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How To Jack Up A Jeep Cherokee

Jacking up a jeep Cherokee turns out to be more challenging than it seems for some. If you're a beginner, not knowing the process is legitimate for you. But shouldn't your first step be learning how to jack up a jeep Cherokee.

For jacking up your jeep Cherokee, first, you need to put the jack under the flat tire of the region you want to lift. Make sure that you have placed the jack on point. Don't start lifting the vehicle until you're done positioning the jack and turning off the ignition, parking brake, and hazard lights. Jack the car up, spinning the tools clockwise.

There's more to know when it comes to lifting your expensive jeep; keep reading!

Changing the tire would require lifting up jeep Cherokee. Especially with the flat tires. So spend some time learning how to do so step by step.

Step 1: Finding The Area

To jack up your tire at any moment of the day, find a firm, flat surface without any traffic. Try to avoid any ice or slippery areas unless you want to step into great trouble.

Step 2: With The Initials

Turn off the ignition and hazard lights. Be double sure that your parking brake is fully set. Prepare with the necessary tools such as a heavy-duty jeep jack, wheel chocks, spare tires and so on.

Using jack to jack up a jeep Cherokee makes the whole deal effortless and time-saving. If possible, gather the instruction sheet too. For that, lift the load floor. It would help if you kept it out of the way using the hook.

Step 3: Get The Tools

Now remove the jacking tools and wing nut at first. After that, you can lift the wheel chock and get the spare tire out.

Step 4: Working On The Old Tire

The next thing you need to do is loosen the wheel bolts. Do not open them. Use the tool one counter-clockwise while the wheel is still on the ground.

Step 5: Jacking Position

Chock the front and rear of the tire diagonally opposite the jacking position. For example, if you plan on changing the right front tire, then chock the left rear tire. Two triangular cutouts indicate the jacking location on each area.

Step 6: Placing the jack

You need to place the jack under the lift area that prevails closest to the flat tire.

Raise the jack until you find it properly engaging the jack location. 

Do not dare to raise the vehicle before making the jack fully engaged.

Locate the jack under jeep cherokee

Step 7: Raise The Vehicle

Lift up the vehicle by turning the jack screw clockwise. But do so only when the tire clears the surface, and you find sufficient clearance. That is important for installing the spare tire. For maximum stability, go with minimum tire lift.

Step 8: Installation of The New Tire

Now remove the wheel bolts and the old wheel. And place the spare tire in that space, and re-install the bolts to secure the new tire by tightening them clockwise.

Lower the jeep by turning the screw counter-clockwise. Pull the jack out, and you're done with changing your jeep Cherokee tire.

Changing the tire of jeep cherokee

Safety Tips For Jacking Up A Jeep Cherokee

Many of you might be a pro at this, but along with the beginners, you all should form the safety patterns while lifting your vehicle. Those are:

  • Always choose a firm, traffic-free area with a non-slippery and non-icy surface. Otherwise, your jeep would lead you to many potential dangers.
  • Before starting, you should disconnect all the electrical connections like ignition and hazard lights. Must set the parking brake.
  • Get the alignment pin from the jack assembly and put that into the wheel hub to support mounting the spare tire.
  • Mount the spare tire correctly to avoid massive vehicle defects.
  • Use as much force as you can to tighten the clasps. Consider getting service from an authorised dealer to check the tightness with a torque wrench of the final wheel bolts; you can take your car to a service station too.

Jacking Up Different Models of Jeep Cherokee

One might wonder if the jacking process is identical for all the jeep Cherokee models or not. Actually, most models of this particular brand need the same jacking up process. But the confusion gets along with the 2017 and 2016 jeep Cherokee jack points. They are pretty distinct from the other model jack points.

So when you ask us how to jack up a 2016 jeep Cherokee, our answer would differ only on one point. Positioning the jack is a little more complicated with jeep 2016. The manual says about setting the jack with the jack points properly. So you don't need to worry about that.

Can I Put Jack Stands Under The Axle?

Yes, you are allowed to put jack stands under the axles of your jeep Cherokee. But how you're going to position the jack stand entirely depends on the part of the vehicle you need to work on. If you're planning on working with the axles, you should place the stand under the vehicle's frame.

Putting the jack under the axle wouldn't let you work with the axle. When you think of fixing the opposite side of the axle, you can park the stand under the axle then.

Final Words

Jacking up a jeep Cherokee has never been a cup of tea. Not following the instructions from the manual and the safety restrictions can cause your favourite vehicle severe losses. As we've described above appropriately how to jack up a jeep Cherokee, we expect no problems to show up in your path.

Although we've covered everything you need to know, please read the manual from manufacturers at least once while jacking the jeep up. If you find the slightest danger in doing the process yourself, consider hiring the professionals.

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