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10 Best Low Profile Floor Jacks In 2023 – Top Models Reviewed

From usual maintenance tasks to heavy duty repairing works, there are plenty of reasons for which you’ll need to lift your car on a regular basis. And for your delicate customized lowered cars, regular floor jacks in the market won’t work.

But finding the best low profile floor jack isn’t what they call a walk in the park. Although it isn’t hard to spot a low profile jack for their unique design, not all of them can’t maintain the delicate treatment your sweet ride needs.

Also, the market has plummeted with cursory products recently that often leak and malfunction. That’s why we’ve pulled a couple of all-nighters, and completed a heavy research session to find you the most suitable low profile floor jack.

Luckily, after a lot of cross-checking, we’ve finally come up with these 10 picks of low profile jacks not only based on their entry height but also their build, equipped safety features, maneuverability, etc. we’ve also enlisted all the jacks based on their strong sides so that you can find the right one for your needs.

It’s okay if you don’t have enough time to go through this ocean of words down below. For your convenience, We’ve tried to bring out the essence and strength of each product in a few words, in the list below.

1. Best Overall: Arcan A20018 Aluminum Low Profile Floor Jack

"WEknow you’d want nothing but the best jack for your sweet rides. And that’s why WEchose this aluminum jack, as it excels at everything it does. This jack is built using the same material they use to build airplanes! How sturdy! It’s also super easy to pump because it’s got dual pump pistons and a reinforced arm."

2. Top Rated: Pro-Lift F-767 2 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack

"A lightweight and reliable low profile steel jack at such a price! No wonder people love this product. For your compact, subcompact cars or modified sports cars that are not so heavy, this jack is a perfect choice. You can get rid of all your safety concerns too while using this jack."

3. Best Lightweight: BIG RED T815016L 1.5 Ton Floor Jack

"If you’re in need of a highly portable low profile jack, you’ve got to give this one a look. Not only this jack weighs very little, but it also comes with a mounted handle, swivel wheels, and all that good stuff for increased portability. This one does lack a bit in power but has good safety measures and maneuverability."

4. Best Single Piston: TCE TCET825051 2.5 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack

"Single piston floor jacks are conventional and cost-effective but could be more toiling. But jerk that worry of labor off your shoulder because among all the single-piston low profile floor jacks, We’ve got the perfect one for you. This jack can lift heavy loads to a good maximum height range, and it does it very safely and efficiently."

5. Best Safety Standard: JEGS Professional 3 Ton Floor Jack

"Can’t trust any jack for your delicate ride? How about a jack that’s specially built to keep your vehicle safe and damage-free?  Alongside great lift capacity and lift range, this low profile floor jack has all sorts of things like valves for overload and overpump protection, a wider base, a sturdy build, and a strong sealed hydraulic system to protect your vehicle."

6. Best Medium Priced: Torin T84025B 2.5 Ton Hydraulic Floor Jack

"For those who desire a medium-priced low profile floor jack without sacrificing performance and reliability, this one will do wonders. It has got all the fancy features with an adequate amount of strength and a great lifting range. From most lowered vehicles to normal ones, this one can lift them all."

7. Best for Versatile Range: Arcan XL20 2 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack

"Who doesn’t love to kill two birds with one stone? Well, with this jack, you’ll kill plenty. With the jack’s huge lifting range and good lifting capacity, you’ll be able to work on your low profile sports cars as well as the high ground clearance SUVs."

8. Best Extra Low Profile: Powerbuilt 620479E 2 Ton Floor Jack

"A lot of the sweetest rides out there come with pretty low clearance height, and you drop them even lower for more stylish looks. For folks who need a reliable extra low profile floor jack, this one is a solid choice. The compact and stylish jack is ready to get to places where conventional jack can’t reach."

9. Best Cheap: BIG RED TAM825051 2.5 Ton Hydraulic Floor Jack

"For a temporary replacement or just a cheap buy, nothing beats this low profile jack. Cheap options aren’t always bad, this jack is a great example of that. It sacrifices looks, extra robustness, and fancy features here and there to provide you with best performance at a frugal price."

10. Best Heavy-Duty: Liftmaster 3 Ton Aluminum Low Profile Floor Jack

"If you need a heavy duty low profile jack for your automotive repair shop or your vast collection of sports cars, no other jack will be more reliable than this one. With its very high weight capacity, vast range, and fast dual pistons pump, the jack can work on versatile types of vehicles, not necessarily low profile, very efficiently."

In-Depth Reviews of Best Low Profile Floor Jacks

Here are the detailed reviews for the top 10 floor jacks suitable for lifting your customized dropped cars or delicate lowered sports cars. Take a look, you’ll surely find what you’re looking for.

1. Best Overall: Arcan A20018 Aluminum Low Profile Floor Jack

Product Specifications:
  • Capacity: 3 tons (6000 lbs.)
  • Dimension: 30 x 13.5 x 8 inches
  • Specialty: Dual-pump piston
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Min.-Max. Height: 3.75 inches-17.5 inches
  • Weight: 56 lbs.
  • Color: Light Green and Ash 

If you’re looking for the best jack in the market for your treasured sports car or a lowered car that you customized yourself, then WEhave good news. This dashing-looking aluminum-built floor jack from Arcan can be the most suitable choice for your stylish car.

This is undoubtedly the best aluminum low profile floor jack because it’s not just made out of any normal quality aluminum. The heavy-duty aircraft-grade aluminum is used to make it robust and powerful. But that’s why the jack is a bit heavier too.

With its 3 tons weight capacity and 3.75 inches-17.5 inches lifting range, the jack can lift not only the heaviest low ground clearance vehicles but also most cars out there. The jack’s excellent low clearance is just the tip of the iceberg, you’ll see soon why WEchose this as the best jack.

Besides strength, the jack offers excellent efficiency and maneuverability. With the jack’s dual pump pistons, you can reach your desired height way quickly and effortlessly. The dual pump lifts the saddle when you pull the lifting arm both up and down, cutting your required energy and time down to half.

Then comes the jack’s durable reinforced lift arm, which provides extra strength to the pistons, and also its chassis torsion control provides extra stability.

A pair of large casters at the front, swivel casters at the rear, and a side mount handle enhance the jack’s maneuverability and portability. Give it a try if you like what you hear, you won’t regret it.

What makes it unique?
  • Durable and robust due to the aircraft-grade aluminum body
  • Low clearance lifting range suitable for lowered cars
  • Exceptional weight capacity to lift the heaviest cars
  • Dual pump pistons for efficient and effortless pumping
  • Side handle and casters for great maneuverability and portability
  • Reinforced lift arm to provide durability and extra strength
  • Comparatively heavier than most other aluminum low profile jacks
  • Doesn’t last as long as steel jacks

2. Top Rated: Pro-Lift F-767 2 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack

Product Specifications:
  • Dimension: ‎17.91 x 5.32 x 8.47 inches
  • Capacity: 2 tons (4000 lbs.)
  • Speciality: Extra low profile
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Min.-Max. Height: 3.38 inches-14 inches
  • Weight: 30 lbs.
  • Color: Grey

People with low profile cars absolutely adore this top-rated floor jack. Because at this price, no other floor jack offers such delicate performance and safety. Let’s take a look because WEbelieve you might fall in love with it as well.

This trolley jack might not be super strong, but with its 2 tons weight lift capacity and extra low profile 3.38 inches-14 inches lift range, it can lift any light vehicles and most fancy dropped cars available on the market.

As the jack comes a bit low on weight capacity, overloading can be a more frequent issue than imagined. Don’t worry, because the jack comes equipped with a built-in safety valve to prevent it from functioning under overloading.

Not just that, a patented bypass device protects your jack and vehicle from any damage that may be caused by overpumping. So overall, this jack would provide you with a safe and reliable work environment.

Besides its performance and safety, you can rely on the jack’s longevity as well. Due to its heavy duty steel construction, the floor jack is very robust and long-lasting, yet very lightweight. It’s so lightweight that you can even conveniently carry the jack around.

Further portability comes into play with the jack’s front and rear casters. It has large casters at the front and 360 swivel casters at the rear side. With these casters at work, you can roll the jack to the desired position easily. These casters also help you with finding the right position and maneuverability.

What makes it unique?
  • Extra low profile allows it to lift the lowest dropped vehicles
  • Robust and long-lasting due to its steel-built frame
  • A lightweight and portable jack
  • Bypass device protects it from overpumping damage
  • Casters provide mobility and maneuverability
  • Doesn’t come filled with hydraulic fluid
  • Not suitable for even mildly heavy cars

3. Best Lightweight: BIG RED T815016L 1.5 Ton Floor Jack

Product Specifications:
  • Dimension: ‎7 x 11.25 x 23.5 inches
  • Capacity: 1.5 tons (3000 lbs.)
  • Speciality: Easy to Carry
  • Material: Alloy Steel, Aluminum
  • Min.-Max. Height: 3.5 inches-14 inches
  • Weight: 34 lbs.
  • Color: Blue and Gray

If lightweightness and portability are your topmost priority, then let us warn you that these features often come with a sacrifice in robustness and power. But this low profile floor jack from BIG RED denies that scale of balance in a good way, meaning it’s extremely lightweight, but without much sacrifice in power and durability.

The jack has 1.5 tons weight capacity, which may not be too great, but isn’t that terrible either. Combined with its low profile lift range of 3.5 inches-14 inches, the jack can lift a good number of dropped vehicles presently available. If your vehicle is comparatively small and not that heavy, this jack will lift it just fine.

Aside from its power, the jack doesn’t lack durability and convenience a bit. Its alloy steel and aluminum hybrid build allow it to be very robust yet lightweight. With the handle mounted on the side, you can carry the lightweight and portable car jack by hand too.

Overloading can often cause damage to both your jack and your vehicle. Worry not! Despite having a low weight capacity, you can comfortably rely on this jack as it comes with a safety plug to stop working when load capacity exceeds.

To prevent damage to your vehicle by the lifting arm while pumping, the arm comes with a foam bumper on it. For abating slippage issues, the lifting arm has a knurled grip.

The jack also comes with a pair of still casters at the front and swivel casters at the back to grant you exceptional maneuverability and mobility. So, it seems BIG RED won’t let you face any compromise with your comfort.

What makes it special?
  • Robust and durable with steel and aluminum hybrid build
  • Low profile lifting range allows lifting of lowest clearance vehicles
  • Handy side-mounted handle for great portability
  • A hybrid build allows the jack the be exceptionally lightweight
  • Safety release valve installed for overload protection
What we didn't like?
  • Not Suitable for heavier vehicle
  • Front casters are small and congested

4. Best Single Piston: TCE TCET825051 2.5 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack

Product Specifications:
  • Dimension: ‎5.8 x 10.3 x 24.5 inches
  • Capacity: 2.5 tons (5000 lbs.)
  • Speciality: Single Piston
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Min.-Max. Height: 3.38 inches-16 inches
  • Weight: 28.3 lbs.
  • Color: Gray 

Single pump piston floor jacks can be a little more laborious than the dual piston ones, but they cost less too. What if WEtell you WEcan get you the best of both worlds? Yes, despite being single piston, this jack from TCE, will cause the least hassle possible and save both your time and energy.

The jack comes with a quick lift mechanism installed, that lets you reach the maximum height faster and with fewer strokes, making the tool both comfortable and efficient.

But faster lifting isn’t all you want in a jack; you want strength and reliability too. With its powerful 2.5 tons load capacity and versatile 3.38 inches-16 inches lifting range, lifting any low to mid-profile cars should be no hurdle for the jack at all.

The jack is very robust and compact-built with a pure steel frame. Despite the use of steel only, the jack is exceptionally lightweight and thus portable. To let you carry it with more ease, the jack has a mounted handle.

But you won’t have to always carry it around by hand. Front, steel casters, and rear, all around pivot casters will let you roll it to the desired destination and also help you with proper positioning while at work.

If you are dubious about the jack’s sturdiness, it’s alright. The jack comes with a built-in safety valve too, to keep your properties safe from accidents caused by exceeding load capacity. If you’re looking for an efficient yet reliable single piston floor jack, WEdon’t think it gets any better than this.

What makes it unique?
  • Low profile lift range allows lifting lowest profile vehicles
  • Great load capacity to lift heaviest lowered cars
  • Sturdy build due to the steel construction
  • Safety bypass valve for protection against overload
  • Lightweight and easier to carry with a mounted carry handle
  • Quick lift piston for efficient pumping
Cons we found:
  • The hydraulic fluid tank seal is not sturdy
  • Lifting arm should’ve been a bit longer

5. Best Safety Standard: JEGS Professional 3 Ton Floor Jack

Product Specifications:
  • Dimension: 31.6 x 14.5 x 7.5 inches
  • Capacity: 3 tons (6000 lbs.)
  • Speciality: 360 degree rotation Saddle
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Min.-Max. Height: 3.5 inches-19.25 inches
  • Weight: 58 lbs.
  • Color: Yellow 

Safety concerns regarding a floor jack should always be our top priority because it just isn’t about our cars and tools, it’s about our own good as well. 

All manual jacks in the market have at least an adequate amount of safety features installed. But for home use or using the jack on a vehicle, looking for more safety is absolutely justified, and this jack from JEGS can offer you that extra safety.

Now, you might think it’s lightweight as it’s made of aluminum. However, the jack is actually pretty heavy. But it’s very robust too. For carrying purposes, it comes with a side handle, but with such weight, sliding is preferable. And for that, an optional aluminum jack skid is given.

Let’s talk about how the jack is extra safe. The built-in rubber pads and optional jack skid provide you with great sustainability. A strong seal is applied to contain and protect the hydraulic system from leakage and contamination.

The jack is equipped with both an overload jack valve and a bypass valve. The overload valve stops the tool from functioning under overload conditions.

Overpumping can cause damage to your jack, which might bite you back with a sudden malfunction of the jack while working. The installed bypass valve will help the jack sustain the damage from overpumping. It also has a knurled grip on the lift handle to reduce slippage.

Besides safety, the jack is also strong in comfort and versatility. With its high lift capacity of 3 tons and vast lifting range, you can lift the lowest dropped vehicles to high cars no matter how heavy. Wide casters provide good maneuverability too.

What we liked?
  • Great lift capacity and vast lifting range provide exceptional versatility
  • The hydraulic system protected with a strong seal
  • Overload valve installed for safety
  • Bypass valve installed to prevent overpumping damage
  • Wide base and casters provide good stability and maneuverability
What we didn't like?
  • The saddle can get loose sometimes
  • Makes mild squeaking noise while operating

6. Best Medium Priced: Torin T84025B 2.5 Ton Hydraulic Floor Jack

Product Specifications:
  • Capacity: 2.5 tons (5000 lbs.)
  • Material: Alloy Steel, Aluminum
  • Min.-Max. Height: 3.88 inches-18.31 inches
  • Weight: 60 lbs.
  • Color: Black and Ash

Don’t want to spend too much on a floor jack, but need a heavy duty one? We’ve got you the right product for you. This floor jack from Torin will provide the best value and versatility for its affordable price of 150$. Adding some more to that, you can get a good combo deal that’ll come with two more jack stands and two wheel chocks.

The jack won’t disappoint you in any way with its strength and performance. Having a lifting capacity of 2.5 tons and a lifting range of 3.88 inches-18.31 inches, this jack can lift most dropped vehicles without any hurdle.

This jack not only performs good weightlifting but also does it efficiently as well. Don’t worry about tireless pumping, as the jack comes with a quick lift system installed, which will help you lift your load quickly and with fewer strokes.

For further comfortable and convenient operation, manufacturers provided a long, lift arm with foam bumper. Short lift arms are harder to position and control, and they’re a prevalent problem in the floor jacks market contemporarily.

With a longer handle, you’ll be able to find a comfortable angle from any side of the vehicle. Also, the foam bumper on the handle will prevent hit damage and leaving of scratches on your vehicle while pumping.

A release valve is installed to protect the jack from overload condition. Weight is a bad side of this jack as it’s pretty heavy despite having a hybrid build. But the jack’s robustness can’t be questioned.

The jack has large steel casters in front and swivels casters in the rear, which give the jack great maneuverability. Combined with the side handles, it can be easily rolled to the desired destination.

What are the good sides?
  • Great lift capacity and range provide versatility
  • Quick lift system for efficient pumping
  • Safety valve to prevent damage due to overloading
  • Long lift arm with foam bumper to prevent vehicle damage
  • Large casters to provide exceptional maneuverability
What are the down-sides?
  • Heavier in comparison
  • Poor saddle pad design

7. Best for Versatile Range: Arcan XL20 2 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack

Product Specifications:
  • Dimension: ‎26 x 6.3 x 13.2 inches
  • Capacity: 2 tons (4000 lbs.)
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Speciality: Versatile Lifting Range
  • Min.-Max. Height: 3.5 inches-18.5 inches 
  • Weight: 67.2 lbs.
  • Color: Black

A floor jack can have a vast lifting range, but that alone doesn’t make it fitting to lift vehicles of different heights and weights. To handle versatile types of vehicles, a floor jack also needs to have enough strength, stability, and safety measures.

In case of versatility, WEhad to give the best low profile jack title to this versatile jack from Arcan because besides having decent lifting capacity, it shows unparalleled stability while operating.

The jack allows a broad regime of lifting height, 3.5 inches-18.5 inches, which allows it to lift trucks, SUVs within the load capacity, and most cars out there including the dropped ones. Not only the jack can access them, but with its dual pump pistons, the jack can lift them up to desired height quickly and efficiently, saving your hassle.

For your convenience, manufacturers provided a 2-piece lift arm so that you can store the tool better. A foam bumper on the handle and a rubber saddle is provided to prevent any damage to the vehicle.

The piston and handle are connected via a universal joint release mechanism, and this robust connection enhances pumping efficiency. Fully built of steel, the jack’s sturdiness and longevity are unmatched.

The heavy weight of the jack can be a bit of an issue, but sturdy front caster and rear swivel casters mitigate that problem to some extent, as you can conveniently roll the jack to anywhere you want in your garage.

To maintain safety, the jack has a safety valve installed to forestall overextension and loading conditions. But to prove that these are not for show only, manufacturers put their products through ASME voluntary safety certification process and passed successfully.

What are the Good-Sides?
  • A vast lifting range and good load capacity enable exceptional versatility
  • Dual pump pistons allow effective pumping
  • Sturdy build due to heavy duty steel construction
  • 2-piece handle with foam coating for convenience
  • Release valve installed to forestall overextension and overload
What are the Bad-Sides?

8. Best Extra Low Profile: Powerbuilt 620479E 2 Ton Floor Jack

Product Specifications:
  • Dimension: ‎13.4 x 24.7 x 7.75 inches
  • Capacity: 2 tons (4000 lbs.)
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Min.-Max. Height: 2.75 inches-15.25 inches 
  • Weight: 58.7 lbs.
  • Color: Silver

Some of the sweetest rides have extremely low ground clearance, and there’s nothing to do about that. A Mercedes Benz E-Class 2010 Edition only has a clearance height of 3 inches. If your ride needs extra low profile floor jacks to lift it, this jack from Powerbuilt would be an outstanding choice.

With an ultra-low entry height of 2.75 inches, this jack access compact, subcompact, and customized cars that are exceptionally dropped. Its load capacity might be nothing extraordinary, but that’s adequate for lifting most lowered vehicles.

Besides extra dropped cars, this jack’s unique design lets you lift unibody vehicles too. A safety bar can lock at 2 different angles to hold the load on its own. So, for lifting light loads, you won’t need to buy additional jack stands. This can also be a safety option with a jack stand at work.

Talking of safety, the jack sadly doesn’t have an overload protection valve, but you can rely on its strong load holding integrated bar and sturdy steel build to lift almost anything.
For heavy lifting, you must use a jack stand to avoid accidents. The jack is also ASME, and PALO certified – meaning they run this product through different safety tests, and it passed with flying colors.

A paddle saddle keeps your vehicle’s jack point damage-free and its operation noise-free. The jack is a bit heavy, but that won’t cause an issue if you don’t plan to carry to somewhere distant and do it by hand.

Unique roller design at the front and ball bearing swivel casters at the back grant you great portability and maneuverability. So, try it out, maybe your car is the ‘Rose’ this jack was destined for.

What are the Good-Sides?
  • Ultra-low clearance height allows lifting of most lowered cars
  • Position locking safety bar can hold the load on its own
  • A padded saddle provides damage-free operation
  • Unique casters offer smooth maneuverability
  • ASME and PALO certified for safety
What are the Down-Sides?
  • No overload protection valve installed
  • Heavier in comparison

9. Best Cheap: BIG RED TAM825051 2.5 Ton Hydraulic Floor Jack

Product Specifications:
  • Dimension: ‎5.7 x 10.3 x 24.5 inches
  • Capacity: 2.5 tons (5000 lbs.)
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Speciality: 360 swivel casters
  • Min.-Max. Height: 3.38 inches-14.94 inches 
  • Weight: 28.2 lbs.
  • Color: Red

Can’t afford floor jacks that cost a bit much? Or maybe you’re just looking for an urgent temporary replacement. Whatever it is, why not get the best value for your money, after all, your vehicle’s fate depends on it as well, to some extent. This low-profile floor jack will cost very less but will bring great value.

Most standard weight, lowered cars can be lifted with this jack without any hesitation. Although it has a good lifting capacity, the lift range is suitable for low-profile cars only, so it’s not ideal for high SUVs and trucks.

Its finish quality may not be the smoothest one out there, but don’t mistake it for weak and unreliable due to that. With the heavy duty steel construction, the jack is actually pretty sturdy and reliable. An integrated safety valve forestalls probable damage from exceeding load capacity and max lift height.

A strong suit of this jack is its exceptional portability. Its compact design and lightweight-ness make it a perfect travel jack for emergency purposes. For better carrying, the jack comes with a carrying handle on top of it.

Like any other ideal low profile car jacks this one also came with a set of large steel casters at the front and 360 swivel casters at the back for smooth maneuverability and positioning. You can also roll this lightweight jack for overcoming short distances.

The jack’s lifting height for each pump is a bit less in comparison to high-priced low profile jacks, which means it’ll take a bit more time and effort to reach your desired height. But the amount of strength and reliability this solid jack provides for such a price tag is truly unparalleled. 

What are the Good-Sides?
  • Reliably robust steel construction
  • Good weightlifting capacity and low profile lift range
  • Lightweight and portable with a carry handle
  • Overload protecting valve installed for safety
  • Smooth maneuverability with sturdy casters
What are the Bad-Sides?
  • Metal finishing isn’t smooth
  • Lifting process is a bit slow

10. Best Heavy-Duty: Liftmaster 3 Ton Aluminum Low Profile Floor Jack

Product Specifications:
  • Capacity: 3 tons (6000 lbs.)
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Min.-Max. Height: 2.95 inches-19.68 inches
  • Weight: 59.4 lbs.
  • Color: Gold

WEwant to finish my list with a low profile floor jack that can withstand heavy duty workload. If you’re looking for a heavy duty and versatile jack for your auto repair shop or a large collection of personal modified cars, this 3 ton aluminum floor jack will do wonders for you, believe us.

This shiny and stylish floor jack has a sturdy aluminum body with an excellent load capacity. Weighing almost 60 lbs., this low profile jack might seem heavier in comparison. But the amount of robustness and power it provides for its weight is impressive.

The jack can produce enough power to lift up to a 3-ton load, which is suitable for lifting the heaviest cars and SUVs. The saddle on the jack has a minimum height of 3.35 inches, which can go down to 2.95 inches in case of an emergency if you remove the saddle.

Its 2.95 inches-19.68 inches lift range with ultra-low entry height allows you to access not only the most lowered vehicles but a good number of high clearance vehicles also. So, the jack has adequate strength and versatility to handle the workload of a large car repair shop.

This liftmaster jack can handle a heavy workload, and it does it very effectively and quickly. With its dual pistons quick lift pumping, you can lift your cars using half the force and within half the time. Besides its robustness, the jack will provide you with safety from accidents caused by overload with the installed safety release valve. 

Smooth maneuverability and portability are also this jack’s strong points which come with the large steel casters at the front and swivel casters at the back. No other low profile floor jacks can handle continuous and heavy workloads with such effectiveness and convenience as this one.

What are the Up-Sides?
  • Great power to weight ratio with a tremendous power output
  • Heavy duty steel handle for effective power input
  • Dual pistons quick lift pump for efficient pumping
  • Ultra-low minimum height suitable for most dropped cars
  • Bypass valve installed for overload protection
What are the Down-Sides?
  • Casters should’ve been a bit sturdier
  • Limited control on vehicle descent

Factors to Consider While Buying Low Profile Floor Jacks

Dropped cars or lowered vehicles are often really treasured by their owners because most of them are high performance sports cars that are opulent. So, WEknow getting a low profile jack for your delicate ride is a pretty big deal.

Down below, we’ll mention some paramount factors that you must need to consider before getting a low profile jack.

Capacity and Lift Range

This is the first priority when looking for any sort of floor jack. To make sure what amount of load capacity you’ll require, check your vehicle’s gross weight first.

When choosing a low profile jack, beware of the jack’s minimum entry height. It must be less than your vehicle's ground clearance height, otherwise, you won’t be able to use the jack to lift your car.

Maximum height matters when you’re choosing a jack for high clearance vehicles. But a floor jack with low entry height and great maximum height will enable great versatility. 

Build and Mechanism

Aluminum or steel construction? Scissor jack or hydraulic?

Important questions to ask before getting any type of jack. While both aluminum and steel jacks are sturdy enough, aluminum jacks are comparatively a lot lighter, but the steel jacks last longer. So, it’s up to you whether you’ll go for longevity or portability and quick operation.

Between hydraulic and scissor jacks, we’ll always recommend the hydraulic ones if you can afford them. Scissor jacks wear out faster, but they’re also cheaper. 

Safety and Maneuverability

For delicate cars, the jack must be equipped with necessary safety measures. Overloading and overextension can cause damage to the jack and make it break and drop your car to the floor. So, find a jack that offers a protection valve for these.

While working with a jack, comfort is important. Features like double pistons pump, swivel caster, and rotating saddle will give you great convenience and maneuverability. But remember, these features cost extra too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a dropped car mean?

Dropping or lowering a car usually means installing a larger tire and wheel combination. This tire design has features like shorter sidewalls and a wider rubber contact patch that increases friction with the road. Dropped trucks and cars with unique wheels attract a lot of attention and look really stylish.

What is the ground clearance of a vehicle?

The smallest distance between the level surface and the bottom portion of a vehicle other than those sections meant to contact the ground is known as ride height or ground clearance.

Ground clearance is measured using conventional vehicle equipment and is normally measured without any luggage or passengers in the vehicle.

Are electric jacks reliable?

They are not only reliable but also slowly replacing manual floor jacks for their convenience. No bodily force needed for operation makes these floor jacks great for all sorts of riders. Most electric jacks draw power from your car batteries, eradicating power shortage as an issue, but be careful not to drain too much power. 

How does a hydraulic jack work?

A hydraulic jack works by pumping oil through two cylinders using a piston. This piston can be of a single pump or double pump. When the pump piston is pulled back, the suction valve opens, and oil is pumped into the pump chamber. As the pump is pulled down, the oil is discharged into the cylinder chamber via an external discharge valve.

Final Verdict

Going through the list will at least give you an adequate amount of insight to choose the best low profile floor jack for yourself. Remember to always prioritize your and your car’s safety before anything. And yes, always use a jack stand because your jack is built strong enough to lift the load but not hold it up for long.

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