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How Much Can A 2-Ton Jack Lift?

Things would probably be easier for you if you could solve fundamental automotive issues without going to the repair store. Even better when you could minimize the costs doing it yourself!

A floor jack is unquestionably one of the most essential tools for any vehicle DIYer.

But how much can a 2-ton jack lift? The lifting capacity of a 2-ton jack lift is around 4000 pounds. Keep reading to get a detailed answer to your question and much more! 

Even though there are variations in the jacks, a 2-ton jack is usually limited in its usefulness from time to time. The critical question is, how many pounds can a 2-ton jack lift?

A 2-ton jack usually gets simple jobs done for your car. Generally, a private car or an SUV weighs around 4500 pounds to 5500 pounds.

Usually, the weight ratings are given on the driver’s side door. However, the recommended capacity of a jack is generally around three-quarters of the vehicle's total weight.

Typically, a 2-ton jack is rated to lift around 4000 pounds. However, keep in mind that a jack is not used to lift vehicles only.

Is A 2-Ton Jack Enough for A Car?

Again, it boils down to how much your car weights. A 2-ton jack is limited to lifting around 4000 pounds of weight.

However, that doesn’t mean that it will collapse with 4001 pounds; if it does, it's probably time to reevaluate your purchase. 

Therefore, a 2-ton jack is sufficient to lift a vehicle weighing between 4000 to 5000 pounds.

can a 2 ton jack lift a car

Let’s talk about SUVs and jacks.

If you’re wondering, can a 2-ton jack lift an SUV or not, then in simple terms, yes, it can, but there are drawbacks.

The first drawback is that it is not safe to lift an SUV with just a 2-ton jack. Accidents happen in such cases, and using a 2-ton jack increases the risk.

In such instances, it is preferable to use a 3-ton jack for SUVs to ensure maximum safety.

can a 2-ton jack lift a SUV

Moreover, you will be limited to lifting one side at a time of an SUV with a 2-ton jack. This might not be that big of an issue in tire changes. This will only take more time, but other than that, it works just fine.

Even though various kinds of jacks available to lift an SUV, not every jack will be ideal for your vehicle. Sometimes, specifications need to be met. The larger the car, the bigger the jack should be to ensure safety in most cases. 

For Lifting Your SUV in proper way, Follow this article:

What about Trucks and Minivans?

If you want to explore more about this jack and wonder, can a 2-ton jack lift a minivan? OR, can a 2-ton jack lift a Truck?

Well, the answer is yet again similar to before. It probably can but only one side at a time; however, it is not recommended.

can a 2-ton jack lift a Truck

Moreover, four-wheel-drive vehicles such as trucks and minivans are usually heavier and higher up from the ground.

For these, it's not suggested or even safe to use smaller tools such as 2-ton jacks as they tend to be unstable at fully extended heights. In addition, heavier vehicles are likely to increase the chances of accidents.

Therefore, it’s safer to use 3 or 4-ton jacks for larger vehicles such as Trucks and Minivans.

Can a 2-ton jack lift a Dodge Ram 1500?

A Dodge Ram 1500 weighs between 4700 pounds to 6500 pounds. The weight of this vehicle exceeds the maximum capacity for what is rated for a 2-ton jack to lift. As a result, using a 2-ton jack is risky because it cannot adequately or safely lift a Dodge Ram 1500.

The jack must be placed under the front axle to lift up a Dodge Ram 1500. The front jack must stand squarely and stably under the chassis as a protective measure.

However, for a Dodge Ram 1500 with a 2-ton jack, it's not possible to do so as it becomes precarious and dangerous when done incorrectly. So, it’s crucial to use the proper rated jack and kits for a Ram 1500. 

Ending Note

Jacks are vital tools for any automobile repairs, and anybody who owns a vehicle should have one in their possession. After all, no one is a stranger to tire changes.

Therefore, now that you have the answer to how much can a 2-ton jack lift, now you can evaluate and get a jack that suits your requirements the most. 

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