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How To Use Duralast Jack – Step By Step Guide

The jacks from Duralast are pretty popular among mechanics. They are pretty ubiquitous among the high-end car repair shops. Due to how popular the jacks have become, it is a go-to pick for many. But getting a good car jack is one thing and using it properly is another thing. And the same thing goes for the Duralast jacks.

If you do not know how to use Duralast jack, it will be another showpiece in your garage. But the good news is that learning the proper process is not that hard. You just have to go through the correct steps. Want to know what right steps are we referring to here? You need to continue reading to find out!

Using Duralast jack is easier than it looks. Do not believe us? Go through these steps to find it out by yourself:

Step 1: Find the Right Place to Set up Your Car And Jack

The first step in this how to use Duralast hydraulic jack guide is to find the right spot. And when we are talking about the right spot, we refer to somewhere firm and spacious.

A concrete path or pavement would be a good pick in this regard.

Alongside that, you need to ensure that the spot is leveled. Jacking up a car that is on an angle is exceptionally unsafe. 

So, it is pretty important to pick an even place to work with the jack.

right place to set up duralast Jack and prepare the car

Step 2: Prepare Your Car

Once you have selected the right spot, you must prepare your car. First, ensure your vehicle is in park mode. Then, engage the parking brake. And finally, you will need to insert wheel chocks.

Now, many might argue that you will not need a wheel chock if your car is in the parking mode and has the brake engaged. But we would say otherwise. The chocks offer an added layer of safety and ensure that the wheels do not move. So, it becomes safe for you to work on the bottom side of the car.

Step 3: Locate the Jack Points

The thing about jack points is that every car has different placements. So, you should go through the owner's manual. That should come with proper information regarding the jack points.

Usually, the common points are on the car's frame: one on each side of the wheel, the center part of the frame, and the back of the vehicle. 

However, you should go through the manual to ensure the points. Setting the jack on other spots will damage your car.

Locate the duralast Jack Points & set up the jack

Step 4: Set up the Jack

Next, you should work with the jack. First of all, you have to ensure that the valve is closed. Trolley jacks, such as the Duralast jack, will utilize hydraulics to raise the car. And if the valve is open, the jack will fail to create the required pressure.

After closing the valve, slide the jack beneath your car. Yes, it should be directly under the jack points. But, make sure that the cup is centered with the jack point. There will be ridges or teeth on the jack to prevent the frame from sliding around. And if you do not center the cup, the teeth or ridges will not do their work.

Step 5: Raise the Car

At this point, all that you have to do is raise and lower the handle to lift your vehicle. Depending on the Duralast model, you might need to carry out the motion a couple of times to reach your desired height.

Nonetheless, while working with the handle, we recommend starting slow. Pay close attention to the frame and ensure that it is not sliding around. 

Also, if you see any metal bending, you need to stop and lower the jack immediately.

Check whether the jack is sitting under the jack points or not, and then start from step 4 again.

raise the car by duralast jack

Safety Precautions While Using Your Duralast Jack

You should not depend on the jack alone to keep the car lifted. Instead, use the jack stands on the jack points after getting the car lifted.

Also, check for leaks on your jack before working with the jack. As the jacks get old, they do tend to leak. And working with a leaky jack is highly unsafe.

Safety precaution for duralast users

Final Words

The Durlast jacks seem a little complicated to work with at first glance. But as it is pretty evident from this how to use Duralast jack guide, the process is pretty easy! You just need to ensure that you keep the jack at the right spot and prepping up your car correctly.

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