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How To Jack Up An SUV: Step By Step

The labor cost you have to pay at a reliable car mechanic shop is pretty steep these days. Not to mention, it keeps piling up for the time that the professional will put into your SUV. Considering that if there is a need for a minor repair or regular maintenance, doing it at home is the best option.

However, if you do not know how to jack up an SUV, you will not be capable of doing 90 percent of the maintenance and repairs. Regardless of what you might have heard, the process is pretty simple. If you follow the right method, it will only take a couple of steps! And you can get to know all about that right method in this guide!

Learning how to jack up an SUV can feel like understanding rocket science if you do not follow the correct guide. The thing is, we have tried and tested all of the different methods. From all of those tests and trials, we have got to know the best way to jack up an SUV. And the steps for that method are as follows:

Step 1: Select the Perfect Place to Jack up the SUV

The first thing you need to do is search for a proper ground. And your home garage might be the perfect spot for the process. However, if your garage floor is not leveled, you should not initiate the process there.

Instead, you should look for a leveled concrete floor. The road right in front of your garage can be a good pick in this regard. But if there is too much traffic on the road, you would want to find a different spot with solid and leveled ground.

On that note, the same thing will be applicable if you want to learn how to jack up a lifted SUV. 

Step 2: Park Your SUV Properly

After finding the right spot, it would be time for you to park your SUV. In this case, you will want to stop the engine and put the car in the parking mode. Along with that, you should engage the parking brakes.

You must also use wheel chocks to block the SUV from moving. Yes, the parking brakes might not be enough in some cases.

And if you use the wheel chocks, you will enhance your overall safety.

Talking of which, if you are planning to learn how to jack up the rear of SUV, you should put the wheel chocks on the front wheels. 

But if you plan to lift the front, the chocks will go on the rear. 

usng wheel chocks in an suv

Step 3: Find the Jack Points

When it comes to finding the jack points for your SUV, it would be best if you refer to the manual. Even though the most common points are beside the wheels, the manual will give you the right idea about those. Keep these jack points in your mind and move to the next step.

Step 4: Place the Jack Beneath the SUV

Now that you know the right jack points, it would be time to slide the jack beneath the jack points. But before you do that, ensure that the jack has the right amount of lifting power.

To confirm that, match the weight of your SUV with the lifting capacity. The jack should have extra room compared to the SUV's weight.

Along with that, you would need to consider the maximum height. It should offer you enough lift to work with. It will not be hard for you to work under the SUV comfortably if the max height is comparatively low.

Keeping in mind the considerations of our users, we have reviewed some of the top-notch SUV jacks on the market.

Place the jack under the suv

That said, the jack should be directly beneath the jack points. The saddle should be right in the center of the points. Otherwise, the jack will not be capable of lifting the SUV up in a balanced way.

Step 5: Lift Your SUV

After placing the jack beneath the points, it will finally be the time to lift your SUV. However, do not just start making the jack rise. Instead, slowly initiate the lifting process and check whether the vehicle is stable when it is rising up or not.

If it seems a little wobbly, you will need to lower it. Check whether the jack is under the jack points, and then raise the vehicle again.

Step 6: Slide the Jack Stand

You can not just call an end to the lifting process and start working beneath the SUV right after lifting it up with the jack. That will be too risky! Instead, you should let the jack stands support the weight and keep the SUV lifted while you work under it.

Now, to fit the jack stands, you should lift the SUV a little bit higher than the height of the stand. Slide them under the solid jack points and slowly lower the vehicle. After lowering the SUV, let the weight rest on the stand and remove the jack.

Do the same thing for the other side, letting the jack stand hold the SUV's weight. Then, carry on with the regular maintenance or fixing task.

Place the jack stand under the suv

Step 7: Lower the SUV

When you are done with the maintenance and fixing task, you will need to remove all things under the SUV. Anything beneath the vehicle can get destroyed or may damage the underside of your SUV. After that, put the jack on the points and slightly lift the SUV up. Take the jack stands out and then slowly lower the vehicle.

Final Words

See? Wasn't the process of learning how to jack up an SUV easy? All it takes is a few steps, and you will be done with lifting your vehicle. But do remember to double-check the jack points before lifting the SUV with the jack. Placing the jack in the wrong location will damage the frame of the SUV, which you would not want!

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