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What Size Floor Jack For Silverado 1500?

The Chevy Silverado 1500 is a fantastic truck. However, no matter how good the 4x4 is, you will need to take proper care and maintain it to enjoy a stellar performance for an extended time.

And when it comes to maintaining the truck, finding the right jack is essential. For this truck, the floor jacks are the go-to pick.

But when it comes to choosing one, the question of what size floor jack for Silverado 1500 is one of the first things you need to figure out. Getting the wrong size will not only hinder you from maintaining the truck but also can damage it.

However, if you go through this guide, your chances of ending up with the wrong ones will be pretty slim. Yes, we got your back!

Before anything else, let us talk about what brought you here in the first place. So, if you are wondering what size floor jack do I need for a Chevy Silverado 1500, any floor jack with a 2-ton capacity will do the trick.

But if you have a higher capacity jack, it will be better for the task as you will have more room to work with. Now, when it comes to what height floor jack for Silverado 1500 to get, you will need a jack that has a maximum lift of around 20 inches. Anything lower will not give you enough clearance to work under the truck.

Best Floor Jacks for Chevy Silverado 1500

Best Floor Jacks for Chevy Silverado 1500

Now that you have a fair idea regarding what size jack for Silverado 1500, you might be wondering which jacks would be good for the money.

Well, you can get to know about that in this segment. So, after carrying out intensive tests on the available floor jacks for Chevy Silverado 1500, these are the ones that we can vouch for:

1. Pro-LifT G-737 Floor Jack

Highlighted Features:
  • Easy to use
  • Has a 3-1/2 tons weight capacity
  • Features a max lifting height of 22 inches
  • Sports a rubber saddle
  • Boasts a magnetic tool tray

An easy operational method is something that most floor jacks can not offer. But that is simply not the case for this offering from Pro-LifT.

As we have just stated, the unit has a simple operational method. You will not have to go through that many hassles in lifting the Silverado with this unit. But the easy operation is not all that this jack has going for! The weight capacity is more than enough for the truck. Its rated capacity is three and half tons!

Other than that, you will find a rubber saddle on the top, which will not damage the jack points. It even has a universal releasing mechanism that provides precise control over the lowering process.

Furthermore, there is a magnetic tool tray. That will come in handy when you are working with small-sized parts or tools during the lifting and lowering process. Also, the side frame is rolled. Such a design enhances the overall strength. And its maximum lifting height is 22 inches.

2. Performance Tool W1645 Low Profile Jack

Highlighted Features:
  • The weight capacity is 3.5 tons
  • Can lift up to 20.5 inches off the ground
  • Has a thick rubber saddle pad
  • Comes with overload protection
  • Features an ergonomic handle

Want to get your Silverado lifted in a small amount of time? You should check out what Performance Tool is offering here then!

So, what makes it capable of making your truck lift quickly? It has a double pumping mechanism, which will raise the vehicle with fewer pumps and allow you to get your work done quickly. The weight capacity is 3.5 tons. 

That is more than enough for the Silverado 1500, and its maximum lifting height is 20.5 inches.

The unit also comes with a rubber saddle pad. As the pad is reasonably thick, you will not have to worry one bit about damaging the frame of the truck. It even comes with overload protection. 

This protection will enhance the overall safety of your lifting project.

In addition to that, the handle of the jack is pretty ergonomic. For that reason, you will be capable of getting a proper grip on the handle without facing any comfort issues.

Final Words

To recapitulate, if you are still asking what size floor jack for Silverado 1500, any jack with a 2-ton capacity and around 20 inches lifting capacity will be enough. And if you are looking for a new floor jack for lifting your Chevy truck, you should consider the ones we have reviewed. They offer a stellar overall performance!

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