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How To Jack Up A Ford Explorer

Ford explorers are one of the most popular vehicles on the road. And while they're known for their comfortable ride and spacious interior, they can also be a lot of fun to drive.

However, changing the tire of a Ford Explorer can be tough, especially when there's no one around to help.

In such cases, the best solution is to use a jack to lift the car off of the ground. With the car jacked up, you can easily change the tire without help.

Here, we'll show you how to jack up a Ford Explorer. Let's get started!

Unless you're a Ford Explorer owner who likes things wild, there are times when you should jack up your ride. For example, if you need to change a flat tire or changing oil, jacking up your Car is essential. The same goes for doing any work on the suspension system, such as replacing shocks or struts.

In short, any time you need to access something under the body of your Ford Explorer, you'll need to jack it up.

Fortunately, this process is relatively simple and only requires a few tools. With a little patience and care, you can have your Ford Explorer safely off the ground in no time.

Changing tire of ford explorer

Tools You Need For Jacking Up A Ford Explorer

To safely jack up a Ford Explorer, you will need a few tools. First, you will need to get a good floor jack. This will be used to raise the vehicle off the ground. Next, you will need two jack stands. These will support the vehicle once it has been raised off the ground. 

Finally, you will need a lug wrench. This will be used to remove the wheel bolts so that you can change the tire. With these tools, you should be able to safely jack up your Ford Explorer and change the tire.

3 Steps To Jack Up A Ford Explorer

Here, we will discuss the steps of jacking up a Ford Explorer in detail.

Step 1: Loosen the Lug Nuts

If you're looking to jack up your Ford Explorer, you'll need to loosen the lug nuts first. Fortunately, this is a simple process that can be done with a lug wrench. Ford Explorers have the lug nuts located on the wheel, behind the hubcap. The Explorers have a total of 5 lug nuts per wheel.

First, fit the wrench onto the lug nut and turn it counterclockwise until it's loose. Repeat this process for all of the lug nuts on the wheel that you're planning to jack up.

Once they're all loose, you can proceed with jacking up the vehicle. Just be sure to retighten the lug nuts once you're finished so that the wheel doesn't come off while you're driving!

Loosen the Lug Nuts of ford explorer

Step 2: Lifting the Vehicle off

To lift the Ford Explorer using a floor jack, first position the jack underneath the vehicle. Then, use the jack to raise the vehicle until it is high enough to work on. 

Raising the car can be tough if you're doing it by yourself, as it takes some considerable strength. So, we recommend having an extra pair of hands for this task.

Step 3: Using Jack Stands for Raising the Vehicle

Ford Explorer owners will need to use jack stands when they want to raise their vehicle for any reason. You will need two jack stands to keep your Ford Explorer stable. 

The company recommends that two jack stands be placed under the frame at the rear of the vehicle on both sides for stability. The front of the vehicle can then be lifted with a floor jack and supported with jack stands placed under the front subframe. 

Once the vehicle is secure, do not forget to apply the parking brake and chock the wheels before getting underway with any repairs.

This is one of the most essential steps of jacking up your Ford Explorer as it keeps the vehicle stable.

How To Jack Up A 2000 Ford Explorer

If you need to jack up your 2000 Ford Explorer, you'll first want to park it on a level surface and apply the parking brake. Then, locate the jack points on the frame of the vehicle.

There are two in the front and two in the back of the car. Place the jack under the front or rear of the Explorer and pump the handle until the vehicle is lifted off the ground. Once the vehicle is high enough, place a jack stands under the frame to support it

Finally, lower the jack until it is just barely touching the vehicle, then remove it completely. Your 2000 Ford Explorer is now safely supported, and you can proceed with whatever repair or maintenance you need to do.

Do Ford Explorer Vehicles Come With A Spare Tire?

Ford Explorers have a reputation for being tough and rugged vehicles, but they don't come with a spare tire. The company decided to ditch the spare tire in favor of a tire mobility kit. That kit comes with a small air compressor and a can of sealant. 

Here, the idea is that you can use the compressor to re-inflate a flat tire, and the sealant will temporarily patch any leaks. However, this approach has its drawbacks.

For one thing, it's not always effective, and it's also fairly time-consuming. As a result, many Ford Explorer owners find themselves stranded on the side of the road when they get a flat tire.

So, if you're planning on buying a Ford Explorer, be sure to factor in the cost of a spare tire. Otherwise, you might find yourself stuck in a compromising situation.

Final Words

If you need a wheel replacement and you have an explorer, there is one important thing you should know – how to jack it up.

That’s why we put together this guide of jacking up a Ford Explorer, complete with instructions and everything. Just remember, always use caution when working with heavy machinery!

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