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What Can I Use Instead Of A Jack Stand?

A jack stand is the most commonly used garage tool for lifting a car. It is an item that holds up the car to a certain height using jacks. With all the positives, some people still think that jack stands are unstable. You might be asking, what can I use instead of a jack stand?

As an alternative to a jack stand, you can use a Kwik lift or a 4 post/2 post lift. These are wonderful options to have if you shy away from jack stands. In terms of durability and portability, these options are pretty serviceable.

This article is written to give you proper knowledge about possible substitute tools that you can utilize to lift your car even if you don't have a jack stand. Without delay, let's dive in.

Can you lift a car with your bare hands? How are you going to work under the car then? To make things possible a tool is needed to lift the weight and support them. This is where jack stands are known to excel.

It is a mechanical tool made of metal which helps to support the weight being lifted. It is one of the oldest methods to lift a car.

The hydraulic jack aids the lifting process and the stand embraces the car's weight, balancing them at a height to make the underside accessible.

what is a jack stand

It is also known as the safe block that withstands the car from falling on a working human.

What Can You Use Instead Of A Jack Stand?

As we said that there are few serviceable options that car owners can rely upon to elevate their car and hold it in a particular place. Today we will talk about 3 alternatives. They are:

2 Post/4 Post Lift

If your concern is stability, storage and durability, then commercial-grade lifts can be a worthy solution for you. Why is this, the most stable item? Simply because the lift footings are cemented on the concrete floor using anchors, which can carry heavy weights at will. Unlike jack stands, these variants won't move underneath the car in any way.

What makes it special is that using 2 or 4 post lifts you can uplift a car to a great height and make way for stowing another car underneath.

This installation uses pistons to raise the car from each side. Raising the whole car has never been easier until you get a 4 post lift. It is fast and effective.

2 Post4 Post Lift

In terms of space consumption and money, this option is kind of expensive if compared to jack stands but we have to give its functionality the thumbs up.

Mini Car Ramps

A convenient option to operate is the mini ramp. It is far easier than handling a jack stand as you won't need any use of your hand to lift the car. How does it work then? Simply set up the mini ramps in front of your car and drive forward to climb the height of it.

Once you level up the tire on the ramp surface, you can start working under the car.

One drawback of such ramps is that they don't provide much reach in terms of height. 

Therefore it can be very tricky and unsafe to slide your body on the bottom of your car.

Mini Car Ramps

If your maintenance is something minor, then this is the best option to have rather than a jack stand. Keep in mind that using such ramps, you cannot support all four wheels like 3-4 post lifts, rather just work the front two tires or the rear ones.


A Kwik lift is the sturdier alternative to jack stands. In terms of working height and safety, a Kwik lift can turn out to be the best choice for car owners. It functions by carrying the weight of the car, supporting all four wheels, unlike the jack stand.

A kiwi lift is very convenient to use and is very portable, meaning it can be set in any home garage.

What's eye-catching is that it doesn't have any hydraulic function, motors or connectors, which makes it a pretty straightforward item.


Just drive onto the ramp and make sure the front tires touch the safety stop at the front end of the kwik lift. Use chocks on the rear wheels and then use a jack to lift the back end. Your car should be ideally placed on the kiwi lift with decent height to work underneath. Once the car is aligned properly remove the jack.

Ending Note

To those who have been asking: what can I use instead of a jack stand? We suggest using a Kwik lift for the best possible outcome. You can even try out the 2/4 post lift, but those are pretty expensive and will need constructive installations.

We are not undermining a jack stand in any way possible. Jack stands are pretty decent too. Some people might say otherwise, but they have been a go-to item for lifting cars in the majority of garages.

It's just the instability and the process to lift each tire one by one can be time-consuming and labor-intensive when it comes to jack stands. Here, the Kwik lift takes the gold.

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