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How To Make A Motorcycle Jack Stand

A motorcycle jack is necessary equipment for bike owners. The jack provides stability while you are working on your motorcycle. But a jack stand can be quite expensive to buy.

However, you can always do it yourself. And today, we’ll teach you how to make a motorcycle jack stand.

All you would need are a few tools and some skills to pull off the project. It is actually quite easy. That is if you know what to do. So, scroll down below to learn more!

Scissors and car jacks are pretty commonly used by four-wheelers. But some are still confused as to why a jack stand might be necessary for a motorcycle as well.

The answer is – for the exact same reason it is used by cars. A jack stand makes the process of maintenance and repair much easier and less tedious.

Why Is A Motorcycle Jack Necessary

Using a jack makes changing your vehicle parts seem more effortless than it would be to do without it.

It is also essential to use, as repairing your motorcycle without securing it will be unsafe and troublesome. With the help of the jack, you no longer need to lay down on the floor while repairing your motorcycle.

Making A Motorcycle Jack Stand

A motorcycle jack stand can be made quite easily by yourself. The steps and tools required have been stated below.

Tools You Required:

  • Saw for cutting wood
  • Measuring tape
  • Clamp
  • Drill
  • Wood drill bit- 3mm
  • Crosshead bit
  • Cross-head wood screws – 4mm (diameter); (50mm length)
  • Steel flat washers

Step 1: Measure All The Pieces

Measure the distance from the ground to the lifting point of the motorcycle. Also, identify the width of the jack where you need to fit the bottom of your bike.

Step 2: Start Cutting

Make guides with a pencil, and drill holes on each side of the plank. After taking the necessary measurements, proceed to cut your planks with the saw.

Step 3: Put Them Together

Now, use the screws to connect the planks together.

Mount the linear guide to the bottom plank. Insert the inner part of the linear guides and cover them with the topmost wooden plank. By doing so, you can now drill holes in them altogether.

connecting the planks together

Step 4: Join The Pieces

Take off the top plank to check the position of the holes. Drill additional holes if necessary.

Insert more screws to secure the base of the motorcycle jack.

After all the pieces have been joined together, you will know that you have completed making your motorcycle jack!

making your motorcycle jack

Creating a motorcycle jack at home in this way will save you nearly $100. If you do not already have expensive tools such as a driller, stack the planks on top of each other and secure the screws by using a hammer.

Safety Precautions

After you have made your jack stand, there are some certain safety precautions you must follow while using it.

Part It Somewhere Level

Make sure that your motorcycle is standing on even or level ground that is free from any sort of obstacles.

Use Wooden Blocks

You must use wooden blocks against the tires to ensure that the bike does not roll off from the stand.

Do Not Lift The Jack Too High

Initially, you should keep your motorcycle as low as possible while using the jack. The higher the bike is, the less stable it will be on the jack.

Readjust When Necessary

Readjust your bike’s position if it is looking unsteady on the jack. It is better not to take any risks.

Get Help

Last but not least, do not attempt to do it all by yourself if you require an extra pair of hands. Positioning your motorcycle on the stand can be done quite easily with help.

Not following these safety precautions may lead to fatal accidents.

Using A Motorcycle Jack

By following these three simple steps, your self-made motorcycle jack can be used.

1. By grabbing the handlebars of your motorcycle, cautiously lift the vehicle and place it vertically on the jack

2. Gradually bring the front wheel of the bike up to the elevated space of the jack

3. Proceed to secure the tires in place with wooden blocks

Once you are done with your repair, proceed to remove the motorcycle carefully from the jack.

Final Verdict

As we have seen in this article, a $150 motorcycle jack can be easily made by yourself within $20-$25. The ones that are seen in auto repair shops are automated and equipped with hydraulic jacks. But a manual one you can make at a much lower price is a great alternative.

Therefore, now that you know how to make a motorcycle jack stand, you can start making one for yourself and get working on your bike.

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