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Do You Need Jack Stands To Change Oil?

Most car manufacturers recommend changing your car oil every 6,000 miles. Changing oil every time at your local shops will cost you a generous amount of money. So, it's best to change the oil at home by yourself.

For this, you need to know the process and have some necessary tools in hand. You might wonder do you need jack stands to change oil. Or, should you go for a safer tool? Well, it depends on how much space you have under your car. If it's enough to fit a person, you won't need any tool.

But what if there isn't enough space for you to roll under the car? Let's get into the details and find out whether you really need jack stands to change car oil or not.

If there isn't enough space beneath your car for you to fit, you'll need a lifting tool to increase the space. Now, the question is, do you need car stands for oil change?

Unfortunately, when it comes to lifting a vehicle, jack stands aren't the most reliable tools. A simple hydraulic leak can cause them to fail and do terrible damage to the user. That's why most experts suggest using a pair of car ramps to lift vehicles for oil changing.

If you only have a car jack and jack stands, make sure you use at least four jack stands for front and rear lifting. Also, the car should be leveled during its elevated position and the jack stands should be high-quality.

4 Steps of Changing Oil Using Car Stands

Car or jack stands provide a wide base allowing you to hold the raised vehicle. They also feature different locking mechanisms to ensure maximum security.

So, if you want to raise your car for an oil change, you can use a jack to lift it and jack stands to lock them in an elevated position. Here's the correct process for using car stands-

Step One - Take Necessary Precautions

First things first, you need to park your car on an even surface. A smooth and level pavement is preferable. Wait for the engine and oil to cool down.

After that, set your parking brake and place chocks around your car wheels to safely lift the rear wheels. Use a strong metal jack to lift your vehicle. It should have a greater carrying capacity than your vehicle's weight.

Step Two - Jack Your Car

Now, you need to use a jack to lift your vehicle. There will be tow hooks or stabilizer bars behind your car wheels where you can place the jack.

Proceed to the next step once you have raised the vehicle. 

Jack Your Car

Step Three - Use Jack Stands

locate and using jack stand

Refer to your vehicle's owner's manual to locate the pinch points for jack stands.

Mostly, the pinch or jacking points are under your vehicle's rocking panels, between the front and rear wheels.

Raise one wheel at a time and place the jack stand under the lifted vehicle. Adjust the jack stand height if needed.

Step Four - Lift the Remaining Wheels

Follow the same process for all four wheels. When you're done, push your car a bit to see if it's stable in the raised position. Now you can freely crawl under the car and change the oil.

Wrapping Up!

So, there you have the answer to your question, do you need jack stands to change oil? Jack stands aren't really necessary to change oil if your vehicle is a large SUV or truck.

In case your vehicle is lower toward the ground, you can use a jack and four jack stands to lift it into a suitable position. However, you can also use car ramps as a safer and cheaper option for raising your car

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