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What Size Jack Do I Need for My Car?

There are a few things that you should always keep in your car trunk for emergencies, and amongst these items, a car jack is one of the most important. Getting a flat tire is not rare, so you should always have a car jack with you.

If you buy a random car jack from an automobile shop, you may find it unsuitable for your car because the size isn't right. So, now you must be thinking, what size jack do I need for my car? That depends on weight rating, lift height, and the type of jack.

Today, we will be covering all the essential factors to consider when selecting a car jack, and before that, we'll also discuss the importance of having it in the right size. 

When you're doing repair work or are changing your tires, a jack is an essential tool to have nearby. If you don't use the right-sized tool, you may be putting yourself at risk, and also, an incorrectly sized tool could very well be completely useless.

Vehicles come in a wide range of sizes, which is why to better suit each of them, jacks also come in different sizes instead of being a universal size.

Different vehicles will have different elevation lengths, and same goes for jacks as well. The standard elevation length ranges from 100 to 500 mm, but you should know that some vehicles will have the measurement above or below this range.

Another significant reason you need to choose the proper car jack for your car is because they can have different weight ratings. The rating indicates the maximum amount of weight it can endure.

If you exceed that weight limit of the jack, it could collapse while the car is elevated, which could lead to a horrible accident.

Scissor jack for car

What Size Jack Do You Need For Your Car?

In this part of our article, we will be talking about how you will decide what size jack for your car.

We will be discussing a few factors and how you should deal with them when making your decision.

Floor jack for car

1. Weight Rating

This matter has been touched on lightly in the previous section, but now let's look at it.

Naturally, you should understand that you should know that the weight of your vehicle can't exceed the weight rating of the jack. In fact, the car's weight should be much lower than the rating because you do not want to take any risks here. 

You will be fine with a two-ton jack or 3-ton jack for regular sedans and more compact cars. SUVs and trucks are much heavier, so you should use a quality four-ton jack with them, and for lorries or buses, you will need 10 tons car jack. Only the two-ton car jack can be kept in the trunk; the others are too heavy.

Before you buy a car jack, you should check the exact weight of your vehicle, so you don't accidentally buy the wrong size.

2. Types of Jacks

There are multiple types of hydraulic car jacks to choose from when you’re finding the answer to what size jack you need for your car.

Three-car jacks are most commonly used: scissor jacks, bottle jacks, and floor jacks. These jacks function by using hydraulic fluid.

Types of Jacks
  • Bottle Jacks

These jacks are much smaller than floor jacks, and they actually look like bottles. bottle jacks are a good option if the lifting points are close to the chassis edge.

  • Floor Jacks

These jacks will help you get better reach to parts below the vehicle. If you are an SUV or truck owner, you might have used a bumper jack before. However, bumper jack isn't good at all. You can use it for changing tires, but nothing more than that.

  • Scissor Jacks

Anyone who has dealt with cars has seen a scissor jack before. Like bumper jacks, they are fine for changing tires, but it can be risky to carry out other repairs with this jack.

3. Lift Height

The lift height of the jack and your car should match for them to fit. You should measure the distance between the point where you place the jack and the ground. You should opt for a tall jack as a rule of thumb, but you also want the jack to provide a good balance.

Final Words

It's evident that finding the right-sized jack for your car isn't much of a challenge. An essential tip that you must remember is always to use jack stands when using a car jack for safety. 

You shouldn't be confused about jack selection anymore, but if you're still thinking, "What size jack I need for my car" ask your questions in the comments section below!

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