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Scissor Jack Vs Floor Jack: Explore The Suitable Jack

What's the difference between a scissor jack and a floor jack? It might not seem like there are that many, but if you're looking to do some serious lifting, it's important to know which one to use.

Our scissor jack vs floor jack comparison guide will give you a breakdown of the two jacks to help you make the best decision for your needs. Let's get started!

Let's go through the differences to know which one you should choose for your needs.


A scissor jack is mainly used to lift a car when changing your tire. However, a floor jack can lift a vehicle for any type of auto repair.

You will get a scissor jack with the car you buy and can only use the jack on that particular model.

However, you can use floor jacks on any vehicle; from a convertible to an excavator.


You cannot use scissor jacks on a vehicle weighing more than 2.5 to 3 tons. If you try to use a scissor jack on the car other than the one it came with, there is a real possibility that it will get wrecked.

Floor jacks do not come with your vehicle; you need to buy them separately. You can use it on cars weighing 2 tons to more than 10 tons.

Weight & Mobility

Scissor jacks are more lightweight than floor jacks. So, it is more rigorous to carry a floor jack than it is to carry a scissor jack.


Floor jacks are made of steel and aluminum, whereas scissor jacks are made of stamped flat sheet metal.

Moreover, floor jacks are used pretty frequently. But scissor jacks are not used that often as NHTSA recommends that tires should be changed every six years.

As a result, floor jacks are more durable and resilient than scissor jacks.

These are about all the differences between a scissor jack and a floor jack.

Benefits of Using Scissor Jack

advantages and disavantages of a scissor jack

There are several benefits of using a scissor jack. So, read below and find out what advantages you will get from using a scissor jack, as any of these could be a deciding factor for you.


Scissor jacks are smaller than floor jacks, making them comparatively lighter. This works as an advantage because you can carry it anywhere easily.


Scissor jacks have a very low surface area. You can place it on almost any flat top and transport it without hassle.


Scissor jacks come with the vehicle you get, so you do not need to buy them separately. But by any chance, if you need a replacement, you will find that they are pretty cheap to buy.

Convenient To Operate:

Scissor jacks do not have complicated functions like other jacks because of their simple design. It is very easy to use a scissor jack, and anyone from a teenager to an elderly person can use it.


Scissor jacks are very easy to maintain. You do not need to work on it too much to keep it functioning. This jack mostly needs oiling around the knobs of screws and washing. Also, if any part of the scissor jack stops working, you can repair or replace it easily without much inconvenience.

Drawbacks of Using Scissor Jack

Despite all the advantages, scissor jacks come with some drawbacks too. Read below and find out if any of them is a deal-breaker.

Limited Usage:

A scissor jack is compatible with only one car and has only one purpose. If you try to use it for something other than changing tires, you will end up damaging it. Moreover, it is very light; you cannot use it on heavyweight vehicles. All of these factors limit the uses of the scissor jack.

Time Consuming:

Scissor jacks are very slow to maneuver. It takes a long time to set it up and crank the saddle up and down. You also have to spend a lot of time setting the scissor jack up to your desired height.


Scissor jacks cannot take up a lot of weight. As a result, you cannot use it on any heavyweight or high-profile vehicles. If you try to use it on any of those, the jack will get wrecked.

Good Sides of Using Floor Jacks

good sides and bad sides of floor jack

Floor jacks come with many benefits. You might find something that suits your particular needs. To help you decide, below are all the benefits you will receive from using a floor jack.


It takes mere seconds to get the floor jack up to your desired height, whereas the scissor jack takes a long time to do the same task.


Floor jacks are heavier than most other jacks. This makes them capable of lifting up massive and high-end wheels.


You can use floor jacks on any kind of automobile. It can be used on a 2-ton car to a heavyweight bulldozer.


Floor jacks are extremely durable. They can survive extreme tear and wear, be it in a mechanic shop or your garage, making them usable for a long time.


Floor jacks have wheels on them. These wheels make it easy for you to push it around and move it back and forth.


Bad Sides of Using Floor Jack

Not unlike the scissor jacks, floor jacks have their fair share of disadvantages too. Continue reading to find out if any drawback is a deal-breaker for you.


Floor jacks are considerably heavier than most other carjacks. Its weight might cause some difficulty to carry around. But floor jacks are made from aluminum are lightweight than the steel one.


Floor jacks are quite large and, as we have already established, rather bulky. Due to its size and weight, you will face great difficulty in transporting it anywhere.

Hard Configuration:

Floor jacks have a somewhat complicated layout. So, unless you are a professional, its operation could be confusing and hard for you.

So, Scissor Jack or Floor Jack: Which One Is The Topper?

It really depends on what you will use the car jack for. If you are looking for a car jack to do versatile mechanical repairing for your vehicle, then you need a floor jack.

You should get the scissor jack if you want one only to change tires; you do not need to spend your money on a floor jack for that sole purpose.

But considering all aspects, the floor jack is the better choice overall as you can do almost all types of vehicles repairing tasks with it.

However, if you are looking for a scissor jack alternative, check out a bottle jack that can do some heavy lifting along with tire changing.

Which One Is the Topper  Scissor Jack or Floor Jack

Get Your Desired Jack Today!

Though a floor jack is more versatile, it is comparatively inexpensive and easier to use. When it comes down to it, both tools have earned their place in a shop. Then which one should you buy? 

It depends on your needs. If you need a jack that can do it all, go for the floor jack. But if you want an affordable option that's easy to use, the scissor jack is the way to go.

Let us know your opinion regarding our scissor jack vs floor jack guide.

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