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Where Do You Put Jack Stands?

Just raising your car won't suffice when you need to do some work under it. For tasks that take longer, such as changing the tire, oil or checking the suspension, the car needs to be raised up and kept that way till you are done with your work.

This is why you need jack stands to keep your vehicle safely lifted above the ground. You might know where to place the jack, but where do you put jack stands?

If you don't place the jack stands in their proper position, your vehicle could suddenly drop and cause unwanted and severe injuries. So, before we go and see how and where to place jack stands, it is important to know how to use a car jack first.

Putting a jack under a car to lift it up is actually quite simple. You just need to make sure that the correct steps are being followed and the necessary precautions are being taken. Here are the steps:

where do you put a jack on a car

Step 1: Park Your Car in a Level Area

As jack stands are the only structures that are going to be holding up the entire weight of your car, the surface of the ground is important. So, if you're wondering where do I jack up my car – the answer is on a flat surface.

If your car is parked on a slope or very rough ground, the jack stands won't sit evenly and will be unstable.

So, when the stands don't stay still, they will topple over, and your car will drop and cause a serious accident. That is why a garage is one the best places to work under your car when using jack stands.

Step 2: Use Wheel Chocks

After you have ensured that your car's parking brake is on, it is time to further stop the wheels from moving forward or backward. To do this, you will need to place "chocks" or wedges touching either side of the wheel where you will lift the car.

Along with the parking brake turned on, the wheel chocks will further prevent the car from moving while you work on it.

Step 3: Find the Jack Point Frame

Typically, there is a frame behind the wheel where the jack would fit perfectly. But some cars have notches underneath which the top point of the jack can also be set into. You can check the user's manual that comes with your car to locate the exact point for the jack.

Step 4: Place the Jack Under the Point

So, where do you put a jack under a car? Now that you have located the points, you just need to place the jack right under the car so that it aligns with the point. The owner's handbook will also come in handy in this step to help you figure out the exact spot.

If you are only working with a single-wheel area, place the jack under that specific point. So when you lift it, only that particular corner of the car will rise up.

If you need to lift the front of the car or the back, place the jack on the point, which is the middle of the front or rear of the car, accordingly.

Raising The Vehicle After locate The Jack

Step 5: Lift up Your Car

Crank up the jack handle to steadily raise your vehicle upwards. Keep working the jack till you see that the tires are no longer touching the ground. You must avoid raising your car too high because it can cause the stands to become unstable when you place them afterward.

Hopefully, you are no longer wondering, "where do I put a jack under a car?" The steps are easy to follow. The steps are easy to follow. And now comes the main part, which is learning the right place to put the jack stands to support your car.

Where Do I Put Jack Stands?

3 method of putting a jack stand

The steps to placing a jack stand underneath your car are also simple. Here is what you will need to do:

Method 1: Place the Stands under the Notches

On the underside of your car, there are notches or "pinch points." You will find these behind the two front tires and also in front of the back tires.

But if you don't find any pinch points, you just need to place the jack stands right under your car's frame.

Placing The Jack Stand Carefully

Place the jack stands on either side of the car, lining up the pivot point with the extended part of the pinch point, or just under the frame. It is crucial to note that you must not go under your car before perfectly setting the stands.

Method 2: Check If the Height Is Adjustable

Some jack stands allow the height to be adjusted. As mentioned earlier, don't make the stands too high otherwise, they can topple over at some point.

Adjustable jack stands come with safety pins, so be sure to insert the pin through the correct hole once you have gotten the stands to the desired height.

Method 3: Bring Down Your Car

After setting the jack stands, you need to slowly and carefully lower your vehicle onto the jack stands. Turn the jack handle the opposite way to lower the jack (usually counterclockwise) until you hear the car click on the stands.

The car will now be balanced on the jack stands. Remember to slide out the jack from under your car so that you have enough room to work under it. And there you have it! Now you don't have to worry about the answer to the question – where do you put jack stands under a car.

The Endnote

Being able to use a car jack safely is necessary, but it is also crucial to know where to properly set jack stands so that you can work under your car safely. If you still wonder where do you place jack stands - know that careful inspection and safety precautions are what make the proper placement of jack stands.

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