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How To Jack Up A Corvette: C3, C4, C5, C6, C7, C8

The thing about lifting a car is that it does seem like a difficult task at first. But in most cases, it will take just 15 to 30 minutes. However, you need to follow the right steps and keep the proper safety factors while handling the project.

Well, the same thing applies to the how to jack a Corvette process. Following the wrong method can cause your precious vehicle to have bumps or dents on the underside.

And the good news is that we are here to describe the most straightforward way to you with this guide! So, instead of wasting hours following the wrong methods, follow the steps we will go through.

Whether you are looking to learn how to jack up a C3 Corvette or C4, C5, C6, C7, and C8 models, you should not follow the wrong steps. You will be asking for damages! And when we talk about the right way of how to jack up C5 Corvette and other processes, we refer to these:

Step 1: Get the Right Tools to Work with

Before you get started with the process of how to jack up a C7 Corvette or others, you should get the right tools. And the tools that you will need for the project are:

Step 2: Park Your Corvette

After you get your hands on the proper tools, you will need to find the right place to park your vehicle. Here, there are two requirements. The parking spot needs to be solid and should have soft ground. Secondly, the location should be leveled.

If you park on the soft slanted ground, the jack or the stands will dig into the ground. That will cause the lifted car to get an off-angle and eventually slide on the jack stands or the jack. For that reason, it is pretty crucial to select a leveled spot with solid ground. Your garage can be the right pick if it offers a good space to work with.

Along with that, you should not forget to keep your Chevrolet Corvette in the parking mode. Also, engage the parking brakes. The brakes will ensure that your vehicle does not move around too much when working with the car.

Step 3: Chock the Wheels

The third step in the process of how to jack up a chevrolet corvette would be to chock the wheels. But which wheels? Well, if you plan to lift the rear wheels, you will need to put the cocks on the front ones. Likewise, if you plan to get the front wheels up, put the wheel chocks on the rear wheels.

Now, if you are wondering why you need the chocks in the first place, they are here to offer an extra layer of security. With the chocks on, the chances of the wheels moving around will be pretty slim.

Step 4: Locate the Jack Points

At this point, you are pretty much prepared to slide the jack under the car. However, you should locate the jack points underneath before you do so.

For Corvettes, the preferred jack points will be right beside the wheels. 

However, you should refer to the user manual to locate the correct points for your vehicle.

Locate the jack to corvette

Step 5: Get Your Jack Ready

Once you locate the jack points, you will move to the fifth step for the process of jacking up a Corvette. And in this step, you should get the cross beam adapter and attach it to the jack.

Wondering why you would need this adapter? Well, it will let the jack work with both the support points of the Corvette.

Without the adapter, you will be raising only one side of the car. And that can be a little dangerous as the Corvettes have the support points pretty much next to each other.

Step 6: Place the Jack Properly

Align the floor pretty much in the center of the support points. The saddle on the adapters should be directly under the jack points. Use a flashlight if you have to and ensure that the adapter is sitting right under the points.

Step 7: Lift the Corvette

Now that the jack is perfectly in place, you must lift the floor jack. And this is the most crucial part of jack up a Corvette car.

If you do not take things slow, you will risk damaging the jack or the car's underside. So, pump the handle slowly and lift the car properly.

Lift the Corvette

Step 8: Set the Jack Stands

The final step is to place the jack stands. Remember, the jack stands will go underneath the adapter and be right beneath the support points. If you do not nail the placement, the Corvette might lose balance and fall on one side.

Is the thought of why you would need jack stands going through the back of your head?

Well, letting the jack hold the lifted vehicle is not safe. A mechanical error can make the car fall directly on you.

For that reason, you should use the jack stands to do the holding vehicle.

Placing the Jack Stands under Corvette

On that note, you can still keep the floor jack attached to the vehicle. That will give you an additional layer of safety. And as you will be lifting the entire side of the car with the adapter, there will be no need to take it out.

How To Lower A Corvette

Learning how to jack up a C8 Corvette and others is the first half of the story. You will also need to know the right way to lower it. Well, the breaking news is that it is easier than lifting the vehicle. Do not believe us? Take a look at these simple steps:

Step 1: Get the Jack Stands out

Firstly, you will need to get the jack stands out of the place. For this, you should lift up the jack slightly. Also, while the vehicle is lifted, you should check if you have left anything under the car or not. Any solid object will get crushed or damage the vehicle's underside.

Step 2: Slowly Lower the Jack

You will need to slowly lower the jack after getting the jack stands and other things out of place. Again, patience is the key. If you rush things, the vehicle can drop to the ground with a higher force and can get damaged. So, we would strongly recommend slowly lowering the jack.

Step 3: Remove the Jack

Once you lower the Corvette, you just have to slide the jack out of place. And with that, you will be done with the process of lowering the jacked-up Corvette.

Related FAQ's

Can you lift a Corvette with a jack?

Yes, if you follow the right steps, you can indeed lift up a Corvette with a jack. And when it comes to choosing the right jack, floor jacks would be the right choice. Those will enable you to attach the cross beam adapter. And thanks to that, it will be possible to lift the entire side of the car in just one go.

What is the best way to jack up a c7 Corvette?

The best way to jack up a C7 Corvette would be to follow the right steps. And the right steps include preparing the car, the jack, and placing the jack on the right points. That said, without following the right steps, you will risk your car and yourself.

Where do you jack up a Corvette?

There are jack points underneath the car. You will generally find one beside each wheel and four on the frame. Some Corvettes will even have two extra jack points on the front. However, instead of relying on this rough information of the jack points, you should go through the manual. That will give you a clear idea.

How do you lift a Corvette?

You will need a good floor jack, a cross beam adapter, wheel chocks, and jack stands to lift up the Corvette. Also, you should place the jack right underneath the jack points.

Final Words

It goes without saying that if you follow the proper steps, learning how to jack up a Corvette will feel like taking a walk in the park. And no matter what you do, double-check the jack points before lifting the vehicle with the jack. Also, do not rush while raising the car up.

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