660 lbs. You'll need a jack with a higher weight capacity rating to lift an average truck.

Even though they ignored the load capacity, Smittybilt did a great job with the quality control and design. All the parts are made of heavy duty cast steel to deliver you a lifelong service. Besides, the components got an extra layer of protection because of the zinc plated design.

A wider base is essential to avoid shaking when playing with a standing jack for jeep wranglers. The 28 sq. inches of base solves this issue completely.

We believe a large weight capacity doesn't make sense if it doesn't feel comfortable while lifting. You don't have to worry about that with this jack stand because of its synthetic rubber handle. Moreover, the handle can be detached when you're working in a limited space. 

Besides the affordability, We also recommend buying this jack for its lightweight design. It weighs only 30 lbs.

What are the advantages?

  • Ergonomic handle design gives utmost comfort
  • Fits perfectly with low-profile vehicles
  • The extra layer of coating prevents color from flaking off
  • Wider plate size to avoid wobbling during lifting
  • Detachable handle to work in narrow space 
  • Highly recommended for its reasonable price tag

What are the disadvantages?

  • Pins fell off after a few times of using
  • The stand bents over time

7. Best for Versatility: Hi-Lift XT485 48 Inch X-Treme Jack

Key Specification:
  • Built Material: Cast components
  • Weight: 28.16 lbs.
  • Lifting Capacity: 7000 lbs./3.5 tons
  • Lift Range: Starts from 4.5-inch to 38.63-inch
  • Uses: Lifting, clamping, spreading, winching

You may think that we're being partial to Hi Lift jacks, though we're not. It's their extensive line of decent value gears that made us biased to list them again and again. And my goal is to get you the best jack for jeep wrangler, right!

Hi Lift introduced the X-Treme series a few years back. It's actually a replacement of their former Clamp-Clevis series with a better capacity. Just after its inception, it got a great response from the existing customers because of its versatility and advanced features.

It's an all-purpose jack that allows winching and clamping besides lifting. Also, you can use it as a spreader with the required attachments. 

If talking more about the design touch, the jack has a zinc plated body so that it can prevent any type of oxidation, providing a longer life for the hardware.

As the name suggests, this high lifting jack is made for extreme uses. It can handle a load of 7000 lbs and has a rated weight capacity of 4660 lbs.

But what makes it different is unlike other Hi Lift jacks, this one doesn't have a decreasing load capacity at a certain height. That means the load capacity will be the same at any lifting height. Also, both winching and clamping have a higher weight lifting ability, up to 5000 lbs.

You can adjust the height from a minimum of 4.5-inch to a maximum of 38.63-inch, making it fit for almost all kinds of jeep wranglers.

Lastly, a great thumbs-up goes to its lightweight design, which only weighs around 28 lbs. It's comparatively easy to carry or move than others.

What are the advantages?

  • Rust-resistant design to save all parts
  • It can be used for various off-road needs
  • The wider height lifting range suits most jeep wranglers
  • Easy to move because of lightweight body
  • Offers greater winching and clamping load capacity

What are the disadvantages?

  • Comes at a high price
  • The paint peels off after a few uses

8. Best Maximum Capacities: Big Red Torin Pneumatic Hydraulic Jack

Key Specification:
  • Lifting Capacity: 40,000 lbs./20 tons
  • Built Material: Alloy steel
  • Weight: 33 lbs.
  • Speed control trigger
  • Dual spring
  • Lift Range: Starts from 10.43-inch to 20-inch

We prefer having a hydraulic Bottle jack to stand jacks for two reasons: first, their extreme lifting power, and second, they take less space to store. If these are also your priorities, Torin's Big Red jack should get your attention.

Because of its advanced airpower technology, it can also do most heavyweight lifting quickly.

The hydraulic bottle jack can lift up to 40,000 lbs or 20 tons. So, you won't be limited to only the jeep wrangler lifting use; you can use the  jack for house construction, ranch, or farmworks as well.

It has been enhanced with an auto dual spring system that works as a suspension. This feature controls the lowering speed during the job so that your jeep wrangler experiences less shock.

Torin made this hydraulic jack with an industrial design. The wielded construction has a strong, wide base so that it doesn't shake when lifting a heavy jeep wrangler or truck.

You can operate the jack both pneumatically and manually. It's completely different from typical hydraulic jacks – those require tons of strokes to operate. You can start the jack within a few seconds.

What we love about this jack is there's a trigger controller for speed. It allows you faster or slower lifting speed easily.

With the support of extreme hydraulic pressure, the hydraulic jack can lift your vehicle up to 20-inch.

The minimum lifting height starts at 10.43-inch. It may not fit some low-profile vehicles. But if it suits yours, there're no more major drawbacks to ignoring this powerful jack.

Even though you'll get the ultimate power with this bottle jack, it weighs only 33 lbs. almost like a hand jack.

What are the advantages?

  • A great choice for lifting heavyweight jeeps and trucks
  • Comes at a comparably low price
  • Safety bar features to avoid overloading accidents
  • Allows control lift speed
  • The solid base design gives max stability while working 

What are the disadvantages?

  • Not a good option for low-profile vehicles
  • Maximum lifting height is also low 

9. Best Multi-Purpose: YIYITOOLS Heavy Duty High Lift Farm Jack

Key Specification:
  • Lifting Capacity: 6000 lbs./3 tons
  • Weight: 32.2 lbs.
  • Material: High-strength stamped steel
  • Fast lifting system
  • Lift Range: Starts from 4.7-inch to 48-inch

YIYITOOLS is comparably a new brand in the industry. Though all of their tools are made in China, in the last 20 years, their products have already gotten immense recognition in multiple countries, especially because of the reasonable price offerings.

Among their other lifters, our favorite one is this jack, which's made of cast components. The high-strength stamped built ensures all of its parts last longer and perform better. Without lifting, you can also use this for winching.

Another added durability support is its rust resistant coating. The combined designed aspects make it a good companion for daily off-road drivers.

This jack is designed to lift cars, jeep wranglers, and other high-profile vehicles. It can hold up to 6000 lbs. or 3 tons of weight. The lift has a thick and wide base that provides good stability when lifting that much weight. It's perfect for both on and off-road use.

A good feature of the model is it comes with a ratchet-like mechanism that allows you to adjust the height position easily. You can start lifting from 4.7-inch. The maximum height limit it supports is up to 48-inch.

Without jeep wrangler lifting, you can also use this farm jack for various lift applications, agricultural field uses, home-based projects, and many more.

In order to keep the lifting stress less on your hands, the farm jack is equipped with a rubberized handle. 

When doing lifting jobs, safety is another important concern. And this jack gets our full marks on that. There's a fast-lifting safety bar system at the platform point. It allows you to get a better speed while ensuring you won't witness any mischief.

What are the advantages?

  • Great farm jack tool considering the price
  • High-end cast construction boosts the durability
  • Also, works as a wincher
  • Adequate lift range meets all-purpose applications need
  • High load capacity for lifting jeep wranglers

What are the disadvantages?

  • Bents, when lifting a heavier load

10. Best Durable: Powerbuilt Alltrade 640912 3 Ton Bottle Jack

Key Specification:
  • Lifting Capacity: 6000 lbs./3 tons
  • Built Material: Aluminum
  • Height lock system
  • Weight: 22.4 lbs.
  • Lift Range: Starts from 11-inch to 21-inch

Before wrapping up this best jack for wrangler reviews, we want to share an honorary mention from the Powerbuilt product line. The Alltrade is their flagship series in the hydraulic bottle jack segment. This's also the most cost-efficient hydraulic bottle jack on the list. 

Unlike a regular jack for a jeep wrangler, it's designed to lift unibody vehicles, meaning it can lift your jeep wrangler using a single point. It's also vital when lifting your jeeps on an uneven surface.

The craftsmanship of this jack is quite different than others. It's a 2-in-1 jack attached with a stand, which is a rare design in a hydraulic bottle jack.

Our main disappointment about this hydraulic jack is its low load capacity. It has a rated weight capacity of 6000 lbs, which is enough for lifting jeep wranglers but not as much as typical hydraulic jacks. Maybe Powerbuilt cut the cost through this compromise. 

It can efficiently lift your jeep up to 17.25-inch. But you can manually raise the jeep up to 21-inch if needed. The minimum lifting height is 11-inch, which is suitable for most jeeps, trucks, and SUVs.

There's locking support equipped with this jack that ensures it doesn't slip downward after lifting at your required height.

When your jeep wrangler gets trapped on a muddy road or soft ground, the wider platform of the jack acts as a lifesaver while lifting. It doesn't sink fast or shake too much.

It weighs only 22.4 lbs., making it one of the most lightweight hydraulic bottle jacks available. And lastly, the jack has a glossy black stylish design with a mindset of wild and extreme off-road drivers' taste.

What are the advantages?

  • Best hydraulic bottle jack for affordable pricing
  • Features multiple height lock stages
  • Jack stands solid during heavy lifting
  • Premium building material enhances durability
  • Works with both regular body and Uni-frame vehicles

What are the disadvantages?

  • The smaller handle doesn't allow sufficient grip
  • Some units come with oil leaking issue

Considerations Before Buying Jeep Wrangler Jack

To ensure you purchase the right jack for your jeep wrangler, you need to consider both your vehicle and the jack features. Follow the below instructions -

What's Your Jeep Wrangler's Weight and Size?

Before even short-listing any jack, you should identify the weight of your jeep wrangler. Depending on its weight, you'll need to buy a jack that can tackle the load capacity.

Similarly, you should consider the chassis height of your jeep wrangler. Is it a very low-profile jeep wrangler, or has a higher frame height from the bottom? Search with your jeep model on the internet; you'll find this information.

After getting that info, you'll need to choose a jack that matches your jeep needs. Look at the below facts.

Jacking Up Capacity

Though you need a jack that has a minimum lift capacity of your jeep wrangler, you need something more powerful than that. Because when off-roading, you may have packed many heavy-stuff inside your jeep wrangler.

So, if your jeep wrangler weighs 4500 lbs., you should pick something that at least has a 4600 lbs. of rated load capacity. The more weight capacity it has, the better it would be. 

Height Lifting Range

Different jacks feature different height ranges. The ideal range can vary anywhere from a minimum lift height of 4-inch to a maximum of 48-inch.

You've to consider this depending on two factors – one, your vehicle chassis height, and two, the type of track you'll be traveling. However, the second one is only to get an assumption.

Our advice is you should make sure that the jack you choose can lift your vehicle at least 18 inches off the ground. Anything above that is also perfect.

Durability/Built Material

The construction material of the jack will determine how strong it is and how much pressure it can handle. A cheap material jack will cause it to bent when dealing with heavy lifting. Considering these aspects, solid cast steel and aluminum-made jacks perform great when lifting jeep wranglers.

Handle Safety Bar

If you're not getting a hydraulic pneumatic jack for jeep wranglers, you have to consider the craftsmanship of the hand jack pretty seriously.

As lifting requires constant hand movement and pressure, an uncomfortable handle design can result in hand fatigue. And you don't want to drive the rest of the trails with injury.

Pick something that's covered with a rubberized handle. Also, if there's a safety bar feature, it can deliver another level of advantage.

Other Features

Some additional aspects of a jack can deliver you great value. For example, if your jack has a height locking mechanism, you can safely lift the jeep wrangler.

Be prepared; you'll need extra support from the jack when off-road tracking like winching, pulling and clamping. Having those features in a single jack can always be a lifesaver.

Though many people care about jack's weight, we think it's the least consideration. Because you'll be storing it most of the time in the back bonnet, however, it's up to your preference.


What kind of jack do I need to lift my jeep wrangler?

It depends on your jeep's weight and your height. If the vehicle's weight is less than 5000 lbs, a mechanical jack will deliver a good lifting result. But if your jeep weighs more than that, you'll need a hydraulic bottle jack.

Similarly, before buying one, make sure to consider the chassis height of your jeep wrangler and the height lifting range of the jack.

Is a 2 ton jack enough for a jeep wrangler?

In short, your jack should have the specific weight capacity of your jeep wrangler. Consider first if 2-ton is the maximum rated load capacity of the jack you want to buy.

If your jeep weighs less than 4000 lbs. (which's not common in average jeep wranglers), only then it's supposed to be enough. Please double-check your jeep weight. 

How tall of a jack do I need for a lifted jeep wrangler?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the height of a jack you will need will vary depending on the lifting need and the jeep's chassis height.

However, a good rule of thumb is to use a taller jack if your jeep wrangler weighs more than 4500 lbs., and a shorter jack if your jeep weighs less than that (considering hand or mechanical jack.)

Do I need a high lift jack to change the spare tire?

In short, no. A standard jack will work just fine for changing tires on most vehicles. However, there are certain times when a high lift jack is necessary.

For example, if your vehicle has a raised suspension system or if the wheel is mounted on an offset axle, then using a high lift jack will allow you to remove the wheel more easily and without damage.

Editor's Verdict

In conclusion, when looking for the best jack for jeep wrangler, it's important to consider the weight of your vehicle first. Depending on that, you should look for a jack that has an adequate load capacity. Also, since you'll be off-roading, it'll be helpful if you inspect the height lifting range of a jack.

Considering the common scenario, price range, and other features, the Hi-Lift HL604 60-inch mechanical jack is a deal-breaker. Also, you can try the Powerbuilt Alltrade jack if a hydraulic jack is your priority. Buzz us with your thoughts in the comment.

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