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The 10 Best Low Profile Car Jacks In 2023 – Top Models Reviewed

Low profile car jacks are one of the inevitable gears for repairing your ride, especially when fixing short vehicles or sports cars. Even for commercial garages and industrial works, these play an irresistible role.

To help you find the best low profile car jack, We’ve listed the top 10 models in this guide that deliver great value.

When shortlisting them, the core priority was ensuring they’ve got the adequate load capacity and lifting height to suit both DIY and business needs. We also considered their safety features and convenience aspects.

As these're from some of the industry-leading brands, your investment will be in safe hands. Let’s take a quick look at them to find what value makes them different.

1. Overall Best Value: Pro-Lift F-767 2 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack

"If you’re looking for a complete weight lifting solution that’ll last a lifetime, look no further than the Pro-Lift F-767 jack. It has a good lift range and load capacity to handle most jobs. With its high-end engineering and innovative designs, Pro-Lift is the overall best value!"

2. Recommended for Quick Lifting: Arcan 3-Ton Aluminum Floor Jack

"The floor jack comes with dual-piston support that allows you to accomplish lifting jobs faster than others. Because of its heavyweight load capacity, you can tackle any hefty task with a breeze."

3. For Easy Carrying: BIG RED T815016L Torin Hydraulic Aluminum Jack

"If you're looking for a lightweight, easy-to-use, and powerful jack, this might be the jack for you. It's also great for anyone on the go who needs a jack in a pinch. Whether you need to change a tire, do some basic repairs on your car, or build a deck, this tool will be right by your side."

4. Budget Single Piston: Torin T83505W Hydraulic Steel Floor Jack

"The Torin Black Jack T83505W low-profile floor jack is a heavy-duty tool that can handle even the toughest jobs. With its hydraulic lift, this jack is also easy to use, and provides a stable platform for all types of hard-to-reach repairs. And the best part is it comes at an affordable price."

5. Allows Easy Rotation: JEGS Professional 3 Ton Aluminum Floor Jack

"If you’ve a lot of heavy items that need to be lifted and you don't want to put your back in a bind, the JEGS Professional aluminum floor jack is for you. The 360-degree rotational saddle allows for maximum flexibility, and makes it easy to lift larger heavy items without any strain on your body."

6. Great Value: Torin T84025B 2.5 Ton Low Profile Car Jack

"It features a super-strong dual-piston design, compatible with any car, truck, or SUV. Perfect for garage and driveway repairs, this jack is an investment that will last you for years!"

7. For Versatile Range: Arcan XL20 2 Ton Steel Floor Jack

"This steel floor jack from The Home Depot has an ultra low profile design, so it can easily fit underneath most vehicles. Also, it features a wide lift range to suit Sedans, SUVs, Trucks, pickups, and vice-versa. The load capacity is good enough to lift heftier jobs."

8. Best For Safety: Powerbuilt 620479E 2 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack

"For gripping your car's chassis and lifting it up safely, this semi-automatic Powerbuilt jack is a great deal. With this service jack, you can lift four thousand lbs. weight. There's a wider saddle for stabilizing upright objects while they’re being raised."

9. Rapid Pumping Support: Daytona 3 Ton Heavy Duty Floor Jack

"It’s an ultra-low-profile jack with rapid pump technology. The advancement in the hydraulic lifting system is key for the quick response needed for emergency situations. With its dual pistons support, you can lift objects weighing 6000 lbs."

10. Best Low Budget: BIG RED T825051 Torin Hydraulic Floor Jack

"The Big Red T825051 floor jack is an industry standard. And the best part is it’s cost-efficient. Even though you spend less, you'll find all the premium features in this floor jack, including a dual piston system and 360-degree rotatable casters. It’s also made of high-end steel construction."

10 Best Low Profile Jacks for Car - Comprehensive Reviews

The following ten best floor jacks include both hydraulic and hand-operated car jacks. Keeping the low profile car repairing need in mind, We also listed only floor jacks that workshop owners and racing teams use.

1. Best Overall: Pro-Lift F-767 2 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack

Key Specifications:
  • Lifting range: 3.5-inch to 14-inch
  • Weight capacity: 2-ton/4000 lbs.
  • Construction: Heavy duty steel
  • Specialty: Safety release valve
  • Color: Grey and green
  • Weight: 30 lbs. 

While there’re several different brands of low profile floor jacks, Pro Lift is certainly a title that stands out because of its high-end engineering. Their extensive list of car jacks includes floor jacks, trolly jacks, bottle jacks, scissor jacks, service jacks, and the list goes on.

For those who’re looking for a complete dealbreaker, this Pro Lift F 767 grey low profile floor jack is a great option. It can fit easily under a low profile car such as SUVs. With this bottom jack, you can lift up a car from 3.5-inch to 14-inch height.

The concentrated design allows you to use this tool on a variety of surfaces, making it perfect for use in construction and manufacturing settings.

Because of its heavy duty steel construction, it can survive maximum heavy lifting jobs easily. It can lift up to 2 tons or 4000 lbs. of cars. In the meantime, you get the assurance of a rust-free and long-lasting tool.

With the help of the jack stands, you can support a lifted car. So, there’s no need to buy a separate one.

The Pro Lift F 767 floor jack comes with an integrated safety valve that ensures overload protection in the event of an accidental lift. Also, it meets all the safety requirements of ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and PALD (Portable Automotive Lifting Devices).

Over-pumping is a common issue with floor jacks, which can damage floors and cause gashes in the vehicle body. It features a new patented bypass mechanism to deliver your projects strong protection from those issues.

We also like its lightweight design. The floor jack weighs only 30 lbs., making it easy when maneuvering.

Though we mainly talked about the grey one as it’s our favorite, there’s also a green color option available. It’ll cost you less than the grey.

Things make it Special:

  • Heavy duty construction ensures solid performance and durability
  • Provides adequate lifting height range for low profile cars
  • Comes with an ergonomic handle to make lifting easy
  • Has weight support jacks stands
  • Safety release feature to avoid accidents


  • Requires you to assemble after arrival
  • Leaks pressure over the time

2. Best for Quick Lifting: Arcan 3-Ton Aluminum Floor Jack

Key Specifications:
  • Specialty: Dual Pistons floor jack
  • Lifting range: 3.78-inch to 18.9-inch
  • Weight capacity: 3-ton/ 6000 lbs.
  • Construction: Aluminum
  • Color: Lemon
  • Weight: 52.91 lbs.

If you want a quick lifting solution and are willing to spend on a premium low profile car jack, this Arcan aluminum jack is the best match.

The reason thousands of car owners and technicians prefer Arcan is that their automobile hardware tools deliver ultimate ease and flexibility.

This ergonomic tool features a dual pistons design that quickly and easily raises the saddle up to your desired height. Plus, it's easy to operate with one hand – so you can keep your other hand free for other tasks.

It can tackle up to 3 tons of load efficiently. What makes it even better is the overloading guard. It protects the hydraulic ram from lifting more than the rated weight capacity.

The minimum height lifting starts from 3.78-inch. You can get a maximum lift height of 18.9-inch with this floor jack. The wide height range makes it suitable for both professionals and DIY project enthusiasts.

We was a bit disappointed after seeing its hefty weight numbers (52.91 lbs.). But the relief is the wheels and side mount handle. You can maneuver around the workstation easily.

When storing, you can eject the handle so that it takes less space in your garage or bonnet.
Unlike regular floor jacks, it's equipped with a reinforced lifting arm. This feature adds two advantages – first, chassis torsion control, and second, it increases the lifting strength.

Chassis torsion control can improve the safety and performance of your equipment by helping to prevent accidents and injuries. Overall, because of the quickly lifting support, this’s one of the best low profile aluminum jacks for sports car and other heavy vehicles.

Things Make it Special:

  • Provides good height lifting range
  • Detachable handle for convenient storage
  • Features chassis torsion controlling support
  • Aluminum built for long lasting service
  • Can handle heavy duty weight lifting jobs
  • It comes with a quick lifting mechanism


  • Weighty design requires more effort to move or carry
  • Offered at a very high price

3. Best Lightweight: BIG RED T815016L Torin Hydraulic Aluminum Jack

Key Specifications:
  • Weight capacity: 1.5-ton/3000 lbs.
  • Construction: Aluminum
  • Specialty: Dual pistons floor jack
  • Lifting range: 3.5-inch to 14-inch
  • Weight: 34 lbs.
  • Color: Blue

Big Red is one of the renowned sub-brands of Torin. From hydraulic car jacks to manual jacks, you’ll find every type of automobile lifting tool under their title.

The Big Red T815016L low profile floor jack can be a worthwhile investment for both private and workshop jobs.

It’s not like those steel-made floor jacks. This jack is made of high-quality aluminum and features durable construction to handle heavy loads.

The floor jack also features a large capacity that’ll allow you to lift even the most challenging objects. It has a load capacity of 3000 lbs.

If talking about the height range, it has a minimum height rate of 3.5-inch. The maximum height limit is 14-inch, just like the common floor jacks. Besides, there’s a quick lifting mechanism to give you an effortless experience.

Torin did a great job with the built design of this floor jack. Because of the lightweight aluminum construction, it doesn’t feel stressful while carrying.

Lifting a car with low profile jacks often causes scratches and bents in the car chassis, especially if your jack has a steel saddle. To help you get rid of this issue, the car jack comes with a rubber saddle.

After getting criticized feedback from customers in their predecessor car jacks, Torin made this one with a wider front wheel.

It solves the stability issues and also makes it easier when moving. There’s also a side handle for carrying purposes. It shows the brand really cares about their customer.

You’ll get all the features of premium low profile floor jacks yet have to spend comparably less than other options.

Things make it Special:

  • Good load capacity to tackle professional and DIY needs
  • A rubberized saddle doesn’t cause damage to vehicles
  • Quick lift mechanism for faster operation
  • Lightweight aluminum construction for durability
  • Compact design makes storage hassle-free


4. Best Single Piston: Torin T83505W Hydraulic Steel Floor Jack

Key Specifications:
  • Weight capacity: 3-ton/6000 lbs.
  • Built Material: Heavy duty steel construction
  • Specialty: Single piston floor jack
  • Lifting range: 3.7-inch to 18.1-inch
  • Weight: 75.8 lbs.
  • Color: Black 

Black Jack is actually the sports car repairing tool series of Torin. And the Black Jack T83505W floor jack is a complement for well-equipped garage owners or sports car ground. It’s not only because of the handy design. The core value of this power jack is its lifting capacity.

It features a minimum height lift point of 3.7-inch. The maximum lift height limit is 18.1-inch, which's almost near to some professional bottle jacks. And the best part is it can lift up to 6000 lbs.

As the patented bypass device features an overload protection system, you'll always be safe from common accidents while lifting. There’s an extra-large foam bumper in the floor jack also. It prevents the jack from damaging your lifting objects. The saddle also grips the lifted items firmly.

It comes at a lower price than the previously mentioned Big Red T815016L. So, there’re some compromises too.

For example, unlike the dual pistons, it has a single piston pump lifting mechanism. However, it still delivers faster lifting results than manual car jacks.

Torin built it mainly for sports car lifting. The compact architecture allows you to get easy access under most typical short cars, making it the best floor jack for low profile cars. The steel-made body will surely last longer, but we was expecting an aluminum body at this price.

And another disadvantage of this floor jack is its 75.8 lbs. of weight. No doubt, a hefty design provides better stability, especially when used on fast tracks or garage floors. 

But at the same time, it creates serious tension for carrying. Hopefully, the wider wheels will add some flexibility here.

Things make it Special:

  • Allows maximum weight lifting capacity
  • It comes with all safety features
  • A tough steel body will provide years of lifting service
  • Features a better height range compare to others
  • Fast lifting system gives great advantages for professional jobs


  • Doesn’t come with an extender
  • Quite stressful to move because of the heavyweight built

5. Best for Easy Rotation: JEGS Professional 3 Ton Aluminum Floor Jack

Key Specifications:
  • Construction: Aluminum
  • Lifting range: 3.5-inch to 19-inch
  • Specialty: 360-degree rotatable saddle
  • Weight capacity: 3-ton/6000 lbs.
  • Weight: 58 lbs.
  • Color: Yellow

A flexible tool can drop your work pressure. That's how smart people like to work. And if you’re one of them, check out this JEGS aluminum floor jack.

The first trait that makes this tool distinguishable from other floor jacks is its 360-degree rotational saddle. It gives you the utmost flexibility whether you’re lifting sports cars or other objects.

If talking more about its user-friendly features, it comes with detachable lifting handles that are designed with a sleeve. Also, thanks to the rubberized lift pad, which helps prevent damage to the car body.

With the hydraulic floor jack, you can easily lift up to 6000 lbs. or 3-ton of weight. The sealed hydraulic system ensures there won't be any contaminations of external elements. To avoid slipping accidents, JEGS added a knurled grip as well.

The height range of this floor jack starts from 3.5-inch to 19-inch, making it the best floor jack for lifting range. Note that with the hydraulic support, you can only lift up to 15.75-inch; the rest will rely on manual hand lifting.

It comes with a bypass and overload valve system to ensure you don't cross the rated load capacity.

Unlike the earlier mentioned aluminum floor jack, this one has a lightweight design. The jack weighs 58 lbs. There’re also two handles on either side for carrying and dragging purposes.

JEGS followed high-end engineering to build this heavy duty floor jack. All the parts are constructed with qualified materials to resist harsh tasks. In the meantime, it met all benchmarks of SME PALD 2014 ideals.

Things make it Special:

  • A rotational saddle comes in handy when working in tight places
  • Aluminum-made body ensures durability standards
  • Rich with features for easy maneuvering
  • Highly recommended for maximum height range
  • Handle design prevents hands from slipping


  • Pricier than other floor jacks
  • Hydraulic lifting capacity is compromised

6. Best Value: Torin T84025B 2.5 Ton Low Profile Car Jack

Key Specifications:
  • Lift range: 3.31-inch to 18.94-inch
  • Weight capacity: 2.5-ton/5000 lbs.
  • Construction: Aluminum and steel
  • Specialty: Removable saddle
  • Weight: 60 lbs.
  • Color: Black and silver

It’s time to introduce another low profile floor jack from Torin’s family. The T84025B is the perfect choice for people who want maximum value and also don’t bother about price. It's the primary series of the brand. The floor jack is built mainly for professional workers.

With this powerful floor jack, you can lift up to 5000 lbs. or 2.5 tons of load. Just like other premium-priced floor jacks, this one also offers dual pistons pump service for faster lifting. It only requires 7 strokes to reach the max lift height.

We also like the wider size of the lifting plate, which ensures better stability while doing heavy jobs. Cheers to the foam bumper that prevents vehicle crack during lifting.

The lift height range starts from 3.31-inch. Yes, it’ll be adequate for almost all lifting jobs related to low ground clearance vehicles. It has a maximum height range of 18.94-inch.

If you ever worked with a floor jack, you must've witnessed issues with the saddle. For example, if your vehicle chassis doesn’t suit the saddle width, you can’t replace it. But that won’t be an issue as the low profile floor jack features a removable saddle. 

Unlike other excellent portable car jacks, the following model is built with both aluminum and steel components, which makes it even more sturdy. The design also resists rust and moisture. So, there won't be any need for regular maintenance.

There're side carrying handles on both sides of the car jack. What you may not like is its heavyweight design, which’s almost 60lbs.

Some may criticize the model as it’s made in China, but in reality, it has all the features to defeat premium USA-made floor jacks.

Things make it Special:

  • Can lift the weight with only seven strokes
  • Rust-resistant built ensures long lasting performance
  • Wider lifting plate for more stability
  • Great for lifting lowered vehicles
  • Allows adequate lift range to suit most cars
  • Replaceable saddles to match different needs


  • Heavyweight built is a real challenge for maneuvering
  • Offered at a very high price

7. Best for Versatile Range: Arcan XL20 2 Ton Steel Floor Jack

Key Specifications:
  • Weight capacity: 2-ton/4000 lbs.
  • Lift range: 3.5-inch to 18.5-inch
  • Construction: Steel
  • Specialty: Dual pump pistons
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 67.2 lbs.

The XL20 is actually the limited edition and improvised version of the A20015 model by the brand.

For lowered cars, you need an ultra low profile car jack. And that’s where this Arcan low profile floor jack makes a real difference. It has a lift range starting from 3.5-inch to 18.5-inch.

The core difference between this and other floor jacks is its lifting mechanism. As the handle doesn't need to be in a certain position to release or raise objects, you’ll find it handy, especially when working in a tighter place.

Comparing other floor jacks in the same price range, we expected more weight capacity. However, it can lift up to 2 tons like other budget floor jacks mentioned on this list.

There’re some convenient traits available in this floor jack, such as foam gripped and a detachable handle. It doesn’t slip or causes hand fatigue and also makes it easy to store.

A universal joint release mechanism ensures that the car jack remains in a stable position, preventing it from becoming accidentally disengaged from the floor. This is especially important when working with high-profile vehicles or when using a jack on uneven surfaces.

We also appreciate the built standards the manufacturer followed in this floor jack. It’s made from steel material with a black powder coat finish for maximum durability.

With the combination of a sturdy build and robust hydraulic ram, this car jack can lift up trucks, cars, and trailers wheather you want to change the tires or regular maintainance.

Things make it Special:

  • Ultra low profile design for easy access
  • Foam covered handle for comfortable grip
  • Versatile lift range suits most lowered cars
  • Built with Steel for maximum durability
  • Durable steel made wheels for moving 


  • It comes at a very high price 
  • The quite heavy design will make maneuver stressful

8. Best for Safety: Powerbuilt 620479E 2 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack

Key Specifications:
  • Lift range: 2.77-inch to 15.25-inch
  • Weight capacity: 2-ton/4000 lbs.
  • Built Material: Steel construction
  • Specialty: Safety bar
  • Weight: 58.7 lbs.
  • Color: Silver 

It's been 40 years; Powerbuilt is manufacturing hardware and power tool for its loyal customer base. As the company was initiated by automobile enthusiasts, all of its tools represent every solution that a car owner deserves. They also got a very positive response from the market.

The following 620479E hydraulic jack is also not different. For safe lifting of lowered cars, this Powerbuilt ultra low profile jack is a great deal.

It can easily access under lowered cars. The height lifting point starts from 2.77-inch, which’s the lowest height starting point on this list. In case of the maximum height limit, it can raise up to 15.25-inch.

You can lift up to 4000 lbs. of weight with this service jack. There's a wider saddle for making lifted objects stable, but don't expect it to perform like a roll jack.

As the design is equipped with a safety bar, there's no need for spending on jack stands. You just need to lock the bar when the required height is reached. 

In a typical steel floor jack, you'll see a metal or steel made wheel. These are durable but get jammed after a few months of use.

That's why Powerbuilt added ball bearing wider swivel casters in this jack for comfortable movement, just like trolley jacks. Because of that, its 58.7 lbs. weight may not be a problem.

Overall, it’s a great lifting solution for common low-profile cars and also for unibody and modified vehicles. The only thing that makes this deal not suitable for everyone is its premium price.

Things make it Special:

  • Wider roller and saddle for extra stability
  • It can fit under most lowered cars
  • The safety bar feature eliminates the need for jack stands
  • Adequate height range solves common lifting needs
  • Compact design makes it easy to store


  • Not a cost-efficient low profile jack
  • Offers less load capacity than others at the same price 

9. Best Rapid Pump Technology: Daytona 3 Ton Heavy Duty Floor Jack

Key Specifications:
  • Lift range: 3.25-inch to 20-inch
  • Weight capacity: 3-ton/6000 lbs.
  • Built material: Heavy duty steel construction
  • Specialty: Removable handle, saddle
  • Weight: 79 lbs.
  • Color: Orange

If you want a more budget-friendly ultra low profile jack than the Powerbuilt jack, this Daytona car jack is the one you should invest in. Except for budget, its main priority feature is the rapid pump technology.

For a faster lifting job, there’re dual pistons hydraulic pumping systems. The advancement in its lifting system is a lifesaver for emergency situations.

Daytona built this floor jack for heavy duty jobs. It can lift up to 6000 lbs. of weight effortlessly. Whether it's a truck, SUV, or common low profile vehicle, the weight capacity of this car jack can tackle everything.

You can lift a vehicle or other heavy objects from 3.25-inch to 20-inch height off the ground.

In terms of user experience, this heavy duty floor jack also gives advantages. There're four ball-bearing wheels where the front wheels can rotate in 360-degree. It feels convenient when maneuvering.

However, the 79 lbs. of weight makes this giant jack stressful to move. Maybe its solid heavy duty steel construction is the main culprit behind this issue. But it also ensures you get years of service.

According to Daytona, the strong color coat will not peel off even when you're dealing with rough uses regularly. It's good for people like those who always want their tools to look good.

The jack floor has a comparably small diameter than other floor jacks. You can detach the handle after work. These traits make it easy to store in a narrow space.

Another adjustability feature that we appreciate is the rotatable saddle. It quickly adjusts to the object or vehicle surface you want to lift. You can also remove the saddle and replace it with a new one if needed.

Things make it Special:

  • Removable and rotatable saddle for quick surface adaption
  • Rapid hydraulic pump system for faster lifting
  • Can tackle heavy duty lift requirements
  • It takes less space to store
  • Rotatable wheels make it easy to maneuver


10. Best Cheap: BIG RED T825051 Torin Hydraulic Floor Jack

Key Specifications:
  • Built Material: Alloy steel construction
  • Specialty: Dual pistons
  • Lift range: 3.38-inch to 14.94-inch
  • Weight capacity: 2.5-ton/5000 lbs.
  • Weight: 28.5 lbs.
  • Color: Red

Just like always, we're wrapping up this review with the most cost-efficient pick. The BIG Red T825051floor jack is an industry-standard. Even though you’re paying less, the value it has is almost near to the big whales.

Firstly, if talking about its durability standard, the low profile floor jack has a solid heavy duty steel construction that can deliver years of lifting service.

Also, the lifting capacity is more than a common high premium electric jack. You can lift up to 5000 lbs. of weight easily with this jack.

With a lifting range of minimum height of 3.38-inch and a maximum height of 14.94-inch, you can tackle various jobs from cars, trucks, construction projects. etc. We know the maximum limit is a bit less than other car jacks. It’s actually the main compromise against the low price tag.

There're four casters for an easy maneuvering experience – two large on the back and two 360-degree rotatable on the front.

This BIG RED T825051 hydraulic jack is equipped with a safety bypass system. If you overload the hydraulic unit, a catch seizes the hydraulic fluid flow to prevent damage from happening.

The safety bypass system also includes a pressure release valve that releases excess pressure in case of an accident.

A dual piston quick lift pump is integrated with this hydraulic service jack. The two pistons are placed on opposite sides of the hydraulic cylinder and act in a "coupling" motion to produce more power, giving this trolley jack a faster lift and lowering ability.

And lastly, for its lightweight nature, we highly recommend getting this in your garage or workshop. It weighs only 28.5 lbs. There's a side handle also for easy carrying purposes too. 

Things make it Special:

  • Dual pistons lifting features for quick operation
  • A lightweight body makes it easy to carry
  • Swiveling front wheels for maneuvering
  • Features safety valve to avoid mischief
  • Delivers adequate load raising capacity


  • A bit low range of lift height limit
  • Requires more hand efforts when lowering objects

Considerations To Buy Right Low Profile Car Jack

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a low profile car jack. These include the weight, height range, and load capacity of the jack. But first, you should decide what kind of jack is right for you. Read along to learn more about these.

What’s Your Purpose of Use?

Do you need a jack for the workshop or just for your own car's sake? It’s the first thing to consider.

If you need a floor jack for commercial purposes, it's better to pick something that has a vast feature list as your job will be unpredictable sometimes. It’s also recommended to choose a heavy duty car jack.

And if it’s a personal need for DIY projects or vehicle lifting, get a jack that suits your objects’ weight and height. Depending on your need, consider the next features. 

Type of Low Profile Car Jack

Under the low profile segment, you can find hydraulic jacks, electric jacks, trolley jacks, scissor jacks, and some more.

Among them, we prefer using hydraulic jacks as they tend to be more powerful than other vehicle jacks. And also, you can manually lift them if the hydraulic system doesn't work in uncertain situations.

Load Capacity

The lifting capacity of floor jacks determines how much weight they can raise. Average low profile floor jacks can handle 1.5-ton to 3-ton weight or 3000 lbs. to up to 6000 lbs.

You should choose a floor jack that comes with additional 500 lbs. of weight than your car for safety.

Height Range/Lifting Range

Low profile car jacks are made for soft lifting, actually. They can’t give you the lifting height like electric jacks or high profile jacks that are used for offroad vehicle lifting.

However, it’s always a wise decision to choose a maximum height range. For example, the floor jack should've got a minimum of 3.5-inch to a maximum height of 14.5-inch.

The range is good for tackling low profile car lifting or other home project object lifting. 

Bypass System/Valve System for Safety

Some people may not consider this technological advancement seriously. But the truth is having a bypass system or safety valve is very much crucial for lifting jobs.

When using a jack for commercial purposes, you may not know what is the weight of the car you're preparing to lift. In that case, sudden drop and overloading incidents happen often.

The safety valve ensures that the lifted car doesn’t cross the load limit so that the jack doesn’t cause any sudden accident.

Built Material

Like many professionals, we're a fan of the aluminum floor jack. These're quite more durable than other car jacks. But in the meantime, aluminum floor jacks cost you more. 

If you’re on a tight budget, the second durable choice is steel made automobile jacks. They’re comparably heavier than aluminum once, though.

Quick Lifting Feature is a Great Add-on!

Both budget and premium low profile car jacks come with a piston system that allows you faster lifting. Depending on the tool, you can get single and dual piston integration. You should know that dual pistons deliver quicker performance than single ones but cost you a little more.

Weight of the Jack

For personal car maintenance, you don’t need to use a car jack often. But for commercial purposes, you’ll need to use a car jack. And then, having a heavyweight floor jack becomes a disaster.

As we mentioned earlier, a heavyweight floor jack is good for stable lifting but also can cause stress while carrying or maneuvering. Our advice is if you need to carry or rumble around with the jack often, consider buying something under 50 lbs.

Some Good to Have Aspects

Rather than the above traits, it’ll be great if the jack has rotatable casters. Having rotatable wheels or casters help you to maneuver the gear effortlessly even though it’s hefty.

Check if the handlebar is detachable. If it’s, you can eject the handle when storing to take less space.

And another good bonus feature is if it has a rotatable or removable saddle. Rotatable saddles allow the jack to fit the vehicle surface quickly. On the flip side, you can change the saddle when worn; it's replaceable.

What Users Also Asked

What’s low profile floor jack?

Low profile jacks are depressed-shaped jacks used to fit in narrow places or underneath low height cars. Usually, these come with hydraulic and supporting hand lifting mechanisms.

What are low profile jacks used for?

These jacks are used to take wheels off and repair the brakes or other pieces of vehicles. You can also use them for different construction or DIY jobs.

In short, they can do all the jobs that bottle jacks, stand jacks, and trolley jacks can. But the main advantage is that these jacks can’t go underneath; low profile jacks can fit easily.

Do I need a 2 or 3 ton jack?

It depends on your work purpose. You can tackle most of the car lifting jobs with 2-ton and 3-ton jacks. However, having a bigger load capacity is always good for commercial uses.

Which jack is best for car?

If you've got a low-profile car, then a low-profile jack is a great choice as it can easily fit under most vehicles. In this segment, overall, the best value is the Pro-Lift F-767 2-ton low profile floor jack. You can check out my detailed thoughts about this jack above.

What’s the best low profile jack for lowered cars?

For lifting lowered cars, the Powerbuilt 620479E low profile floor jack is the right choice as it has a minimum lifting point that is lower than other jacks.

Final Verdict

That was quite a long review. After going through all the pros and cons of these ten picks, we think the best overall pick is the Pro Lift F 767.

It's not only because of the affordability but also for the adequate load capacity and durable body.

If you find this guide helpful, make sure to comment your thoughts below. Cheers!

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