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Can You Use Jack Stands On A Slope?

Most people assume that a jack stand should not be used on a slope because it is pretty risky. So, can you use jack stands on a slope?

Well, yes, as long as you know how it’s done. Positioning the jack, hitting the brakes and halting your car and a few other procedures can actually help you to use your stand on a slope.

Now, want to know all these procedures in detail? Continue reading till the very end to know all of it. 

Using a jack stand on a slope is a security hazard and a dangerous task. However, by maintaining the steps thoroughly and with precision, you can get the job done securely and in no time -

1. Pull Over Away From Traffic

Before considering using a jack stand on a slope, make sure you pull over at the side of the road away from other vehicles in motion. This is to ensure your car is not in the way of other cars and does not block the road.

Pulling safely over to the side allows you to enter and exit the vehicle without stepping into the traffic. Depending on the type of jack stand you have and how heavy it is, ask for help to move it securely without causing any disruption to the traffic.

That’s not all; pulling over on the side also allows you to securely step aside and think through how to proceed and whether you need to call for professional help or you can get it done yourself.

Freeways can be chaotic with cars moving at extreme speed, so remaining further away from traffic and ongoing cars are always the safest way to go.

2. Hit The Brakes And Halt The Car

Even though it may seem obvious to hit the brakes before you exit, it is normal to get stressed and make mistakes when something suddenly goes wrong with your car. Before you exit your vehicle:

  • Ensure your car is at a complete halt and does not move at all to prevent accidents.
  • Make sure your car is stationary on a slope, either using the hand brake or hitting the brake pedal.
  • Before you exit the vehicle or turn the engine off, hold the brake pedal firmly to prevent it from rolling backward down the hill.

This is when your car should slowly come to a halt and stop any motion. Once your car has stopped moving and you have turned the engine off, you can also place a large brick or stone at the back of your tires to fixate it in position. Make sure your mind is completely cool before figuring out how to begin.

3. Position The Jack Carefully

Once you are out of the car and identify the problem, pull it out with help from a second person or do it yourself, depending on how heavy the jack stand is.

Make sure you take your time to move and place the jack in position when on a slope because there is always a chance of slipping off and leading to a significant accident.

If you are still wondering - “Can I jack up my car on a slope?” take a minute to calm down because it is easily doable, and you need to be confident.

It is recommended to ask for help from a second person while you are positioning the jack as someone should keep a watch out and redirect other incoming vehicles your way.

Position The Jack Carefully

Once you are at a halt and add some sort of a blockade behind the tires, you can go ahead and place the jack stand underneath and begin lifting the car to work on it or underneath.

4. Be Aware Of What To Do And Read The Manual Thoroughly

Before you begin messing around with the jack, it is vital to make sure you know exactly what to do and how to go about it.

After you have confirmed your car to be at a halt, placed the blockade behind the tires, and turned the engine off, take some time to go through the entire manual of the jack stand.

Having a clear idea about what to do and exactly how to do it goes a long way in cutting short the duration of time taken to work with it.

So, we recommend that you only begin working with it when you have gone through the entire manual and understood the process of working with the jack. Knowing what to do before you even begin lets you do the job quickly and efficiently.

Bottom Line

Before you get nervous about your car malfunctioning or causing any disturbances on a slope, it is important to know that there is nothing to worry about, and it is only a matter of a few minutes before you can resolve it.

It is common to wonder to jack up your car on a slope or using jack stands on a slope. By maintaining certain precautions and having a cool mind to work with, you can efficiently resolve the issue with your car and answer your question - “can I jack my car up on a slope?

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