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How To Lower A High Lift Jack

A high lift jack is an amazing tool for lifting your jeep off a platform. And it is pretty safe and comparatively easier to jack the jeep off the ground to a certain level. However, lowering it down can take a little more skill and attention.

And today, you will learn how to lower a high lift jack after you are done with the job for which you jacked the jeep up. Not being careful while handling it might turn your story of using it into a cautionary tale. So, let’s first know:

A high lift jack can be a lethal weapon or a really handy tool depending on the responsibility you are willing to take while using it. So, do the following things before lowering the high lift jack to make everyone’s life a bit safer.

Get Yourself or Someone Else Out from Below the Jeep

Even though the jack is dependable and mostly trusted to stay in a stable position, no one can neither foresee nor control any mechanical error.

So, in some cases, it has been seen that the jack has dropped with all the weight of the jeep due to mechanical drawbacks.

But all the blame cannot be shifted towards machine error. Since there were also some cases where it took place due to the inattentiveness of the operator of the jack.

Now, it is never advised to go under the jeep to do any work. If you really need to get something fixed under the jeep, you should get the jeep to the professionals to do the job for you.

But if you are not in a position to do so, or if you are not ready to spend some bucks at the moment, you might have to get yourself below the truck. And in that case, be extra careful with every step and make sure it’s safe under there.

Clear the Site of People

You know that the jack lifts and lowers the weight climbing up and down through the holes like a ladder. But for that to go on smoothly, the jack would require at least 150 pounds.

Below that weight, the jack will slide the weight down really fast. So, it is important to instruct everyone to clear the site while lowering the jeep. But that’s not all.

If you have some buddies helping you out fixing your jeep, make sure to tell them to get away from the site while you are lowering the jack. The reason for this is that the jack can get imbalanced and fly off in a random direction if the soil is slippery.

After you are done doing these, you are ready to lower your high lift jack. So, let’s learn just how to do that!

2 Steps To Lower A Hi-Lift Jack Safely And Correctly

If you follow the following steps one after another very carefully, you will know how to lower a jack lift in the safest way.

Step 1: Stick the Reversing Lever Down

Get the reversing lever and stick it in the downward direction. This will enable the jack to climb down the holes. Hit the lever with a hammer or spanner instead of your hand to keep accidents away if the jack malfunctions.

Step 2: Work Your Way Down

Start from the top and push the lever down to let each clip get unclipped one by one, and climb down the holes slowly.

Once the jack will climb down enough, it will get really shaky. Put your hand behind the beam of the jack to protect your jeep’s body from any unexpected dent or scratch.

After lesser than 150 lbs are on the jack, the jack will automatically slide down instead of climbing down the holes like a ladder.

Take the jack away then and mount it up.

There’s one more thing you should be careful about before lowering the high lift jack.

Down Your High-Lift Jack

If you were extra careful and set some jack stands or blocks underneath the jeep, make sure you remove them before you start lowering your jeep. 

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What to Be Wary of While Lowering the Jack?

Be careful that your hand and head are out of the path of movement of the handle toward the beam.

Right before climbing down the holes, if your hand slips and you lose the grip of the handle, it will hit the beam very rapidly—and you don't want yourself to be there in the middle.

What If the Jack Doesn’t Lower?

But there are some situations where the Hi lift jack won’t lower. It mostly happens because the high lift jack was not properly maintained.

To get out of this situation, try putting some penetrating lubricant on the jack. Wait for some minutes and try to jack it down again. If that does not cut it, try to clean the springs with an air nozzle.

What If the Jack Doesn’t Lower?

Maintenance of the high lift jack

After lowering the jack, mount it on your jeep or preserve it where you want to. But before that, make sure to lubricate your jack and clear the springs and holes off any debris.

If you clean it with water, don’t let the water just stay there since it might cause rust formation, which will degrade the performance of the jack—and might even be potentially dangerous.

Final Words

The high lift jacks are great for your jeep. But at times, if not handled properly, can take the shape of a lethal and dangerous weapon. That is why it is extremely important to handle the tool with caution.

Now that you know how to lower a high lift jack, make sure to be vigilant in following all the steps and instructions to the T. This way, you can ensure your safety while handling this helpful yet dangerous tool.

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