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How To Jack Up A Truck Camper

If you're planning on getting a truck camper, sooner or later, you will need to learn about camper jacks. Since truck campers weigh from 1000lbs to 5000lbs, you need something rigid and reliable to lift them in confrontations. So get prepared to learn how to jack up a truck camper?

To jack up your camper, start with disconnecting power, water and sewer hose. Now raise the trailer using the power remote. Then install the power camper jacks into the four lifting corners. Raise the power jack by pushing the button on its motor or the remote. But do not hit over the maximum level. That's all.

Let's dive deeper and learn the whole deal in a much more comprehensive way.

Loading and unloading your camper is almost impossible without a camper jack. This particular jack is designed pretty differently than other jacks. With this mechanical device, you can lift, lower and support your camper. 

It is designed to be elevated to the four corners of a camper. As a result, you get even control all over the trailer. The jacks work as a support system for the camper.

You will find two types of camper jacks out there. Power Jack and manual jack, usually the cheaper models of campers, have manual ones. For upgraded units, power jacks are used, on the other hand.

Why Are Camper Jacks Different?

The reason why we find camper jacks different is their design. The design is basic but authentic.

Even the shaft of the jack is made of steel. It works by moving up and down through the housing.

That housing is attached to the camper.

Camper jacks using

And that's how a camper jack works. Other jacks do not come with such weight capacity and rigid construction. The working strategy of a camper jack is a whole lot different than regular ones.

Manual Jacks VS Power Jacks

Although the performance of a manual jack and a power jack is identical, there are some apparent differences between those two. Please have a look at them!

Power Of The Jack

An electric motor operates power jacks. They are used by a button-push or simply a remote. On the other hand, with a crank or pump, manual jacks are hand-operated.


A power motor is very effortless to use. But you might find a manual jack challenging to use, and that jack requires more time to work.

Affordability & Durability

Manual jacks are affordable ones while the other kind is expensive. In the long run, a power motor might not serve you as long as a manual one.

Which Camper Jack Does Provide Better Stability?

When you go to the stores to get a camper jack, you will find some variations. So it becomes a little challenging to choose just the reliable one among them. So let us give you a brief definition of each of them so that it gets easier for you to choose one.

Stabile-lift Jacks

If you care about stability above everything, this is the right pick for you. Although it comes with a complex system, that system is its support. The Jack makes a whole rectangular ase for the camper. When the trailer sits on that base, it will be more stable.

For travelling, we find this particular jack very useful. This eliminates any added safety requirements with its secure place and straps.

Tripod-style Jacks

A very popular and reliable jack is a tripod-style jack. This one is best suitable for loading and unloading your camper. But if your trailer has stability issues, it would be better not to pick this one.

Final Verdict

Jacking up a truck camper seems impossible until you get familiar with camper jacks. But even then, not knowing the appropriate way of using a trailer jack can cause misery. That's why we've explained how to jack up a truck camper?

Above, we've added some extra facts, including the better jacks and their functions. We hope next time you intend to jack up your truck camper, it doesn't scare you anymore. Good luck!

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