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How To Jack Up An ATV: Step By Step

There are many instances when it may be necessary for you to jack up your ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle). That may be because of an inevitable flat tire, or you want to do some work beyond regular maintenance.

Yet, as this heavy vehicle seems quite difficult to work with, people are often confused about how to do so. Hence, how to jack up an ATV?

Well, to do that, you would need an ATV jack lift! They’ll keep you safe while you work since they are specifically designed to do so. If not, you can always use jack stands or blocks.

However, If you want a detailed guide on what you should be doing next, don’t worry. We have written everything there is to know.

Before we talk about jacking up ATVs, here are a few reasons why you might have to do it. It is mandatory for ATV owners to do a checkup of their vehicle at least once a year. The following maintenance rules are advised to be followed by all.

1. Cleanliness

Keeping your ATV clean is one of the most crucial steps to maintaining its proper condition.

ATVs are usually often used on trips to muddy roads and places with uneven grounds. During such cases, the vehicle tends to get extremely dirty. If you do not instantly clean off your car the following day, dirt will begin to build up and deteriorate the condition of your ATV.

Also, make sure to keep the air filters clean. You can do so by getting rid of any visible dirt and then cleaning the finer dust using a vacuum. If necessary, clean the filer using a small brush and cleaning solution, then wash away and proceed to let it dry.

2. Condition of The Oil

As ATVs mostly travel on rough paths, the oil inside the tank is very prone to getting mixed with dirt. Therefore, changing the filthy oil is necessary to maintain the proper condition of your ATV. According to your vehicle model, see which oil type has been recommended to use.

3. A Loose Belt

Along with taking care of other exterior aspects of your ATV, it is also very crucial that you pay attention to the condition of the belt.

With prolonged use, you may notice that your ATV belt has started to get stretched. This can easily be identified when your gear is not able to shift smoothly.

Taking care of your ATV belt

4. Monitoring The Tire Pressure

Driving with a tire with low pressure can be extremely risky and cause accidents. For such cases, refer to the recommended tire pressure for your model of ATV and check your tire’s pressure using a low-pressure tire gauge.

5. Other Necessary Checkups

Last but not least, apart from the thorough yearly checkup of your ATV, if you notice any other sources of disturbances or abnormality within your vehicle, seek the help of a mechanic at the earliest.

4 Steps To Jack Up An ATV Using A Car Jack

As mentioned previously, in order to maintain the proper condition of your ATV, yearly checkups are quite necessary. For such cases, you must know how to jack up your ATV.

There are some specific ways to do so. They have been stated as follows.

Step 1: Park Your Vehicle in A Safe Space

The first step would be to make sure that your car has been situated in a location without any probable disturbances or nearby obstacles. The road on which it is standing must also be level.

Step 2: Place Chocks Or Cinder Blocks

You must place large wedges (or cinder blocks) against the wheels of the ATV to prevent it from turning or moving accidentally.

Step 3: Place The Scissor Jack

While placing your car jack under your ATV, look for any tabs present on the weld of the car. If so, place the scissor jack right between them.

Step 4: Tighten Car Jacks

Make sure to tighten the car jacks after properly positioning them on all four sides of the vehicle.

This is when you will notice your four-wheeler rising up (as you tighten).

By doing so, you can easily jack up your ATV.

jacking up ATV with scissor jack

Jacking Up An ATV Using A Car Lift Table

Another way to jack up your ATV is by using a car lift table.

This is recommended for people who have to work often with their vehicles.

These are the steps to follow to use a car lift:

Jacking Up An ATV Using A Car Lift Table

1. Drive your ATV on top of the lift (which is currently at ground level)

2. Put your vehicle in neutral

3. Make sure your ATV is stable

4. Raise your lift to the desired height (this is done automatically by the car lift table)

5. Ensure that you have lowered the lift to its locks

There are several other ways to jack up your ATV, but these are the best possible methods.

Safety Measures for You to Follow

A few precautionary rules have been stated below.

  • You should never fully put your body underneath the ATV while it is being jacked up
  • Remember to wear protective gear while driving your ATV
  • Resolve any seemingly minute issues at the earliest, so you do not have to face bigger problems later on

Final Verdict

Always take safety precautions when working with a vehicle. Make sure that the jack is stable and that the car is securely supported before getting underneath it.

To conclude our how to jack up an ATV guide, it’s a relatively simple process that can be done with the right tools and safety precautions. With a bit of practice, you'll be able to do it like a pro in no time.

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