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How To Mount Hi-Lift Jack On Roof Rails And Bumper

Hi-lift jacks are handy tools when it comes to lifting your vehicle chassis. This can be particularly helpful when you find yourself stuck between a tree stump or a rock.

But what do you do when the Hi-lift jack is not in use? Well, there are a few very simple ways to mount it to your vehicle for easy access. And so, today, we will be telling you how to mount a hi-lift jack to your vehicle.

High-Lift  jacks are essential for anyone going on offroad trails simply because they can help you out of tight situations. Besides lifting your vehicle, it also helps spread bent tubes and clamp parts together. 

Depending on the make of your vehicle, there are several ways you can mount your Hi-lift jack. The jack can be mounted on the roof rails or even your truck toolbox.

If your offroad vehicle consists of main stock body parts, it is a safer option to mount the jack to the roof rails.

As a result, you are not ruining the car's designs and the integrity of the stock body kits. Here’s how you can do it:

Mounting Hi-Lift Jack on Roof Rails

Step 1: Buy Hi-Lift Tube Mount

Firstly, you will need to purchase the Hi-Lift tube mount, which is built to hold your jack in place. These mounts will allow you to attach your jack to round or square tube bumpers, roof racks, bull bars, and even roll cages.

Step 2: Purchase A Hi-Lift Handle-Keeper

It will prevent any sort of rattling when going offroad. This is essential as it keeps the handling stable against the body of the jack. A loose handle can make the entire ride uncomfortable with constant rattling sounds, so don't skip out on this!

Step 3: Position The Tube Mounts

Take the tube mounts and unscrew the U-bolts so you can position them on the roof rails of your car. Once you've positioned the U-bolt, screw on the tube mount lightly to hold it in place. Do the same for the other tube mount.

Step 4: Place The Hi-Lift jack

Before moving on to placing the Hi-lift jack, take the handle keeper and slide it down the body of the jack. There is a separate slot for the body and the handle. Once positioned, it should restrict any movement or rattling of the handle.

After fastening the screws on both mounts, you will place the Hi-lift jack on top. Keep ample amount of space between the two and carefully fit the protruding ends of the mount through the body of the jack.

Once you're happy with the positioning, tighten the fasteners using a wrench to fix them in place.

high lift jack ion roof of the vehicle

You will then take two lock washers from the hardware bag that comes with the tube mounts and place them on the top of the jack. Then, take the large knobs and lock each end of the hi-lift jack in place.

Mounting A Hi-Lift Jack on Bumpers

If you’re willing to drill holes into the body of your offroad vehicle, then you can consider mounting the jack to your bumper.

This is mostly used with vehicles equipped with aftermarket body kits and bumpers.

Mounting Hi-Lift Jack on Bumpers

Step 1: Get A Universal Jack Mount

Before you go ahead and start drilling into your bumper, you need to purchase a universal jack mount from Hi-lift. This mount is very versatile and will allow you to attach the jack to any part of the vehicle with enough space.

Step 2: Drill The Holes after Making Proper Alignments

The mounting kit comes with 2 brackets made from 1/8” thick steel, each containing two holes. The distance between each bracket is entirely up to you, so just align the brackets with your bumper and drill 4 holes accordingly.

Step 3: Get A Hi-Lift Handle keeper

The kit also contains a velcro strap to hold your jack handle in place. However, we would suggest you buy the Hi-lift handle keeper instead, as the velcro isn’t strong enough to prevent rattling sounds.

Step 4: Secure The Jack to The Bumper

Before screwing on the brackets, you need to take a carriage bolt and put it through the center of each bracket. These bolts will go through the slots of your jack to secure it to the bumper.

Next, match the slots created in your bumper with the ones in the brackets and screw them on. Make sure you tighten each of the 4 screws, as they will be responsible for holding your jack in place.

Once your jack is positioned correctly, use the wingnut to tighten it against the bracket, and you’re all set!

Secure The Jack to The Bumper

Frequently Asked Questions

How to install Hi-lift jack on my hood?

To mount the jack to your hood, you will need to purchase a Hi-lift hood mount which works similarly to the tube mounts discussed above.

How to prevent rattling noise from jack handle?

You can use a piece of rope to tie the jack handle to the body, which should reduce the rattling noise. A more permanent solution is to use the Hi-lift handle keeper, which keeps the handling stable against the body.

Can I mount my Hi-lift jack to the side of my 4x4 vehicle?

We would strongly advise against it, mainly because the sheet of metal on the side is not strong enough. And so, when you mount the jack, the bracket will not be able to support the weight.


At the end, We can say, Learning how to mount hi-lift jack will help you store the tool safely in an easily accessible spot.

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