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How To Jack Up A Car Without A Jack: 3 Different Methods

A jack is pretty much an essential tool for car maintenance. It allows you to lift your car and work under it safely. But what if you do not have a jack? Does that mean that you will not be capable of changing your tire or doing any other maintenance task? Well, you can certainly lift your vehicle without a jack!

There are different ways to do so. However, if you do not know how to jack up a car without a jack safely, you will be putting your safety at risk. In other words, you will be calling for an accident.

But the good news is that by going through this entire guide, you can get to know all about the safest ways. So, continue reading!

Whether you are looking to learn to change the tires without a jack or car oil, learning to lift a car without a jack, in general, will be sufficient. That said, the proper ways to lift a car without a jack are as follows:

Method 1: Use Natural Slopes

Curbs of the footpaths and natural slopes are everywhere, especially in the urban areas. You just have to look a little bit to find a suitable one to get your car lifted. Just drive your car towards the curb or the slope at the right angle, which should do the trick.

Now, if you are wondering what the right angle for this is, you need to drive in a way that one wheel gets elevated. You should also ensure that the angle you are driving gets the car lifted at the right height.

use natural slopes for jacking up a car

Without getting a proper height, you will not be capable of working under it.

On that note, if you want to get the back wheels elevated, you will need to drive upward by keeping the angle in your mind. Driving reverse towards the ramp will do the trick as well.

Method 2: Dig Soil Underneath of The Tire

Can not find a suitable slope or curb for getting the wheels lifted, and wondering how can I lift my car without a jack? Do not worry! There are other ways! Go for a little off-road adventure and find a spot where the ground is soft. Park the car and activate the emergency brakes.

You should also check the wheels to ensure that the car is in place. Get yourself a shovel and dig a hole under the tire you want to change.

 Dig up until the point you achieve the right elevation point. Stop shoveling when the axle of the wheels rests appropriately on top of the blocking materials.

Dig a hole under the tire for jacking up a car

Eventually, you will get the right amount of elevation and will be capable of working on the tire. The height will even offer you a little workspace to work underneath the car.

Nonetheless, when you get your car lifted, you should engage the emergency brakes or choke the other wheels. We would recommend doing both because that will increase the safety and allow you to work with the car without any accidents.

Method 3: Using Bricks and Pieces of Wood

And as you the label states, you will need to work with pieces of wood or brick for this method.

To get started, you should build a block by stacking up the pieces of wood or bricks. For the wood, do not stack up using the nails. Wondering why? The nail creates a hole in the planks, making them weak at the point. And if you punch enough holes, the block can collapse when holding the weight of the car.

After creating the block, drive your car to it. If your vehicle is not operating, manually push it to the block, and you should raise your ride to the desired elevation.

On that note, you can also use pieces of rocks to get the correct elevation.

Use Bricks For Jacking Up a Car

 However, if the stones are not that durable, you can get injured while working with the car. Also, after raising the vehicle, you should chock the wheels and engage the emergency brakes.

Tools You Can Use to Lift Your Car Instead of  A Jack

What Other Tools Can You Use to Lift Your Car

Do you not have a jack? There are some tools that you can use as an alternative to the car jack. And the alternatives that we are referring to here are:

Exhaust X Jack

The exhaust X jack is basically a recovery tool that you will need to inflate through a hose. And as the name suggests, you will need to connect the hose to the exhaust to inflate the device.

Quick Jack

The name of the Quick Jacks describes it all. It will get your vehicle lifted with just a simple push of a button. In other words, you can get your ride lifted quickly with this tool.

Bladder Jacks

You can use the bladder jacks instead of regular jacks if you are working 2-ton vehicles. And one of the great things about this tool is that it is exceptionally lightweight and highly portable.

Cattini Lifting Bags

At their core, the Cattini lifting bags will lift up your vehicle's tires by using air pressure. However, these bags will only work on concrete floors, and you will not have any luck on soft ground.

Final Words

At this point, we hope that it is clear that you do not need a jack to get your car lifted. You can easily carry out maintenance and repairs by learning how to jack up a car without a jack. Each of the methods we have talked about will work like a charm. However, do remember to keep your desired height and surrounding in mind.

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