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How Much Weight Can A 3 Ton Jack Lift?

The wide variety of jacks makes life a lot easier for most of us when using such tools to lift weights. However, it is essential to know the extent to which we can use these tools to maximize the benefits as well as to avoid any unwarranted accidents.

Let’s explore the possibilities regarding what a 3-ton jack can do and how much weight can a 3 ton jack lift. We’ll also talk about how we can utilize the tool for different types of vehicles. So, keep on reading to learn more about it!

All jacks are rated by manufacturers to a certain amount of weight they can lift. The chances are that your average jacks can lift a lot more than whatever is stated and claimed by manufacturers. However, the main question is, on average, how much can a 3-ton jack lift?

IN general, a standard 3-ton jack will lift around 6000 pounds at a maximum height of 21 inches. A jack's suggested capacity is roughly three-quarters of the vehicle's gross weight or able to withstand at least double the weight of the vehicle.

For example, if your car weighs around 6000 pounds, then you would generally need at least a 3-ton jack.

Are 3-Ton Jack Stands Enough for A Truck?

We all know that the general rule of thumb is that the larger the vehicle, the greater the weight capacity should be of your jack. On average, a typical truck usually weighs around 6000 pounds to 8000 pounds. However, the figure can increase depending on the load.

If you are wondering whether are 3-ton jack stands enough for a truck or not, then the answer is yes. It is enough. However, lift one side of a vehicle at a time. To adhere to the safety standards, it’s imperative that you don’t use a 3-ton jack stand to lift the entire vehicle.

It will take time, but it is better to use a 3-ton jack to elevate one side of a truck at a time and work around it. And if you think that’s not working for you, then it’s better to switch to better alternatives and opt for either a 5-ton or 6-ton jack stand.

These will give you better height when lifting vehicles as well as greater stability when withstanding larger weights. 

What about SUVs?

We have talked about trucks and jacks, but what about SUVs, right? It’s natural to come across questions such as; Can a 3-ton jack lift an SUV? And in simpler words, the answer is it most definitely can!

Most SUVs typically weigh around 3000 to 6000 pounds, which makes a 3-ton jack perfectly suitable for lifting an SUV of this scale range. However, if your SUV weighs more than the average, then fear not; you can still use a 3-ton jack to lift your vehicle.

But just like trucks, we suggest working on one side at a time for safety concerns. Remember, your safety comes first! Therefore, make sure the jack you are using is in good condition to lift the vehicle that is not within the weight capacity. 

How To Use A Pittsburgh 3-Ton Floor Jack

If you prefer to get simple auto repairs done by yourself without spending money, then keep on reading to learn about using a Pittsburgh 3-ton jack.

Step 1: Lower The Jack

First, start lowering the jack by turning the handle counterclockwise. Once the jack has been fully lowered, close it by turning the handle clockwise this time. 

Step 2: Level The Jack Saddle

Place the Saddle of the Jack carefully beneath the vehicle manufacturer's specified lifting point. Then press the lever until the top of the jack's saddle is about appropriate level with the vehicle’s lifting point and set the saddle right beneath the point.

Step 3: Raise The Vehicle

The next step requires you to pump the lever to raise the vehicle. Make sure to use full, continuous flowing strokes.

Slide a jack stand of adequate capacity under the correct lifting point once the car has been raised. And don’t forget to use two on each side of the vehicle at the same height.

Make sure the vehicle's lifting point is centered on the jack stand's saddle. And ensure that they are securely locked into place once the stands are on the same height as the jacks.

Using A Pittsburgh 3-Ton Floor Jack

Step 4: Lower The Car into The Jack’s Stand Saddles

Rotate the handle counterclockwise to lower the car onto the jack stand's saddles, and then turn it clockwise to close it.

Once that is done, lower the jack and car. Next, remove all tools, parts, and other items from beneath and place the saddle in front of the lifting point.

Step 5: Remove The Jack Stand And Lower The Vehicle

Lift the weight high enough to clear the jack supports, then carefully remove the jack stands by turning the handle clockwise.

Finally, rotate the lever counterclockwise to lower the vehicle onto the ground. 


Jacks can be essential tools not for vehicle repairs but for lifting other equipment and machinery as well. Therefore, it’s best to know more about this tool.

Now that you know how much weight can a 3 ton jack lift, you can analyze and purchase the jack that best meets your needs.

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